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Speed Dial Problems in Z10

A few items related to my Z10 Speed dialling:


My work place extension numbers are all in my contacts as a generic dial-in number followed by Pause and the extension eg 123 456 7890pausexxxx.  I can dial them all directly from my Contacts, but I have to search first.  When I try and transfer them to speed dial, I can only do it for one extension - speed dial seems only to see the first 10 digits and therefore sees all numbers starting with the generic dial-in number as the same and won't add them. I've compromised by having the dial-in number as a Speed Dial then using the dialpad for the extension - a bit faster than hunting through the Contact list; I can also use the favourites list (see below).  I would like the dial-in numbers to all be on Speed Dial though.


The speed dial icons themselves take up too much room - what about an option to make them smaller?


The speed dial icons are difficult to distinguish in a hurry unless one has pics - even so, looking over a bunch of head pics is not instantaneous recognition when one makes many calls in a row.  I solved this with solid colours and a label.  I made up blank colours in Paint, transferred to PowerPoint, added a label, Grouped the label so as to bind it to the colour then saved it to my phone as a picture.  See the attached or paste the following into a browser:  https://www.box.com/s/9dl485jmkrl5nggg5pay


The lack of speed dial slots takes away from the Z10 being a business-friendly phone - maybe I should trade in my Z10 for a Q10, but we'll have to see.  My Torch now seems great; I could have as many speed dials as keys on the keyboard; for the moment I seem to have traded in my terrible browser (on the Torch) for a so-so Z10 phone - it is meant to be primarily a phone after all, so the phone needs to be A1. 


I don't want to be too hard on the Z10 as I am just getting used to it, and at least it does have Speed Dial.  Everyone should know that iPhone 5 does NOT have ANY speed dialling facility; they suggest working from a Favourites list, which is what one can do in the Z10 as a work-around to add to the 8 speed dial slots available in the Z10.  Some people seem to be able to add 9 but I have not been able to figure that out.  Now, watching the internet, some seem to think that speed dialling is archaic; iPhone and Android websites talk about discarding the speed dialling concept and either use the favourites list, recently dialled list, or making up icons for your favourites and placing them on your home screen.  Each to his own.


I'm rooting for Blackberry (I've owned a Curve and a Torch), and I think it has a good chance to re-establish itself.  It was interesting to me to find out about the lack of speed dialling in the iPhone 5 - one doesn't have experience of other devices so it's easy to see shortcomings in one's own as a fatal flaw.   And the browser is really great!


BETTER BATTERY LIFE would be my priority for Blackberry.



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Re: Speed Dial Problems in Z10

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You got me thinking now.. Love your post. I remember my z10 the 1st day wouldn't do the pause then my password for the voicemail. So I created a new contact on my phone called my voicemail2. I entered the 10 digit phone number followed by pause, then # then my password 1234. Then I added that contact as my speed dial and worked fine. So it does recognize numbers past 10 digits and the pause and #. But if I read your post right, you are saying that when you add say johns work in your contact, and you go into your contact and select his number with the full extension, it dials the number, but doesn't see the pause then the extension.

Can you try something for me, go back into your phone icon, select and hold a person on your speed dial and a slide out pops on the side, gives you an option to copy number, call mobile, call, view contact, and last delete from speed dial. Can you try call and also call work, mobile. Also from their view contact and try from there.


For me now that I have owned the z10 for over month , I love it. The first three days was a very painful learning curve and trouble shooting. The phone is so advanced that even now, I am learning amazing new ways to do things better and faster. The hub just is a blessing for me and my work, The browser is the best on any mobile phone out there and plays flash. For the speed dials on the z10, at first I hated it, but now I added stunning hi resolution images to my contacts and love the feature.. But I see you point.


I bought my wife and IPhone 5 at the same time I picked up my z10.. she switched over from the torch, she really misses the features of her BB. She now plays with my z10 and wishes she bought a z10 instead of IPhone 5. She caved in to the social circleSmiley Happy . Also having both phones side by side, no comparison in speed and smoothness on the z10. The iPhone 5 has it beat in picture quality but who cares. The apps on iPhone 5 are well developed and very easy phone to use..


The battery life get much better after 2 weeks.


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Re: Speed Dial Problems in Z10

If you don't have a photo of the person to put in the speed dial, save some photos you can use as associations. They can be symbols, or something like that. You can also use PC Paint and create your own if you are artistic. Then import them to the phone. 


You can save a phone number with a pause for the local. for example a phone number to dial in can be something like 312-555-1212p1234#


312 is the area code.

555-1212 is the number

p is the pause

1234 is the internal local

# may be required for some internal dial-in systems.


NOTE:  If I remember correctly, the p is the pause command. When calling in to most automated systems a pause is required as part of the dial-in process.








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Re: Speed Dial Problems in Z10

Very helpful Arsen; some hope for battery life. I'll follow your instructions when I get time this evening.

Cheers, irwin