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The ability of blackberry ,its customers, and investors to progress exists within our own capability *edited as it was late when i posted the first time

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As I read these various posts I see that blackberry users are innovative, demanding, creative, particular but effective smartphone users.  However sometimes our frustration manifests in the typical comments such as:


Come on blackberry how the eff could you not include in the z10 "mypin" auto generation in sms.  How the $hit do you think I invite most of my bbm contacts, not as many people are using blackberries you know so the email invite (yes it generates in email mode so you can simply copy and paste) is not as efficient any more.  There i am done ranting


What if we knew blackberry's attentions were focused in this support forum, and through it they could make sure their updates meet the needs of  their users? If bb'ers begin posting ideas within categories that would effectively cover all aspects from application/ interface adjustments to developments blackberry devices could effectively grow with the user.  It is a beautifully reciprocal experience as companies/individuals will have free market research and power of change. 


Companies and developers can simply calculate if they have a positive return on their investment of time, cost, resourcess and efforts.  Whether it be a company who is  interested in direct billing, a contract or advertising OR a customer is interested in attempting to impact a change.  Both sides have a vested interest. People could see how many others potentially like their new ideas whether in be in the realm of functionality or applications.  I have been told (and have read a bit)  Linux systems are an awesome example of how ideas mixed with creativity, critique, feedback and passion drive the force that is innovation, which is amazing. 


We have the opportunity to create what could include even more people now.  As mobile technology  spans the globe and should call for impeccable security, who better to afford you and your ideas both the collaberation potential with the luxury and security of the safest network in the business.  Since the phone is complete as a unit superficially; shape and weight are perfect for  a phone, 3.5 small buttons on the whold device, and perfect size screen for communication and visual needs, (also read my post on external battery charger.....bravo blackberry),there would only be a need for minor external and relative internal improvements as technology requires adaptation.  Thus the only thing to really continue to work on is the interface and user experience. 


It is a work of balance and interdependence as both consumer/creator roles are shared by all parties within the company/owner and the open market.  The customer experiences the ability for impact on their own environment and efficiency/comfort withn that through application and function improvements, and blackberry gets happy loyal customers and supporters. 


If we knew could post ideas with the help of blackberry of course (online tallies ballot system etc) to provide numbers or structure or to help guide the process of evolution in regards to this aspect of our lives (obviously they cannot make every change in the same amount of time as they would have to balance attending to ideas with great support to addressing ones with fewer numbers but specific ideas.  Also the factor of people who like the option as it is or would support change would have to be taken into consideration. ) than I am certain our dispositions would change when we encounter an obstacle because we know there is option for remedy.


For example with a great enough support for lets say to change a function of operation, there is also the possibility that the idea would simply inspire blackberry to offer it in various modes like ringtones notification or options within program settings are. I am sure as a group of intelligent users we could contribute to the establishment of a ratio for attending to the necessary factors involved.  How does it work with linux systems?


We would have to be patient of course as this would take time to gain the momentum it would require to have turnaround be speedy when it occurs.  It could happen, remember happy people are patient people.  Show us you hear us, make some of the changes that we see and address over and over in this post and it is inevitable you will see an increase in users and ideas which will only keep the progress in motion. 


Eventually every idea reaches a point where you decide if there is enough reason to continue to develop, practise, or refine it. If not you simply move on to your next idea. Blackberry If you allow people to share ideas on an item that is so vastly involved in our daily lives how could you not continue to receive support.


If not this (as this is simply ones persons idea ) , then please blackberry, establish something that shows you hear and acknowledge us because you have a dedicated group of  driven and precis users who simply want their blackberry to work because they see its true potential and it has the ability to surpasses all other mobile experiences  in terms of convenience and output as it once did. Some of your users are also financial supporters who believe enough in what you have the potential to create they invest their own hard earned money.  I am both and I am certain others are in the same situation. I have never been so frustrated and so happy with the same item than I have at different points throughout my years with blackberry.  The customer support or lack of voice has been my biggest concern. We scrutinize your products daily, we have some of the best feedback for you, but without a reception they will only turn into complaints or rants.


Offer the capacity for impact at a level no one else has to this point in the game has. As you prepare to launch to one of the biggest user markets  in the world see that there is the potential to also create one of the largest communities of innovation in the world. 


Smartphone users collectively creating a device that would be both seamless and secure anywherre it went on the globe  Owning the software and the hardware affords you this ability to offer us some input to some level. The ability to adjust to your users constantly changing environment is what every business owner should strive for.   Listen to your customers before they end up in the rant section of their forum.  Please continue to let blackberry know we would like to have our feedback heard.


Thank you