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BlackBerry® Z10

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My Device: BlackBerry Z10
My Carrier: T-Mobile/Telekom D

UPDATE/Solve: latest OTA-Update Failure & general complaint

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UPDATE--Original Message below--


After 2 (!) hours of being stuck at 99% I decided to pull the plug, took the batterie and the SIM Card out to insert the card in my 2 year old clam shell Motorola. Luckily and thoughtlessly I inserted the battery into the Z10 again, what made it power up and boot properly, passing the 100% in less then 30 seconds!

So all of You who get stuck on booting, maybe taking the SIM out might help?

Have a try.

Beside that, my complaints remain ;-)




Hi folks,


I updated my Z10 to approx. 5(!) hours ago...the update itself went smooth and fast, BUT:

After performing the requestet reboot, the Z10 freezes up at 99%

Tried it a couple of times now, including battpull and it always ends up at 99%...where it´s stuck right now, after my 6th try! Since 30 minutes it´s dangeling around at 99.

The longest time I waited so far was about 1:20h until I took out the batt at 99%!


Neither the Link Software nor my Windows OS recognize the device (wich is totally logical, considering the fact that it´s stuck in a permaboot) Therefore I cannot access anything on my phone, what also means I cannot perform some sort of reset of whatsoever!


Any suggestions?



now let´s take on my complaint(s):



Guys, I am pretty **bleep** (sorry for that drastic language, but I can´t take it any longer!)

This is already my 2nd Z10 within not even 4 Months!

The first one "died" a week after I got it, due to the problem with the internal microphone .

YOUR support told me, to contact my provider (T-Mobile Germany), to gather some weird data streams in order to "find the bug"...errr c´mon, an obvious hardware failure cannot be fixed by collecting soft data.

Then I was told to approach my carrier to get it fixed, although I told You people that I had purchased it via amazon.de and NOT as part of a new or extended contract.

Luckily I had still plenty of time and amazon provided me with a new device.



during the last weeks, my 64GB SD-Card (that has always clearly been recognized as a 64GB Card) was filled with "phantom data". The card itself was totally full with data, but when looking into the different data compositions, it was stated, that 57,2 GB were "occipied" by "other data", not appearing anywhere! neither in any folders, nor on any lists...the only way to clear up some space on my card was to format it!



BlackBerry World/Downloads:

every Second (music/audiobook) download I started got terminated or just canceled. There have been tracks, that I had to iniciate for 4-5 times for a download. The Z10 did not tell me about it, sometimes they were even listed as "downloaded", but when looking at the entire album, some tracks just weren´t listed and hat to be downloaded...


4. in general

Now I have my 2nd, already swapped  BB Z10 here, which by the way is still hovering at 99%, what makes it 45 minutes now, and I am AGAIN, out of reach for mobile calls, mobile emails and oh yeah, without a Navi, I paid for in the BB World.

I did not buy a 600€ smartphone just for fun! I bought this Z10 after my iPhone4s quit it´s service LONG before the contract ended I needed a new phone fast and on time...Now I have to say, during the short period of time, that I am using my Z10, I was more often unavailable to others than in all the years before that I used iPhones!



When I think about getting my device exchanged again and having to set it all up once more, I totally get the shivers!


Sorry guys, but You are disappointing me more and more again!


With best regards from Germany




Posts: 28
Registered: ‎04-30-2013
My Device: BlackBerry Z10
My Carrier: T-Mobile/Telekom D

ANOTHER Problem UPDATE/Solve: latest OTA-Update Failure & general complaint

After managed to keep my Z10 running again, it informed me, that there was a new update available, released at 6:38pm with 88MB.

I installed it, hoping that it would terminate the problems I mentioned in my initial post...and:









Did I mention, that I normally charge my customers with 2.500€ a day, when they order my services as a communication consultant and that I do most of my business when I am mobile and traveling?

Due to Your sloppy work, I already "lost" a day, where I was not available and I did not get any kind of answer of You guys til know... Maybe I´ll should charge BlackBerry for each and every hour that I am "out of business" caused by Your work...