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Z10 Camera and Geolocation

I've searched high and low... Well, googled the subject Smiley Happy but been having this nagging issue with the pictures I take with the Z10... the file names are IMG_0000+seq.number (filename is location+timestamp on BB7) and the properties of the files have no Geolocation data.


My 'Geotag Pictures' is set to on and BB Maps has no trouble finding me... even tried taking pictue while maps has a lock on me but the same results... Tried it on my wife's Z10 and it's the same - is there a known issue for thiis or am i unlucky to have picked up 2 devices which don't tag my pictures?



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Re: Z10 Camera and Geolocation

Geotag information is saved in what's called the EXIF data in the file, not in the filename.


If you enable this in the camera settings, take an image, and upload it to http://www.geoimgr.com/ you should see that the data is present in there. I just tested it myself and it worked perfectly well.


There are also many utilities that would handle EXIF data, letting you display it, modify it, etc.

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My Device: BlackBerry Z10 + 64GB MicroSD
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Re: Z10 Camera and Geolocation

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Thanks for your reply Peter... I can also see the EXIF data by diplaying the file properties from my computer...  and I have tried so many restarts, battery pulls, setting to store on media ON and OFF with no difference.


I just tried removing the 64gb microSD, started maps to get a lock on location and took picture - poof geotag data is stored... replaced the SD and said yes to store on card - more pictures and GeoTag data is stored! Yay!


Regarding the data in filename, perhaps you've never used this on 7.0 and 7.1 - but when you activated geotag on old OS the filename would start with the name of the location you were in plus date and time stamp. - I really do appreciate your replies and attempts to help me.


I'm thinking something went wonky when I added my media card on first startup of the device, and taking out and replacing  it has also cleared up my wife's missing geotag data... I guess most people don't install SD on first powerup? oh well, all good now - hope this help someone! Smiley Happy



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Re: Z10 Camera and Geolocation

out of curiosity, has anyone figured how to get the date to be saved in the filename?

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Re: Z10 Camera and Geolocation

Ive tried this numerous times, but cannot seem to correct the Geo Tagging. I do not even see the EXIF files. I have not seen this in the camera settings...help!!!

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Re: Z10 Camera and Geolocation

Well as I have mentioned to HelloGPS, it seems to me BB10 devices are far more powerful and useful on the side of a mountain, than MEC GPS devices.  So on 2014/06/30 I tried summiting Mount Temple and failed.  I have posted details on TrailPeaks Mount Temple.  So what I suggest if you are coming down a mountain nearly 12,000 feet, and fog, cloud or rain obscures the path and you don't want to fall to your death, then on the way up you take a picture of bolts and rings, chimneys and routes and save them to Blackberry Remember with notes;  concurrently you get a HelloGPS fix of latitude/longitude/elevation and file that on Remember with notes corresponding to the picture.  Now, as I like to optimize my life, if someone could converge these two steps into one, maybe let me add a few choice voice recordings, we may have better tech than currently used on mountains.  Add a spare battery or Prontoworkshop battery jacket,  add a little Amazon 3D imagery, Add a little satellite communication to the device and voila, fewer deaths and injuries and more fun!


But as for me, I chickened out at 2,962 metres.  P.S I also had many guides and the Publication Guide to Mount Temple on my BB10, a photo of the entire route, and a laminated printout of the Publication Guide, so I knew where I was, simply chickened out.

PPS Viewranger works fine from my living room to take satellite screenshots of backcountry routes and even huts, but fails me elsewhere.  Also satelittes don't show bolts and rings!

PPPS If there is better BB10 tech that has been viewed by the feet (tested), please let me know.