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New Contributor
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎02-09-2013
My Device: z10
My Carrier: Vodafone UK

Z10 Issues So Far

Hi, Leaving this list of faults/bugs which I hope Blackberry/RIM Will pick up on as there does not appear to be an official way to submit faults/requests:-


1) It is possible to adjust master volume when phone is locked.  This should only be adjustable when unlocked as I keep putting the phone onto silent, even when it has just been pulled out of the genuine Blackberry case.

2) What happened to all the Blackberry ringtones and message tones, the bundled tones are terrible, there isnt even a standard phone ringtone?

3) Phone reboots every now and again for no reason?

4) Can phone touch screen sensitivity be increased, it is no where near as responsive as my IPhone 5?

5) Previous Blackberry diallers.  When in the standard dialer screen in OS 5 and below, once I start typing a persons name the list get smaller as I approach the exact name.  In the new dialler it is not possible to do this (only allows direct entry of a phone number) and I have to search via the contacts tab.  I have over 1300 contacts and this is crazy/long winded.

6) On occasion when pulling the phone from the Blackberry case the volume/speaker image flashes repeatedly and I have to lock the phone with the power button then unlock?

7) There is very little information regadring BES email setup.  Previously I was using Bold 9900 with hosted BES.  This offers AES 256 bit encryption.  At present I can only connect using activesync.  Will there be any hosted BES 10 partners available in the near future?  As it stands I may as well stick with IPhone.  Forgetting about the on-device security/encryption, one of the major  (if not the major) features of blackberry is being confident that over the air email from server to device is secure, especially when roaming abroad!

8) Is it possible to smooth out the physics engine regarding scrolling of screens, in particular in BB App World.  The pages seem to jump a set number of icons when flicked rather than scroll smoothly.


Some of the above may have been mentioned elsewhere in the forum.  Other than these software bugs, the device is an excellent start.  It would also be of great benefit if there could be a more direct reporting method of software bugs?

Posts: 47
Registered: ‎01-03-2010
My Device: Curve 8520
My Carrier: Orange

Re: Z10 Issues So Far

All very good points, some I'd seen already - but I hadn't seen the first one (the volume when the handset's supposed to be locked). That sounds an incredibly stupid bug to allow through. The touchscreen sensitivity seems a problem for me and a colleague - very often can't get controls to respond on the first press.



Regular Contributor
Posts: 70
Registered: ‎02-09-2013
My Device: Bold9900, Z10
My Carrier: Virgin

Re: Z10 Issues So Far

at the risk of doing their job for these guys/girls, we shud creat a compendium of stuff we see already.  some of it is little, some of it medium and some of it plain strategigally stupid.  


like adjudicting this forum???


why isnt BB listening? 


some of my initial reactions:


CATEGORIES?  - did i not configure my phone correctly???


elimination of the ability to use “categories” for tasks, contacts, calendar events annd notes. Im shocked.  I was in disbelief until i visited BB forums where people are saying BB “abandoned” categories, groups and the like.  This is a huge reduction in productivity and moreover demonstrates the BB business strategy remains completely disconnected from the needs of the professional business user.


Other silly aspects of your new platform ( and Ive only had my phone for a day) :


Inconsistent screen navigation requirements. (cancel in one place, back in another) dumb.


Difficulty escaping applications when you are two or three layers into the app.


You have added keystrokes to accomplish silly simple things like closing an app.  I need two actions - slide and then touch- instead of just one.


When I sort contacts by last name it put them in order but presents the names first-last which defeats the purpose when you have over 1000 people in your contact list.


I cant get all my email accts into the front screens with other apps...


And dont get me started on the lack of apps - even the most simple and obvious: TD Bank, RBC, Watsapp, yada yada


can anyone get some mktg type at BB to organize this forum and get some official input?  Google manages to do it. 

New Contributor
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎02-09-2013
My Device: z10
My Carrier: Vodafone UK

Re: Z10 Issues So Far

I fully agree with both replies. There are many other bugs/short comings I am finding as I use the Z10 such as no battery percentage indicator on the main title notification bar. when I got by first Bold 9000, then 9700 I absolutely loved them. There needs to be an official conduct between BlackBerry and the end user for reporting issues. BlackBerry need to understand two very, very important points. 1) the end user as a whole will have the final say o. Whether their products are a success 2) setting aside the hardware and operating system Availability of high quality apps is paramount. As the Z10 and BB10 stand, we now have an excellent piece of hardware which we cannot use to anywhere near its potential. Here in the UK and Canada/US BlackBerry shod have representatives on the ground assessing crucial app availability. It is all well and good having 800,000+ apps like IOS or Google, but maybe only 5% of them are of any real use. Here in the UK we need apps such as ALL the major mobile banking apps, Sky Go, Sky Remote record, Right move to name a very small few. Again as it stands I have a fantastic piece of hardware where the phone book/contact management is poor because I cannot shortlist contacts by starting to dial by name as I previously could, I do not have the most secure point to point email encryption (lack of hosted BES) and there are maybe two or three useful app for UK use. these are some of the very reasons why the PlayBook has been failing. In the case of the PlayBook, it should have released from day one with 3g, it should of had far more useful apps and should have been slightly cheaper. 


I write automation software for some of the biggest companies in the World and once I have completed a project there is normally a period of several weeks where the customer offers feedback and I extend them the opportunity to have adjustments made to the operation of their machine. Smartphones are a different product as they are continually evolving i.e. a product is released such as the Z10 then many improvements should be made over a period of months. These improvements should be made via interaction with the end user. I see the Z10 aimed more at mature/smart users i.e. people who have a need to get things done, then forget they haven't recorded a to show or need to transfer money between bank accounts for example. Then there is the huge BBM use to consider.


I've never joined a forum in my life, I don't do twitter, Facebook, MySpace or any of that sort of online social media (I have a real life). The very fact that a working professional such as myself has taken the time to a) join the forum and b) com it some personal time to hopefully have the system tailored more to the needs of the user should be a major heads up for BlackBerry. I'm sure there will be many individuals on this forum who feel the same and we need to be heard. Offer us a means of feedback guys otherwise we will change supplier. You've done 90% of the work, you need our help with the last 10% to complete the project. How can I build a machine if I don't communicate effectively with my customers? How do you expect to build the new best platform if you can't here us? 

My personal short comings with Iphone, lack of removeable battery, lack of sd card slot and lack of AES over the air email encryption. Short comings with Google, lack of secure os (I'm not convinced it is secure in terms of email, unapproved apps) apps tend to crash frequently too. The email client is poorly laid out and the white text on black page is very annoying too. As with the Galaxy S3, the volume up down buttons are far too soft. This is probably my only criticism of the Z10 hardware, they could be slightly stiffer.


One closing point, given the lack of useful apps why on earth does BlackBerry not create its own. I do not personally like relying on others to complete a project, why is Blackberry putting everything into BBC10 yet relying on others to decide their fate. Thurs, remember this, high quality apps will decide the fate of BlackBerry! I'm sure you would be disappointed to by a Ferrari and find it housed a Fiat 1600cc engine!

Elite II
Posts: 8,981
Registered: ‎01-05-2009
My Device: BlackBerry PRIV
My Carrier: Rogers

Re: Z10 Issues So Far

Be aware that BlackBerry is VERY interested in users' reactions to the phones, both positive and negative.  While you might not get a response to your thread from BlackBerry directly, they look in on these forums and take notes.  Trust me when I say that every comment in these forums is viewed and taken seriously.  No issue will ever go unreported.



Thanks to everyone for their comments.  Smiley Happy

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Posts: 21
Registered: ‎02-11-2013
My Device: Z10

Z10 Issues So Far

I am new to this, so please bear with me. having been a BB users for many years, I opted for the Z10.


I miss group texting.


Each time I want to unlock the device, the entire keyboard pops up. I only want to see the 1-9 digits.


The icons that show speed dials are too large and once you create more than 6 they do shrink in size but you cant scroll. In other words you have no way to access them.


It is obvious that this was launched in a hurry. Lets hope it is all sorted. If I am wrong on any of the above, I would most welcome to be corrected.



Regular Contributor
Posts: 70
Registered: ‎02-09-2013
My Device: Bold9900, Z10
My Carrier: Virgin

Re: Z10 Issues So Far

How do you know this??? 


These guys dropped the ball on some really material issues.  As I siad in another post they delivered  a new car to the market.  They added power brakes but they deleted power steering.


I have spoken direct ly to officers at BB. I suggested they adjudicate this blog.  Aggregate common threeads and PARTICIPATE in a meaningful way.  


the z10 is an ok device.  But so are the new samsungs and now samsung is building secure backplane offering to end the one enterprise claimessential to BB's enterprise survival.  

New Contributor
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎02-09-2013
My Device: z10
My Carrier: Vodafone UK

Re: Z10 Issues So Far

I dont think the OS has been rushed as such, I think an awful lot of thought has been put into the new offering.  However, in addition to the points myself and others have raised (And I sincerely hope Blackberry do look in on these forums as the previous gentleman suggested), there are many other problems with the whole experience.  As with the vast majority of people on this forum I am a true Blackberry fan.  I am a fan because up until recently I associated Blackberry with security and reliability.  I say up until recently because I have gone back to using my Bold 9900 and my IPhone 5.  I said this previously and I will say it again, Hosted BES is paramount to small business and consultants such as myself who neither have the time nor the resources to manage an in-house BES server and activesync just won't do.  People keep banging on about activesync being secure, but BES is the gold standard.  You might ask why I need BES if I do not hold state secrets, work in the insurance or medical industries.  This maybe true up to a point, but if it were the case that I did not care about over the air security I would not bother putting my personal letters in envelopes!


The last post I left was done on my Z10.  I purposely did not correct the text/punctuation.  One of the key features about BB10 is that the system quickly learns your typing characteristics.  I wasn't pulled up on the fact that I mentioned the CEO of Blackberry and left it at the auto corrected text of Thurs!  How can the new text system be so good that it doesnt even recognise the name of the present CEO!


As others have said many times now, this is a vast improvement over BB7.1.  However, the overall experience lacks finish.  IOS was not complete when it was first released so hopefully Blackberry ARE taking great interest in the comments passed within this forumn.  I still dont understand why there is no way to register a bug to create a snag list for Blackberry to work on? This would prevent duplication of bugs and drastically increase the efficiency of improvements. I will hopefully go back to the Z10 at some point in the future but only once the vast majority of issues have been resolved.  As I have said previously I am not aligned with one particular piece of hardware or operating system.  In my line of work I use all different types.  On a purely comparative basis the Iphone 5 is miles ahead of the Z10 and Galaxy S3.  Having said that, I still firmly believe the Bold 9900 has the better signal reception, which is ultimately what a phone is for, it also has AES encryption.  This is the main reason I am still carrying 2 phones.


Thorsten, If you would like me to start carrying my new Z10 around as my one and only device please could you arrange for the following issues to be resolved:-


1) Release a list of partner companies offering hosted BES 10.  If there are none, please enable RIM to offer such as service. Maybe even nudge microsoft along and upgrade the office 365 offering.

2) Battery percentage indicator on main screen.

3) Reinstate OS 5 ringtones.

4) UK Mobile banking apps.

5) Smooth out screen scrolling

6) Disable volume buttons when phone locked

7) Stop volume/speaker animation from flickering when removed from Blackberry leather holster

8) Stop allowing absolutely rubish apps.  I appreciate people have different needs, but I've just spent the past 30 minutes browsing appworl on my laptop, I havent found 1 single app of use.

9) Change the way in which calls are answered, the swipe down action is unreliable, whats wrong with a simple answer and reject button?

10) Remove the placeholder box around the app symbols on the phone pages, it cheapens the look.

11) Speaker volume is a little quiet during calls, is there a way to increase this in the firware or is it already maxed out?

12) Phone dialler - Contacts should shortlist from keypad as with EVERY other version of Blackberry OS.

13) Why no charge points like that with the bold phones?  This makes it far more difficult for 3rd party companies to engineer active car holders?

14) You pay software guys such as myself good money for creative ideas.  The last thing I would like to see would be for Blackberry to be open source, but if you improve the way in which your customers can offer feedback, you may be able to create a far better product!  There isn't even an Ebay app!


As I said above and in a previous post, my Playbook is sitting gathering dust along with my new Z10.  The whole experience is just too numb/new.  I feel like I have just bought a new car but it just wont loosen up!  IOS is far more intuitive but at the same time, restrictive.  Restrictive in the sense that you cannot use an SD card and you have to pay £100 more for the next storage size.  BB need to find a middle ground.  Once again as with the Playbook Blackberry are on the verge of after having created a fantastic piece of hardware, the whole user experience falls very short of the mark.  In light of the upcoming release of the Z10 in the US, I would strongly suggest Blackberry compile a list of ALL issues mentioned on this forum and release a statement expressing a new software revision and listing all items which will be addressed.  If you do not do this you will be hammered by the US consumer in a few weeks time and that will be end game!  QNX as you will be aware has a massive potential in the personal medical diagnosis/notification, control/immobilisation of automobiles/cars, not to mention interaction with home automation products.


I have several projects on the go at the moment for a major automative manufacturer and you are getting this advice for a far cheaper fee than they are.  The guys and girls in this forum along with the rest of the consumers will decide whether you will succeed or not. Please listen to them as they are worth far more than any analyst or advisor you currently employ!   

Regular Contributor
Posts: 70
Registered: ‎02-09-2013
My Device: Bold9900, Z10
My Carrier: Virgin

Re: Z10 Issues So Far

Funny, I was just in the process of doing the exact same thing. Deep 6'g the z10.  My equipment of choice is the 9900 + Note II .  I can't count the number of security conscientious pros that have adopted the two device model.  WIth the z10 BB is running the risk of disenfranchising the last of its loyal professional fanbase.


I suggest BB set up and issues log and then allow us to vote per issue.  Its how we sorted complex software internally at the bank I worked at. 



And while we are being picky:


you can't send a text from phone a call record


having selected last name first organization of contacts, the names are presented first last - weird.


Escaping drill down into apps requires backing out of each layer.


We need to be able to put mail acct clients on the chicklets panels.


Tasks and note/memos short be addressable from the front panel without having to enter through "remember"


enter execution does not happen from the keyboard.  


cancel back and other similar commands occur in different quadrants of the display,  


agree the answer process is unreliable.


Enable direct access to the hub via a chicklet


enable launch panel control


Oh and fix this stupid spell check,  It should float so it does not block the words being checked, and it should advance the message being checked downwards,,,









New Member
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Re: Z10 Issues So Far

How about these:

Emails disappear from computer and ISP site, if I delete them on the phone;

Management software does not work or recognize that phone is connected;

BBM does not allow forsharing of emai address, which I used to be able to do between my Curve and my wife's Bold;

No physical back out button on phone;

Battery does not last.

Lots more complaints


Where is R.I.M.?  Not listening. No phone number to tech support on site; no email address on site.  This forum is all we have, but I can still take the phone back.  We are not happy and may just do that