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Z10 Issues with GMail Imap / Microsoft Active Exchange



I have seen lots of posts coming in on here and on crackberry.com about issues with emails. But I couldn't find any posts on the issues that I am having. 


Just purchased a new Z10, coming from a BB 9900. 


I would like to setup my gmail account on here but I am getting unexpected results. I have tried many different ways, gmail, imap, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and pop3. 


What I find different from everyone is that I have a bunch of filters set up that auto direct some emails away from the inbox and into labels (folders).  So I know things have changed from the 9900, but the way it happened on there was that a new email would show up in my unified inbox on the BB whether or not it was filtered. Then after reading it, I would have to search for it because it wouldn't actually be stored in the inbox. Which I was fine with.


We'll have my email description setup as "Personal"


Issues that I am having:

Imap set up:

- When I go from hub to my "Personal" box, it is a duplicate of my inbox. Looks the same as my inbox in mail.google.com, all nice and dandy.

- Emails that go directly to my inbox show up nice and quick and give me a notification in the hub etc.. that an email has shown up. 

- Now when I receive an email that is being filtered. Gmail.com has it right away in my labels. So I know it's there. I can wait the 15/30 minutes that is setup for the sync, but I never get a notification of the email. If I go to the folder (by clicking on the drop down by the email description) then it shows up there with the yellow mail saying that it's a new mail. But there still isn't a notification saying I got a new email. 

So that's IMAP.



M$ Exchange ActiveSync set up:

- Initially, going straight to my personal box from the hub makes it look somewhat like what it did on my 9900. Inbox, and filtered messages all showing up in the default view. 

- If I receive a NEW (not part of a conversation) message that is/is not being filtered it shows up in this default view and I get a notification in the hub.

- Once I read that email, then go back to the default view. IF it is a msg in the inbox, it disappears and the only way I can find it is by going to the drop down then to the Inbox. But this seems to be random, sometimes it stays, sometimes it disappears. Also, if it gets moved directly to the inbox and I get a reply to that message I don't get a notification for a new email.

- If the email is a filtered email, it stays in the default view. 

- Now if I get an email that is part of a conversation to a filtered email, I don't get a notification that I have a new email, but if I go to it from the hub, it's marked as a yellow mail symbol stating that it is new. Read that email, it stays in the default view.

So that's M$ EAS.



*******@gmail.com, so not a Paid Account or anything, just a regular gmail account. IMAP settings turned on and setup. 

Hub Settings:

Display Style: conversation

Display order: name, subject

display message count: on

display new message indicator: on

show filed messages: on

show sent messages: off

Download images automatically: off

delete message confirmation: off.


Oh when I tried the gmail setup I believe it just used the same settings as IMAP. Pop3. just a disaster, all my messages were brought in (sent/receieved) marked as unread. Won't even bother with Pop3.


I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong with my setups, or that this is the way it is designed. I really don't want to have to check each folder everytime to see if have a new email. And I don't want to change my gmail setup so that nothing is filtered. I thought I had solved it with the M$ EAS but with the random moving of messages to other directories, it's a no go aswell.


If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for me it would be greatly appreciated. 





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Re: Z10 Issues with GMail Imap / Microsoft Active Exchange

I'm seeing a lot of weird bugs related to Gmail using active sync as well.

If I'm in the hub and reply to an email, that email disappears from the hub.

If a new reply to an email comes in, and the conversation was archived, the new email doesn't show in the hub, or the Gmail view if you swipe the left-menu open, and click Gmail. I have to go to the inbox in Gmail to see the email.

Some emails are not showing in the Hub view, or the Gmail view, and I have to go into the Inbox of Gmail to see them.

This is a pain, and appears to go away if I disable conversation view, which is not a viable solution long term, as I use conversation view on gmail.com, outlook and used it on my iPhone 4 without issue.

If anyone finds solutions to the OP and my issues it would be really appreciated. It would be nice to hear from BB support on this as I'm sure someone internal to RIM must have noticed this when they were testing it.
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Re: Z10 Issues with GMail Imap / Microsoft Active Exchange

Same problem, this helped me! The last two paragraphs will solve your problem Smiley Happy



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Re: Z10 Issues with GMail Imap / Microsoft Active Exchange



I'm the author of the article linked to above.  I appreciate the reference, but I don't think my article solves the OP's particular issues.  To date, I've not found a way to enable notifications on new content in subfolders.  I think this is a limitation in the BlackBerry 10 email client.


Since the paint is still wet on this OS, we can expect to see some improvements in forthcoming service releases.  CalDAV for example is known by BlackBerry to be broken with Google Calendar.  No ETA to fix at present.  BlackBerry will have to address that, and soon.


I don't yet know if OS 10 is going to gain the traction the BlackBerry needs to survive in the market.  If it does, I suspect we will see some third party email apps appearing in BlackBerry World in the future, with enhanced IMAP functionality.  There's some precedent for this and we've seen similar happen on other mobile platforms.  In any case, until BlackBerry does some email client rewrting, or an enterprising developer plugs the gap, I think the OP's niggle is going to remain.  At the time of writing, BlackBerry World is showing a White Screen of Death.  Figures.


One thing I'd urge all Google Apps users (especially of free accounts) to bear in mind is that Google will be pulling the plug on ActiveSync in the very near future.  I've blogged about this in more detail, in a followup to my previously-mentioned post: Gmail + Google Apps on the BlackBerry Z10.


I hope this clarifies the position, even though the reality is less than satisfactory.



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Re: Z10 Issues with GMail Imap / Microsoft Active Exchange

I am using Google apps with ActiveSync and the issues seem to be endless no matter which solution I choose imap/calda/cardav or ActiveSync. Millions of accounts on gmail and it boggles my mind why blackberry didn't have tighter integration with the Google platform.

1) not all my labels appear when filing
2) no archiving
3) no calendar invites.
4) sending / receiving issues I have to double check to ensure emails in fact go out.
5) contacts and calendar sync issues - changes don't sync.

Google doesn't officially support the bb10 software with ActiveSync only iOS is officially supported.

I have to use gmail.com to archive properly and clear my inbox. That's the only way around most of my problems. Using the browser which defeats the purpose of a Business Grade keep moving hub.