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Z10 Product Improvement Ideas: Peak, Flow and Navigation

Note sure what the best way to get some ideas across to Blackberry but since I've been using my Z10, there are a few ways that I think that navigation and application access can be improved. Sometimes I feel that you need to perform one too many swipes to get to something, often used features are hidden, navigation techniques are inconsistent (i.e. Accessing the hub, calendar and phone) or you have to make one more button press than necessary.


I've been a BB fan for years and have had many models. Want to see Blackberry succeed. Own stock. Got the Z10 first day. Got 4 coworkers to get the Z10. Big promoter.


Here are my suggestions and maybe with enough support, we can get a few adjustments made that improve the overall user experience and make us way more efficient. I also think that Blackberry can retain its innovation in peek and flow while still giving us alternative access that we are used across different devices such as our Ipads, playbooks, Desktops, etc. A couple items will be repeated depending on the suggestion type.  


1. Calendar needs to be a core feature and should always be open and accessible instantly at a click or a swipe. Access to the calendar is not easy as I think it should be. Four ways that Calendar could be more accessible:


a) Have a calendar button next to phone, search and camera buttons

b) Support a swipe action of some sort (perhaps upwards and to the left (opposite of the hub))

c) Add calendar button to the mini-swipe/scroller menu that is available in the active apps or application screen

d) It should be clickable and launchable on the hub either on the bottom menu or as a hub filter item. Having upcoming events appear by scrolling to the top of my hub items is convenient but not what I am talking about.

e) Directly from the lock screen. I should be able to click and hold on the calendar event to launch my calendar.


2. Phone calling is a core feature and needs to be launchable from the hub, the mini-swipe/scroller bar, the applications pages (as an icon) and also from the lock screen similar to the calendar (ie hold the button down). In the hub you can filter on missed/all calls but it only acts to give you a call log and not any other phone feature. Launching through the hub should provide full features.


3. Phone and Hub should both be accessible from the applications pages as an application icon. This allows me to access hub and phone in a similar manner to my other applications and also reduces the learning curve for those used to the iphone (easier adoption). I can create logical visual organization of my applications and I can essentially put the calendar, phone and hub next to each other. I really like consistent access and behaviour and this would help.


4.  Hub should be available in the active applications like everything else is. It is the only feature that isn't.


5. I dislike the fact that the Hub filter opens and closes after I make a selection. I would like to be able to click on the BBM icon and see my BBM messages, then quickly click on my Texts, then my mails. I think the filters should always stay open in the mini mode unless I shrink it. i.e. Click to open filter mode with icons only, drag again to stretch and see the icons with names (I think most of us know what the icons represent anyway) and click or swipe to close the filters menu. With the menu always open, I can view all content types by themselves very quickly.


6. Hiding the delete button  in the extended menu is not efficient. If I'm looking at a photo, reading and email, reading a text just let me delete immediately. It is an action that I do enough that it should be as available as the back, forward, reply to all buttons. Save me the additional clicks.


7. When I launch the phone, I want the number keypad open. I don't want to launch the phone and then have to click again to get to the phone pad. The speed dial screen should not be shared with the missed calls. There should be a new screen with a dedicated button.


8. I've found that once you set up your speed dial or world clocks, you can't edit the order. This means you are stuck with the order that you added the items and have to start from scratch if you want to re-order. This is frustrating. I don't have the ability to think about order that early. Anyone notice that when you add a phone number to speed dial, it might use a different contact than you selected if that other contact has the same number?


8. We should be able to shortcut phone numbers to the application pages the same way we can shortcut web pages. This gives me the ability to create folders, organize phone numbers and make calls quickly. Again, learning curve for iphone converts and consistency.  


9. Alarm needs to be accessible easier. It can be an application icon accessible in the applications menu. Clicking on the alarm clock icon on the top should open the alarm clock, similarly, clicking on the wifi should open wifi menu, battery should give me percentage, and maybe a quick Bluetooth on and off. Potentially support a notifications quick menu too.


10. We should be able to put the phone to sleep with a long swipe from the top. I don't get why you need to get to sleep mode by first locking with the top button, getting to the lock mode and then swiping down the curtain. Is there a way to do this that I'm missing?


11. When searching in the hub, I have to clear the search to get back to an unfiltered view. Why not a quick swipe to the right? Why when I'm searching in the hub does the bottom menu disappear? I should be able to interact with those items the same way without opening the items.


12. On the lock screen, I want quicker access to different things through three swipe actions. A swipe up opens my applications page, a swipe left opens the hub, a swipe right opens my applications page. I need to be able to open the calendar from the lock page (long press on the calendar event) and I need to be able to launch the phone (add an icon for the phone (like the camera)). Long press of the voicemail, notifications, emails, bbm or texts opens those screens.


13. Why iis there no email or missed calls preview from the lock screen like the good old days of the torch. I want to know if I should even need to unlock the phone for the new events (is this a security issue?).


14. The mini-swipe/scroller bar should appear in the hub, active applications and application pages (currently it is only on the latter two). It is a cool features. As per above, it should include calendar and phone.


15. Active applications should allow pinning and re-ordering. i.e. I lock an open application in place and then I can re-order through drag and drop. Pinning isn't my idea but I like it a lot.


16. Cool idea. If we allow users to save the layout of an active applications page, they can essentially launch 8 applications in one go in the future. i.e. You save a layout with a name and then you close the entire layout and reactivate it when you want through a list. Very powerful.


That's it for now. Would be super happy to see these adopted and interested in seeing who else has ideas, likes these ideas and hopefully with enough support maybe BB will look at these seriously. Hope they look at them.