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Z10 - no bluetooth connecion with VW GOLF

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can't connect Z10 to VW GOLF (RNS510) via bluetooth.

when connecting the follwing happens:

- VW shows: connection not possible.

- z10 asks: do you trust VW phone ?


maybe a rsap problem ?


any ideas ?



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Re: Z10 - no bluetooth connecion with VW GOLF

  • Delete the z10 from you Vw Golf bluetooth
  • Delete the Vw Golf from the z10
  • now turn on pariing mode with on your Vw Golf(might need to look at the manual)
  • Turn on z10 bluetooth discovery
  • Once it sees your VW golf bluetooth, select the device,
  • It would ask for a passcode, enter 0000 is usually most cars, but your VW might be diffrent.
  • Accept the device on your Vw and say yest when it asks do you trust vw phone..
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Re: Z10 - no bluetooth connecion with VW GOLF

these standard install-steps don't work.
when accepting "trust vw phone" on Z10 directly the VW Golf closes the screen - no error is displayed.
After that: Z10 has integrated the bluetooth device, VW Golf not.
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Re: Z10 - no bluetooth connecion with VW GOLF

Take a look at the Vw Bluetooth instructions here.


Technology: Bluetooth FAQs

VW Bluetooth FAQs What is the easiest way to pair my Bluetooth® compatible phone?
  1. Make sure the vehicle is in park.
  2. Make sure your compatible phone is Bluetooth enabled.
  3. Turn on the ignition. The Bluetooth feature goes into “discovery” mode for five minutes.
    NOTE: If you are trying to start the pairing process after the Bluetooth feature has finished its “discovery” mode: press your vehicle’s Bluetooth button to make the vehicle visible to your phone (car must be stationary).
  4. From the Bluetooth menu on your phone, search for new devices.
  5. Your cell phone should offer a list of devices for you to choose from. Select the device “VW Phone.”
  6. Enter the passcode “0000″ into your phone. Your phone should be connected to the Bluetooth system.


NOTE: To allow Bluetooth to reconnect automatically each time you enter your car, be sure to set “VW Phone” as a “trusted device” on your phone (this varies from phone to phone, and may not be necessary on your specific device).

NOTE: For Touareg models, your Bluetooth system will provide you a unique four-digit code.

How many phones can I pair at one time?
    • While you can pair up to four compatible phones with the Volkswagen Bluetooth system, you can only talk on one at a time. If more than one Bluetooth cell phone is available, simply switch between the phones using the phone list stored in the vehicle system. You can set up as many as four devices.


NOTE: The ability to switch phones with the phone list depends upon your vehicle’s configuration. You may have to disconnect one phone from the Bluetooth system in order to connect another.

What happens if there is more than one Bluetooth phone in the car at the same time?
        • Bluetooth will always connect to the most recently connected phone first. You cannot change this priority.
What functions are supported when connecting via the Bluetooth?
        • Voice commands and other functions are supported for all 2011 and newer Volkswagen models equipped with Bluetooth systems. Please refer to your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for more specific phone features and compatibility.
What is the pairing passcode, and can it be changed?
        • The passcode is 0000. Depending upon your Volkswagen model’s configuration, you may be able to change it to a number of your choosing. Here’s how: Enter the passcode on your compatible cell phone or in your car, as prompted. If you entered the passcode in your car, your cell will prompt you for verification, and vice versa. See your cell phone’s owner’s manual for additional details (for Touareg models, your Bluetooth system will provide you a unique 4-digit code). If your Volkswagen’s configuration does not allow you to make this change, see your dealer.
How do I know if my phone is connected?
        • After initial pairing, your cell phone is automatically connected when you turn on the ignition. Please see “What is the easiest way to pair my cell phone?” for instructions on the initial setup.
If a second call comes in while I am using my Bluetooth system, how can I answer it without losing my current phone call?
        • If your Volkswagen dash is equipped with an RNS315 or an RNS510, you will be notified of a second call in the display. You may accept or reject this call. If accepted, the first call will automatically be ended. You must also have a cell phone and service providing the “Call Waiting” feature.
Does my phone automatically re-establish a connection when I exit and re-enter the vehicle?
        • Your calls are handed to the car when you switch on the ignition, and are handed back to your phone when you switch the ignition off.
Will my phone battery drain faster when using the Bluetooth system?
        • Cell phone battery strength depends on many things, including the features and settings used. Using Bluetooth features in some phones may result in draining the battery. It’s best to connect a charger when using the Bluetooth system, or turn off the Bluetooth system if you are not using it to help preserve battery strength.
Which phones are compatible with my Bluetooth system?
        • Most makes and models from major manufacturers are supported. Please check our compatibility list and choose your cell phone for more details.
Is there anyone I can contact if I have further questions or need assistance?
        • You may contact Volkswagen Customer Care at 1-800-822-8987 from 8am – 6pm (local time in the contiguous US), Monday – Friday.
Will a cell phone with a Bluetooth adapter work?
        • No. The Bluetooth system in Volkswagen models is only compatible with cell phones that have Bluetooth connectivity built-in and that are listed as a compatible phone.
Can I transfer my phonebook?
        • This depends on whether or not the Bluetooth profile for the phonebook transfer is supported. Refer to the compatibility list or your Volkswagen Owner’s Manual for details on entering your contact list manually.
How do I view my phone book via the vehicle display?
        • If the function “Send Contacts” or “Import Directory” are available in your cell phone feature listing, follow the instructions in your compatible cell phone’s owner’s manual.
Why doesn’t the accessory Bluetooth system automatically connect to my paired phone?
        • Make sure your cell phone’s Bluetooth feature is enabled (“On” or “Discoverable”). This will allow the Bluetooth system in Volkswagen models to automatically connect when you turn on the ignition in your vehicle. Please refer to your cell phone’s owner’s manual for details on turning your Bluetooth settings “on” and “off.”
Why will my cell phone not connect after entering the passcode?
        • The passcode you are entering needs to exactly match the code in the main system. It is also possible that it took too long to enter the passcode. To connect, re-pair the phone with the car. First make sure the vehicle is visible. Then, search for the vehicle from the phone and pair them together again. If you have to reset your passcode, see the FAQ titled “What is the pairing passcode? And how do I change it?”
My authorized mobile phone does not reconnect automatically with the phone system. What do I do?
        • First, verify that your cell phone is one of the authorized cell phones already entered in the system. Check to see if another Bluetooth connection is already active (someone else’s cell phone might be higher on the priority list than your phone). You may find it necessary to restart your cell phone. If all else fails, follow the instructions in your cell phone’s owner’s manual.
After completing a search procedure, my cell phone does not appear in the phone system’s device list. Why is this?
        • First, make sure your compatible cell phone’s Bluetooth feature is activated. Your cell phone needs to be within range of the Bluetooth system found in Volkswagen vehicles. Restart the Bluetooth enabling procedure and follow the prompts. The phone itself must be visible in order to do this.
Not all contact details for mobile phone entries are displayed in the phone system. Why is this?
        • The limit for transferring or storing data varies according to each individual cell phone.
Is there a speed dial function?
        • If your car is equipped with a factory-installed navigation system, you will be able to use speed dial as long as you have the speed dial feature already on your Bluetooth enabled cell phone. Depending on the particular model, it’s possible to allocate numerical keys and stored phone numbers from your cell phone. To find out how to transfer numbers to the system, follow the operating instructions provided with your mobile phone.
I have set up a call but can’t hear anything. Why is this?
        • Check the volume setting for the Volkswagen loudspeaker and adjust to a comfortable level. Also, check the profile setting for the hands-free function on your Bluetooth enabled cell phone.


NOTE: The compatibility check may not reflect the features you’ll have available in the 2012 Touareg, 2012 Routan, 2012 Beetle, and 2012 Passat. This site is not a substitute for the Owner’s Manual. Consult the Owner’s Manual for detailed information about all your vehicle’s features plus important warnings about vehicle and passenger safety. Please read it carefully.

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Re: Z10 - no bluetooth connecion with VW GOLF

It won't work, I have vw gti mk6 and it just can't pair, no rSAP support
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Re: Z10 - no bluetooth connecion with VW GOLF

I also have this problem connecting my Z10 via bluetooth in the Golf.  It seems to connect as a media device but doesn't recognise it as a phone.  I had previously managed to get it to connect and could dial/hangup from the car but handsfree was not activated.  Hugely frustrating!

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Re: Z10 - no bluetooth connecion with VW GOLF

SAP not supported on the Z10, same for RSAP.


The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too:
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Re: Z10 - no bluetooth connecion with VW GOLF

It can be paired.  After many attempts and combinations...


Try the following:


1 Ensure Z10 is running the latest software

2 Delete all devices from VW phone and clear the Bluetooth devices from the Z10

3 Add another Bluetooth device (I used my old BB9780)

4 Make VW phone visible

5 Seach for devices from phone

6 Enter code in phone

7 Accept connection


If it doesn't work, delete Z10 from VW phone and VW phone from Z10 and start again.  Try combinations of searching from phone and from car.  If it doesn't work delete and start again.  It does work (eventually)!

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Re: Z10 - no bluetooth connecion with VW GOLF

So, has the problem been solved?