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Z10 smtp different settings over wifi and mobile network

Hi there

Hope someone can help.

I have my Internet settings working fine for my isp email over wifi. When out and about though I need to change the smtp settings to my mobile provider to send or retrieve email.  

This is a real pain and something I didn't have to worry about with BIS on my old BlackBerry Curve 9380. 

I have seen on the net that on iphones you can set multiple smtp settings. 

Does anyone know if this feature will come to the Z10?

I really don't want to setup an email account with Gmail etc. Anyone know a work round or if RIM are planning an update?

My account is with Eclipse Internet and my mobile carrier is Orange UK. 

I love my Z10 for everything but this email issue could be a deal breaker for me. 

Currently I've had to revert back to my Curve to ensure I get all my messages.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Z10 smtp different settings over wifi and mobile network



A little clarification please? Receiving messages is POP, sending is SMTP. So I can't quite tell which is working or not when you are using your carrier data network. It may be both, but I just want to be sure.


Some ISPs indeed require you to be "inside" their network in order to use their services. Others require that you authenticate when you are "outside" of their network, but you can still use their services; you should check with your ISP to see if they have such a facility, and you may have to configure differently (e.g., different servers and/or ports) on your Z10 to use them via carrier data network.


Alternatively, you indeed may need to set up another service provider that can send/receive with your ISP, and link that to your BB (it will do "send on behalf of" stuff, but it should work).


This KB offers a little bit more:

  • KB29891 Unable to configure email on BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry PlayBook due to restrictive mail servers

In general, as long as it's not hosted (e.g., @carrier or @BB), then if BIS could get to the server, the Z10 should likewise be able to -- at least for receiving...for sending, BIS never used the email providers SMTP anyway, using the BlackBerry-owned SMTP instead...and that no longer applies with the Z10 since BIS is no longer in play, so the Z10 must have access to an SMTP server in order to send.


Good luck!

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Re: Z10 smtp different settings over wifi and mobile network

I thought this was a pretty clear question, given the subject line.


I have the same issue.  When I am within range of my own wireless networks, I want to have the phone select the SMTP server for that network. When I am connected to wireless, outgoing emails fail because the SMTP server is set up for the carrier's network and vice versa.  When out and about (mobile), I want the phone to select the SMTP server of the carrier network and when I am within range of my network, I want to be able to use my own SMTP server.  I cannot find anywhere to set this up.


At the moment, the only option is to use the SMTP server for the carrier network, because it is relatively simple to turn off the wireless (if you remember) and use the carrier network.  However, data plans are not like BIS, they are not unlimited and they are not free.


It would be preferable for the phone to select a "preferred" then a "fall back" option perhaps, rather than the email simply fail because the servers do not allow relaying.

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Re: Z10 smtp different settings over wifi and mobile network

I have the same problem and as the first person said it's approaching deal breaker status.

I don't get great mobile data reception at home and need to use my isp smtp settings when there. I have to change the settings, whether at home, roaming or at work. I would love to be universal and able to send mail no matter where i am and no matter what network or isp.

This is made worse as i have profiles for cricket coaching correspondence, private correspondence or work correspondence. For work i connect to an exchange server which seems to allow me to use universal outgoing settings, but this is the only one. Not sure if i may have to do that for the other profiles and/or whether i can do this for the other profiles. The 2 profiles that do not work universally are pop mail addresses so think that this is probably the reason.

I pretty much got the phone to be more functional, and this seems to be compromised by this.
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Re: Z10 smtp different settings over wifi and mobile network

I have posted this into the "BB10 features request" thread on two occasions and it has not been added to the list (which seem not to have been updated in quite some time anyway).


Whilst that is not an official BB feature request forum, I am pretty sure they would pay attention to it.  I personally think multiple SMTP configurations to be essential, given the demise of BIS in BB10.  The strength of BB is certainly compromised, in my mind, by the changes to the way email is handled.


I have other suggestions, but the thread is now 83 pages or more and is not being maintained as it was, so I figure it is a waste of time making them.  I answered a BB commissoined survey recently in the hope that there would be some opportunity to make suggestions but it was basically only one or two questions: 1. Would you recommend us and 2) Why?  The answer to 1 was in the affirmative, but it would be better if there were some official means to request what seem to be important feature improvements - it's a whole new OS, you would think there would be a mechanism.

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