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My email vanished from my phone yesterday. It shows my outlook address but nothing shows up on hub and all past e-mails are gone. Tried connceting to computor and blackberry device manager thinks it's a new phone despite having set everything up on it? How do I restore my ability to get email. Whiy is there no one to speak to @ blackberry.

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Re: email

edwarddougbrown wrote:

My email vanished from my phone yesterday. It shows my outlook address but nothing shows up on hub and all past e-mails are gone. Tried connceting to computor and blackberry device manager thinks it's a new phone despite having set everything up on it? How do I restore my ability to get email.

Reboot your BB to see if that clears it up. Also try to remove and re-integrate the email account on your BB.

edwarddougbrown wrote:

Whiy is there no one to speak to @ blackberry.

Obtaining formal support for BlackBerry devices can often be quite confusing and challenging. At those times, our goal here is to provide you with as clear an understanding as possible as to the root cause of your issue...which, once determined, will define the proper path for you to take to seek the formal support you require.

The first thing to understand is that front line formal support NEVER starts with BlackBerry...nor with these forums (this site is user-to-user). However, the proper path for you to obtain formal support can be impacted by several circumstances:

  • Service-related support normally starts with your carrier/mobile service provider
  • Device-related support (including warranty) normally starts with the reseller of the device to you
  • In some cases, your specific contract may override these, and assign your front-line support to some other entity
  • In some regions, the use of service centers overrides these methods
  • All of the authorized entities (carriers, authorized resellers, service centers) have access to a formal channel for escalation to BlackBerry. But end users have no (free) access to such a direct contact to BlackBerry for any support whatsoever...if BlackBerry needs to become involved, that must start with the above, and they would need to escalate through those formal channels.
  • In some very sad circumstances, you may well have no warranty or formal support available whatsoever -- such is all too often the case if you have purchased your BlackBerry via any "unauthorized" channels (e.g, eBay, "Grey Markets", personal purchase transactions, etc.)

Now here is where it can get complicated (I know...as if that's not already complicated enough!!!).

  • When a device is purchased from the same entity that provides the services (e.g., the mobile service provider/carrier), then support is typically the cleanest...that one entity is responsible for all front line support, regardless of the root cause of the issue (device or service).
  • But, when the device was purchased at other than the carrier (e.g., an independent shop), things can get quite tricky indeed.

Truly determining the root cause of the issue (device or service) can be challenging sometimes, and there can be a tendency of each entity to blame the other, without really digging deeply -- sadly, this can leave you in a bit of a pickle. So, our goal here is to always try to help you figure out (as best possible) the true root cause of your issue -- from which, if formal support is indeed required, your path is then determined.

Here are some examples that may help you understand better how it all works.

If you did not purchase your device from your carrier and the issue is determined to be device-related:

  • Your carrier would actually be 100% correct in denying you support in that specific situation, for that is exactly what the contracts require.
  • However, if in that denial they say things to you like "contact the maker", then that advice is actually quite flawed. As discussed above, you have no free path by which to do that...only via formal escalation (channels for which the end users do not have free access) can attention from BlackBerry be achieved. So that escalation needs to come from the proper front line device support entity (as determined by the above), not by you.
  • In such a case (a device-related issue), your carrier should instead be referring you to your purchase contract and/or your original place of purchase for information regarding your support and escalation options in that circumstance.

On the other hand, if the carrier also sold you the device yet has directed you elsewhere for device-related support:

  • That agent has most likely simply fobbed you off, for that is not the proper method of handling the situation, and you should escalate with them (your carrier) to find someone who properly understands how to provide support to their paying customers.
  • Unless, of course, you agreed to a contract that allows your carrier to not provide you with support...in which case your specific contract would govern the situation. Such would be unusual, but not impossible -- you would need to review your copy of your contract(s) to be certain.

There is something called Incident Support from BlackBerry available to end users, but it costs to just ask the initial question, since you are bypassing the contract you signed upon purchase/subscription to services. If you wish to investigate that, you can review it here:

There also might be some good reading here:

Good luck!

Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!

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Re: email

There was some kind of Outlook outage starting last Thursday. The outage has been apparently fixed since I can now access my live.com emails over the Internet, however the will still not sync to my z10....seems to be affecting Windows Live, Hotmail, and Outlook emails, calendars, and contacts....hopefully Microsoft fixes it soon! It seems I've taken for granted how nice it is to have email pushed to my phone until it's no longer available....