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BlackBerry® Z10

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Re: enough with the negative, who loves their Z10? step up

We have a number of Z10 phones. We had a few things to clear up. On two of them I had to reinstall the operating system. This may have been caused by a bad download. BlackBerry has not been able to figure that out.

The Z10's work great. They too a few days to get used to them. Between this phone type and the 9900 my preference is the Z10. I would not go back. I want to try the Q10 when it comes out. The only thing is the display will be about 40% smaller because of the mechanical keyboard.

A big thing I like about BlackBerry is the battery can be user changed. The memory can be user expanded.

I found the camera on this phone to be very acceptable. It is actually better than on the 9900 and the 9800. The 9800 camera has better focusing rage than the 9900. The night mode and macro modes on the Z10 work surprising well for a cell phone. The flash is not bad for its size.

All around for my type of use the Z10 is the best phone I've had. I use it primarily for business. After reading the manual and doing some Web searches I figured out how to set up tasks in the Remember section. I also have a separate folder for general notes.

I read about many people having problems with this phone. It's impossible, but I would have been curious to actually check their phone myself. I am guessing that many of these people do their own unlocking to use the phone on cheaper services that cannot supply the proper plans, or they install third party applications that have bugs, or some other thing I cannot think of.

A big complaint in is the phone does not sync to Outlook. This is actually the sync software. I know BlackBerry lost many sales because of this missing feature. There are some work around and these take some doing using external sync with Hotmail or one of the other public email services. I found Hotmail works the best.

Apparently BlackBerry is supposed to come with an Outlook sync feature for Link. The people who told me this did not have a date. They mentioned this feature is being worked on. There were far too many complaints to ignore the demand.

When this phone can sync to Outlook and mist of the small feature demands can be added this phone will probably be the very best all around smart phone ever made. Not any one phone in the market today has every possible feature and has zero bugs. They all have something. The internal software and OS are very complex and extensive. People don't realize the complexity of these systems.

Jerry G.
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Re: enough with the negative, who loves their Z10? step up

Fantastic device, and it makes phone calls too.


I've had mine since day 1 in Canada. Transferred everything from my Torch and haven't looked back.


My battery has always been fantastic. Now with the OS upgrade, it is even better.


I hope they unlock the APN setting at some point as I will be unlocking my phone to allow use of other SIM cards when I travel, but right now, this is not an issue for me.


HUB is great.


The Sharing function is great. It is so easy to share web links, or photos, or tweets, etc. No more cut/paste required.


The GPS locks sooooo fast compared to my old torch.


I didn't have much of a learning curve with the device since it is similar to my playbook. Bezel swiping is old hat.


I was concerned about losing the physical keyboard, but after about an hour of using the Z10 keyboard, I'm hooked and don't miss the buttons at all.


I give the Z10 a 9.5/10.

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Re: enough with the negative, who loves their Z10? step up

i got my Z10 on day 1 in Canada (2013/02/05), I was moving from a Bold 9900, and I have not regreted the move at all since then


The only disappoinment is the fact that BlackBerry Link is below any standard program for what it is suppose to be doing, but this as nothing to do with the Z10 in general


PS. Now when I am on my Playbook and I receive an e-mail, I keep trying to do the peek gesture on it :-D

Using the Playbook and the Z10 and the Z30 and loving them

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Re: enough with the negative, who loves their Z10? step up

I was concerned about the keyboard too, but don't miss it a bit. This keyboard here is superb. But I will buy the q10 as soon as I can. Just to see. Because I thing it will be the same as the z10 in terms of the mis typing even on the physical buttons.
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Re: enough with the negative, who loves their Z10? step up

Since these are 'support' forums, I guess it is normal for people to just post when they need help and obviously, you don't need help with things that work.  So the amount of 'this is a great device' posts are probably a lot less than you would see on CrackBerry.com.


I'm not fully in love with the device as there are things that I miss from my 9900.  However, there are a few things that I love about it.


First off - Signal strength.  The Z10 (like all BB's I have owned) kick's everyone else's butt.  I'm on Virgin Mobile and I also have a Nexus 4.  I'll have full signal strength with the Z10 (like I had with the 9900) and barely any signal strength with the Nexus 4.  When I purchased the Z10 at a Virgin kiosk, the Z10 had five bars of coverage, the iPhone 5 had 3 bars, the Galaxy S3 had 2 bars and the Nexus 4 (their display model and mine) had 1 bar.  Seriously!  What good is a phone if you can't, you know.. use it!.


Second - Gesture based UI.  It may still need work but I'm still a big fan. 


Third - Screen.  I thought I'd prefer the 4.7 inch screen on the Nexus 4 but the resolution is soo sharp, it's great. 


Fourth - Speed.  This thing is FAST!!  Much faster than the Nexus 4 which is a quad core.  Just goes to show you specs aren't everything and that BB10 doesn't need more horsepower to give a killer experience. 


Fifth (and I'll stop here) - Internet browsing speed.  I may not care much for the browser features, but this thing is FAST.  Faster than the Nexus 4 for sure.


Again, not a perfect phone (none are really) and it still needs some work, but they do have some aces in their hand with it.

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Re: enough with the negative, who loves their Z10? step up

I love my Z10!

Here's the problem:

I've written to the head of Blackberry, who, not surprisingly, has ignored my letter. The problem in the States is that Blackberry has seemingly all but given up.


You have the Z10--what's wrong with you!?


Great phone, but no accessories. No dock, not much else.


No upgrade to V10 yet...why won't you let someone help you succeed, Blackberry? I'm probably the only person in the States that I know that actually owns a PlayBook!

The biggest problem? Incentivize people to develop apps...bacic ones are missing, and unless you let them make 100% of the cash, why should they put resources into it?

God, i'd love to speak with BBerry.

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Re: enough with the negative, who loves their Z10? step up

Have sex with it twice a day!
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Re: enough with the negative, who loves their Z10? step up

I've tried but I keep getting stuck in the SD slot.


Too painful to try again.