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Tell us your story

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Hey everyone,


Is your BlackBerry your hero? Your Best friend? Life-line? Well we would love to hear all about it! We’re looking for your funny, fortunate, shocking tales of the BlackBerry technology!!


Here are just a couple of the stories we’d love to hear:

- Do you have a story about how your BlackBerry smartphone saved the day?

- Does your BlackBerry smartphone have a unique way of helping you?

- How does your BlackBerry most often help you?

- Do you have a funny story involving your BlackBerry?

- Tell us why you can’t live without your BlackBerry

- Tell us about the most memorable picture or video you’ve ever captured on your BlackBerry.


We want to hear them all!


Just reply to this message and share the reason for your love affair with BlackBerry!


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Life is all about relationships

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My BlackBerry now, and in the past, has always been the ultimate "social media" tool, way back before that term was even cool.


Life is all about relationships, and my BlackBerry has always been my foremost tool to stay in touch with family, friends and clients. A text to my wife to let her know I'm headed home at the end of the day, or a BBM to a couple close friends to make lunch plans, my BlackBerry keeps me connected in my relationships. BlackBerry pioneered that, and no one yet can come close to touching the way BlackBerry capitalizes on putting people together.


That's my story!

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Re: Tell us your story

When I have my BlackBerry Torch with me (which is, uh....always), I know everything.  Sometimes at work, we'll hear a song on the radio and will want to know who sings it.  No problem, I've got the answer.  Occasionally, I'll be delivering mail in a neighbourhood I'm not familiar with and someone will ask me how to get to a certain street.  Again, no problem; just give me a few seconds and I'll have an answer.


I also like the idea that I'm never out of contact with my family or others who matter, like my sons' schools. 


So all in all, it's just a great machine to have around and once I upgrade to the Torch 9810, life will be even GREATER!!!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Tell us your story

I started off with an 8700 a few years ago for push email, I have routers and servers at the office that have to run 24-7. I could not afford to have an email come to me 30 minutes later. BlackBerry solved that issue. BBM with all my BlackBerry forum friends is awsome. no more emails and being left behind in the discussion.


I enjoyed that ole 8700 a bit and for xmas I was a proud owner of a 9700 Bold. What a huge difference in technology. Wifi, 3G OS5 and SD card support too. I was likethe happiest kid in a toy store with the best toy in my pocket.


I spent a year on that 9700 untill the Torch came out and had to have a bigger screen for videos and web surfing. My kids while in the car during traffic with nothing much to do, Torch saves the day. Add in a VM 605 and now the vehicle has nice sound too. pair it up with a HS 500 and what moe else do i need?


Playbook, what a fantastic device for me. Love bridge to connected to my Torch. Record in 1080 is awsome. Its a multi tasking power house that can do a whole lot. My family loves it. Wife has one, and kids have one too. Soon mom and mother in law will get one as well.


Torch 9810, **bleep** what a nice device. same ole feel but with a bigger engine under the hood, new paint job and a nice view. OS 7 is a blast so far. RDM+ now works fast. Photos are crisper. things just go fast, maybe too fast (KNOT).


MP3 player? LOL, I use an old bold 9000 for that. 32 gig SD card installed, Wifi pandora supported, Seido extended battery, BlackBerry Stereo Gateway, Cambridge soundworks amp and you have one heck of an audio system with over 8 hour battery life streaming tunes during parties. I have more compliments on this setup at everyparty we have.


My kids love the old pearls they have to play with and now that they are almost 7, they wont press the green button and call the police again. They love that it can play music and take pictures and then trasnfer it to their playbook after with dads help.


I think I missed one more thing. BlackBerry keeps me in touch with everyone I care about with Facebook, twiiter, BBM, texting, emails and so much more. I wonder how I lived with out it before.


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Re: Tell us your story

I love story time! My BlackBerry is at the center of everything that I do. Whether it is texting fiends or sending photos of the kids to family via BBM, there is nothing I can't do. I can review emails from work and from school as well as liten to music and podcast. The Bold 9930 allows to do all these things and more at the drop of hat! Thats my story and I am sticking to it !!
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Re: Tell us your story

Today was one of those days...got up late...drove to an important meeting arriving just on time only to find out I was in the wrong place.  After texting and BBMing a few contacts in my BB, I found out the meeting was several kilometers away, in a location that I had never been before!  I texted to say I was running late and on my way...so I activated my BBMap and followed the directions even better than my old Garmin GPS!!!  Thank God for my Blackberry Bold...it turned around what could have been a day down the drain...Thank You Research in Motion for your incredible device...I love it!!!

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Re: Tell us your story

My BlackBerry device is used mainly for work.


My way of working requires monitoring a lot of emails (around 500 automated emails and 250 emails written by real people, including 100 that I have to process one way or the other).

So the BlackBerry Messages app is crucial for me. I really like it. The shortcuts are very practical, especially to file a message (even in front of my desktop computer, I often find myself using the BB to move those messages), or to follow very fast the messages in a thread.

I of course rely heavily on saved searches, especially because it's faster than doing the "menu >> view folder >> type start of folder name >> enter" routine.

I do wish I could use BBm more often at work, but this can only work if other people use it, which is not the case in my environment. Alas !

About the browser, I use it to browse some of our intranet web apps (unfortunately the official browser at work is MSIE meaning that ActiveX applets are used a lot).

Sometimes I get to a meeting and someone draws a complicated diagram. Firing the camera can be practical, especially when after the meeting I just send out some "quick minutes" followed by the picture of the complete diagram.


As you can see, the BB is really here to help me. It can also be useful because the way the BES is configured at work, Using my BB and the lookup feature, I can see the mobile phone number of my colleagues, especially great when it's a colleague I do not work often with. Easier to get in touch in crucial moments "hey what's the meeting room number? I'm already late"


I can also use the GPS in BlackBerry Maps. Very practical to somehow verify the taxi driver is not taking me on a stroll instead of going where I need to be.

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Ice and Fire

for me...it was being in a parking lot in Iceland, finding an open wireless connection, and BBMing with my daughter in Canada.  That amazes me, and the people I tell.  Being able to BBM in real time from a country an ocean away.

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Re: Tell us your story





The photos referred to in the text (that were attached to the original email) can be viewed at:



After you left at 4:45 p.m. yesterday, I went back into the warehouse to close and lock all the doors and turn off all the lights.


After turning off all the lights and heading to the door, I realized there was still a pair of overhead hi-bay lights on so I went back to hit the switch (on the opposite side of the wall from the small office that we met in).  So I hit the switch, which plunges the entire warehouse into total darkness, save for the glow emanating from the poorly-weatherstripped edges of the man door I was going to leave from, and I then turned and headed for the door. 


Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that a pallet of ‘grapples’ was in my path, and I jogged straight toward it.


Attached file grapple002 shows the path to the door (photo taken with the lights on), and ‘grapple001’  is a closeup picture of the pallet of grapples that I landed on.


As I fell forward in total darkness, in the brief instant before I actually landed, a couple of thoughts raced through my mind:

1)      The isn’t anything soft and fluffy to land on in this warehouse

2)      There isn’t anyone else here

3)      Its completely dark


I landed on the grapples and bounced off onto the floor and was rolling around unable to breath, gripping my chest and feeling for what must be a fatal wound when came to the realization that I was OK except for that my chest was really sore.  After a couple minutes I was able to breathe again, and realized that the moist and tattered thing in my hand was my shirt, not my flesh.


I usually clip my new blackberry that you gave me to my pants waistband, but it just so happens that the pants I was wearing that day are a bit loose on me, and I couldn’t find my belt this morning, so instead my blackberry was in the breast pocket of my shirt. 


When I hit the grapples, the blackberry shielded me from injury.  Turns out I didn’t get a sharp metal spike through the heart after all!


The other picture is of me topless, half an hour later, holding my blackberry next to the corresponding bruise, and is not for the squeamish since I don’t shave my chest.


I will laugh about this one day, but not yet, since it hurts so much to laugh.