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Re: Tell us your story

1. Are you.connected to WiFi?
2. For youtube use the browser.and go to m.youtube.com

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Re: Tell us your story

I got a 64g playbook for Xmas, loved it from day one, use it all the time. Great for busi. trips, no bulky laptop. Went on vaca to Jam and my wife was holding, slipped on stairs-4 stories up. Playbook went down, landed on ceramic tiles. It was in a well padded Targus leather case, the screen cracked but playbook still works great. My wife bought it and she feels really bad. But as soon as I got home I ordered a new one on line, now I have two, just have to transfer data from old to new! Great tech tool, love it.

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Re: Tell us your story

Hi Guys,
First of all, let me appreciate you guys for the great tablet that you guys have designed. Hats off to you fellows.:-)/\:-) high five.
don't know if you are selling it for a loss. I bought it for Rs20,000 (64GB) with MRP sticker still mentioning Rs38,000.
If you are still making a margin out of 20K, I am wondering why the heck is it not selling in millions like IPad.
I believe you guys have created a product and waiting for it to be accepted in the market like other tablets.
IPad and Samsung tablets are the only accepted tablet in market. Because they have shown how it can change the way things are done.

Teach consumers in real life example on how playbook could simplify task in life at much lower cost with quality.May be my email will through some light on this.
My Only suggestion is stop using business men/women to sell your product;) winking (check who is selling your product in indian blackberry site), they are well off, they can go for costly IPad.
Focus on billion of middle class who at this price will find it way to convenient to do their every day things.

I want to give you my feedback on why I bought this tablet, Hope it gives you some customer insights.

My self , I have not yet moved to smartphone, Feel its too bulky to carry around all day.Till now not a blackberry customer.

Why I bought a tablet: 
My wife wanted a notebook for checking email and Facebook,store movies,jpg.
But Tablet gives me all the above plus can records movies and she could carry it in her purse.

What I want :
1. Camera for taking picture and recording movies.
2. Web access to check email and facebook
3. Store the thousand of photos and music that she has collected
4. Watch some of her TV soup online :-)
5. It Should allow her to do all the things, for which she will need a computer. ( The real reason is that my son will not allow her to sit on computer)
6. Should be fast to do multi tasking
7. Need not be a big smart phone. I dont want to hold big screen all the time. When ever I need a use for big screen I am okay to tether the device.
8. I dont want a billion apps, what i`ll do with that. I need apps which make my life easy and fun.If 10 apps can do it efficiently I am okay.

What I shortlisted:
1. Apple Ipad2 Wifi 16GB - Dropped for size
2. Samsung - Dropped for Storgae Vs Cost and Screen size 7" for 24K
3. Other tablets - Their base price if 25K
4. Low coat tablet - Reliability of these tablets is a doubt  
5. Blackberry playbook - 64 GB under 20K with fast processor and essential apps , Bowled me over.
6. Amazon kindle - Came close second, but did not have camera and  not avbl in major stores.

What problem I faced:
1.No body is selling playbook. Took 5 hours of running around Chennai city to find one. Who ever have one on display, din't have stock. - Should have booked online.Missed it.
2.Every body is recommending Samsung or Ipad in stores.
3.Who ever has it on display has not understood he functionality completely.

Show simple add showing its cost vs functionality strength.

A student misses his class because of illness . his friends sharing the Voice notes to him in the evening,... 
A Housewife reminding husband on booking train tickets for diwali from calender.
These small things conveys a lot and it can be your strength.

Hope I have not bored you guys.I can not stop myself from sharing my buying experience for such a wonderful product.

Thanks for reading 
New Contributor
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Re: Tell us your story

Hey Smiley Very Happy


I like how your going with this. What my thought is, me being a teenager, and blackberry  has a ton of people my age

on their products, is to make a playbook like their phones. I'm from canada and everyone had the phones but the thing is the ipad is way more popular. The main reason is because the playbook is for more the buisness or adult person. We want something that has a ton of apps and can do everything and stay connected. I love my playbook but you are limited to so much. There needs to be more apps and we need famous people to make them look cool like ipads so us teens want to use them. If they open it up so developers from android can put their apps on the store, then that would make more people exited to buy this really good priced product.


The screen is amazing on this and the touch is just as amazing, the apps they have are good or they can be really good and costly, But i am personally waiting for skype.


I hope they can advertise this more to teenagers because we love blackberry

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Re: Tell us your story

For Blackberry the name is enough. We don't need advertisements.

New Contributor
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Re: Tell us your story

I don't know.. People like blackberries but they need to seebthe playbook being played with. Show how amazing it is Smiley Very Happy like it seems people want games and stuff like temple run but the bbpb doesn't have that. Like if more people saw how good the playbook is compared to the ipad or Samsung tablets then I feel like they would be more popular. Like I like mine and I'm like the very few that has them around me and I'm in highschool ;p we will see how rim works this out

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My Device: Blackberry 9300
My Carrier: Vodafone

Re: Tell us your story

Ya bro lets c how things work out. I am in school and i m ok with my BB.

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Re: Tell us your story

[ Edited ]

Hello world

I would like to share my story about how I got my first Blackberry Cure 9300.

I was on the grind, not sure exactly what I'm looking for but I'm looking hard. A friend came up to me and said "Yo De, I got a BB Curve for ya." I was interested only becouse when I post on facebook, the BB sign will be there & I must say, it did look cool. So I took the Curve, when I went to parties & social events looking to pick up a few woman, they liked the phone I was currying. I told my myself that it was going to be a long night. I mainly leave an event with 3 numbers & 2 BBM pins. Awesome aint it?! I saw my uncle with a Bold 9700 & **bleep** it looked cool. It had the OS 6 & so I wondered... Can I upgrade my curve to an OS 6. I told myself what the hack let me do it.

I spent 5 hours after midnight (happy hour free internet) trying to get OS 6 and OMG I finally got it, OS 6 like WOW, this looks really good. I did not experience any problems, I could surely tell that the other people with OS 5 were envying me. I got to know my Curve like my hand & I could help any1 around with a OS or other general stuff. But then something came up & I had to sell the phone, **bleep** why now?! I sold it & for 6months I had a funny simple phone. Bad! I know

After those 6 months my cousin offered me something I would not pass away. He was selling his Bold 9700 with a family discount. I bought it but just to see he thought he ripped me off. Little did he know, I was having street knowledge on how to get it working again, he downgraded it bad & never installed the right working apps. So another 5 hours of no sleep just to get it working again.

At last I got it up & ranning, I found a lot of fresh home screen, a clear camera view & amazing apps. So my phone the Blackberry Bold is running smoothly, <Inappropriate Content Removed>  I'm really happy & I can't wait to go pick up girls again hahaha.

Thank you
<Personal Content Removed> 

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Re: Tell us your story

Your stories are absolutely amazing!

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Re: Tell us your story

Hey Xandrax,

       Is there a BB app for synchronizing contacts and calendar? At present we use Astrasync for doing this. Does OS 7 on the new devices do this?