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Re: Tell us your story

Do you have any idea of twitter account for India.

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Re: Tell us your story

Hi all,

I am a BlackBerry user now for the last 5-6 yrs. I started out with the curve and presently myself and wife of 38 yrs have the Bold 9700 units. The only drawbacks with using our BB's is TMobile support. I have been with them now for 8+ yrs and just refuse to leave their company. Mind you, our connections get lost, jumbled and even slurred(slow) with useage but, we never give up on our long time support. I presently own a BB Playbook 32 GB and think it's man's best friend. I keep close company with my 10 grandkids whom mostly use the Iphones and Ipads but are always amazed with the qualities of our solely playbook. At present, its never failed to entertain support as needed(Tethering Rules!). I have read so many complaints about the support, useages of the BlackBerry phones and playbooks and it's almost hard to imagine that there is still a solid community of BB users' here(USA) and abroad.


Saying all that, find your thoughts and say what's on your minds. Everyones' NOT going to agree ever and life will go on!


The true rule, in determining to embrace, or reject any thing, is not whether it have any evil in it; but whether it have more of evil, than of good. There are few things wholly evil, or wholly good.


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Re: Tell us your story

Welcome and yes indeed BB has a strong community not only in US but the entire world.

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Love my Blackberry

I have always been a user of BB and wouldn´t change for anything. I keep all my social communications, my business records, my project details and so much more.


I have already managed to convert 8 of my family members and friends to use BB and so glad they all love it.


Its wonderful to have a friendly forum where we can all discuss our problems or suggestions.


All the best

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Re: Love my Blackberry

Absolutely James its such a wonderful thing I just cant afford to loose it. I have also been instrumental in converting many of my friends, relatives & family members to the Blackberry Community.

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Re: Tell us your story

My old Bold BB died (RIP) after 3 years of hard use and my carrier sent me a galaxy samsung S2 and informed me that it would do everything my BB did and then some.  Well I am here to tell you THEY WERE WRONG!!  If finally got fed up with the phone they sent me the S2 and went in and paid for my new black berry 9930.  It does more the S2 they sent me did and I am happy to say Blackberry is the best phone by far for those who need a phone for business!!.  I also run apps  because I love to run and listen to music.  It is the perfect smart phone for people who love having a keyboard but also like the touch screen.


Blackberry keep up the good work!

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Re: Tell us your story

I love RIM!

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Re: Tell us your story

Hi Family 


I want told you the story of my PlayBook! It is a special PlayBook and a funny story to get this! 


I become a invitation from the german social media team to visit the Development Center from RIM in Bochum/ Germany! Amazing to take a look  in the background and talk with some Dev's! After that Visit we going to launch with some of the Dev's and the social media Team tell us, that they have a special event for us in the evening! Everyone want to know what it is! 


It was a poker game with professional croupier! The most of us says : what......poker we can't play this game, we don't know the rules of poker! 


I say: What.......no one can play poker! You're joking me? No man we don't know anything about this game! Hahhahha


Just what i say.......... I can poker, iknow the rules and i have won a PlayBook!!!!!! Smiley Happy 


I'm really really happy to win, i can take a look of the upcoming BB10 OS and the QNX based system! RIM.......nice job! You're back again and you blow away all the others with the release of BB10! 





Kind Regards

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Re: Tell us your story

For what it’s worth.


I really like my Blackberry Playbooks.  It really is an all-round excellent and powerful device.


My suggestion is that, as tablets go I think RIM would be better served to make more noise about the fact that you get full web rather than mobile web that you get on iPad.  It seems that RIM get criticised for not having enough apps.  While this may be true I do find that a lot of the apps people use on iPads are simply a cover up for the fact that they don’t get a full web experience on the iPad or iPhone.


I’m very excited about the upcoming Blackberry 10 release.  For sure I will be buying a new BB10 handset but I am going to be sad to part with my 8520.  It has been my best device yet.  I replaced my iPhone 3GS with the 8520 over 2 years ago.


I’ll be pleased if you don’t roll over to apple, google or Microsoft.  Keep up the good work.

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Re: Tell us your story

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Hi, I'm still trying to just post a question. Im new here and got a Bberry Pearl that will be what I use till i get my next phone in a year. I know they do cool things so i signed up here to learn a few.. Thx
PS: How do I post a question? :-)

School and HS soon!!!!!!!!!! :-)