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Re: Tell us your story

I used to be an android user. I own galaxy sII.. It was good.. After used it for couple months, suddenly it broke. I had it repair, nothing changed.

Then i saw z10 ads in youtube. I did a bit research and i loved it!! So, i ended up buying one.. Really loved it tho.. Smiley Very Happy
The bad thing is, its still new.. not much apps..

Im a new bb user..

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Re: Tell us your story

I have been swimming from 1 phone the other but none of them has been able to come even 1/10 to the blackberry. I would say dat me n my curve we the greatest couple, because ever since I got it I SWEAR it has been of such great help.
compared to the other "not so smart phones"
Since it has been of such great help I decided to give it a name "JJ"

1st when I got it I realised I had found my other missing piece, because seriously who am I when am not connected online???? But guess what my curve solved

2nd it keeps me in touch with all the people I care about most in my life. this is as a result of keeping me online 24/7. I have managed to establish & close cross-board deals with just a phone call n couple of texts.

3rd The only problem I would mention is dat Here in Uganda it's so hard to easily integrate from 1 device 2 the other due 2 the high costs of living. But hopefully am getting a 9700 next

MY CURVE IS NOT JUST A PHONE, IT'SMY BEST FRIEND and I would like to thank him for helping me meet all of you guy. THANK YOU JJ
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Re: Tell us your story

Last night I was checking the water level in my cistern. As I bent over to look down into it I had forgotten that I had my 9330 Curve in my shirt pocket! It fell down into about 3 feet of water! I could see the red light blinking! I ran into the house and changed into my swimming suit, ran outside , grabbed a ladder and climbed down into the cistern and fished my phone out. It wasn't working right and I was so upset with myself! I went into the house, took the battery out, pulled out the vacuum cleaner and tried sucking out the water. Then I buried the phone in grits (I didn't have any rice). I tried the phone a few hours later, but it wasn't working! I went online to read about the "rice drying method" and found out you weren't supposed to power it up til it had sat in the rice (I used grits) until the next day! I was beside myself and felt I may have shorted it out by not giving it enough time to suck the water out! I decided to bury it again in the grits and try it again the next morning. Didn't have anything to lose right?


Got up today, dug out my phone and put the battery in. It works! I am so happy I didn't have to replace it!


What a great phone! I don't know how many times I have dropped it and it hasn't broken. Sitting under water and it still lives!


I love my Blackberry!



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Re: Tell us your story

Great story. I highly advise you to leave it the grits at least another 48 hours if not longer. You'll appreciate it in a month when the Internal moisture finishes its damage.

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Re: Tell us your story

Believe me, I am such a guy who would buy a cellphone this day and throw it in dustbin the other day calling it bull**bleep**. I change handset very often. I still remember those days when I used to be a great fan of Nokia and samsung and I used to change sets and I would loose almost half of the hard  cash which I earned.


One day I was introduced to blackberry by my friend karan and the only name facinated me and as I bought blackbery I got satisfied and I never broke any set after that.


Thanks to blackberry.

The spirit of triumph and success.
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Re: Tell us your story

the keyboard is the reason that i embraced blackberry q10


being a heavy smartphone user; the keyboard is a must for me, and the q10 saved me in the age of only-touch smartphones


definitely happy

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Re: Tell us your story

i love my BB

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Re: Tell us your story

I started using my first blackberry in university and i got hooked on the email setups and the blackberry calendar is my favourite out of all operating systems
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Re: Tell us your story

Forget itoys, forget android (home of multiple malwares) , I have tried them all and I found blackberry to be far superior to all those toys. I am an accountant and currently doing my professional programme to become a chartered accountant. I get almost all my books online, when I was using android phone and tab, it used to cost me and and leg to stay online 24/7 for a whole month, and you know what that means. Most time if I want to download books online , I will be out of data (MB) but since I swithed to blackberry , my life has never remain the same. BIS is the best thing out there. Just a thousand naira (6.2usd)subscription will take take you for a whole month. Do you know what, this will not only serve you on the phone, but including the playbook via bridge . This a miracle to me. Using one subscription for both phone and tablet is what I never thought would be possible. Now I'm always online on both my phone and my tab. OS 7 is a wonder, a game changer and only second to BB 10. I was deceived by negative reviews by some unscrupulous elements, and I left blackberry for android , a decision I regretted. I will nevr try any other platform , all my family members will forever remain in this awesome platform as long as it lives. Blackberry rules.
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Re: Tell us your story


Thank you blackberry people for the new z10.   The. Z10 and new os is so intuitive and flows with my everyday that for once I have a phone that actually makes organizing myself easy and better.. the more I get used to the gestures the more I can do and the faster I can get things done. From taking notes during and important call...to texting and sending important information throughout the day, and from having the keyboard learn the way I talk... I can't express how excited I am about the software. the screen is perfect size and crisp... the feel is nice in my palm... I hope RIM continues to improve on this phone for years to come... this is the beginning of a revolution... I can't wait to see the next z10.   with maybe a newer processor or newer camera and better screen... it is gonna be THE phone to beat.