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Re: Tell us your story

To tell you the truth, I can't do without my blackberry.. A day without it, is more like I am cut off from the world.....it make me stay connected, 24/7...
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Re: Tell us your story

Thx 4 replying i havnt been on here too much but I remembered it and its a great site! How do I see all my replies if i ever ask other questions? Thanks a lot!
School and HS soon!!!!!!!!!! :-)
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Re: Tell us your story

First time used BlackBerry is for business, i was sell my first BlackBerry cause not really interest with the feature, but when BlackBerry 10 is come with HTML5 support i really enthusiast with that. i like BlackBerry now Smiley Very Happy
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Re: Tell us your story

[ Edited ]

Thanks to Blackberry that makes me so addicted and cant be away from my BB devices.


I start using Blackberry since 2005. I forgot when exactly time is. My first device is BB 8310.

New looks, new OS and mostly everythign is new for me who just using palm and Nokia communicator at that time plus as apple product's user, Blackberry is totally different!


Not much people in Indonesia have blackberry devices.

With a few friends, we just meet up and hangout together only to discuss what can blackberry's featurers do for us.

With friends from other communities (not only gadget's communities), we did upgrading OS when some friends already got the leak OS from carriers providers, or just develop and create themes for our devices.


then in 2006 to 2007, our community is growing Bigger. And some of us also build some bkackberry communities outside our main community. like in the offices, colleges, etc.

And many gadget magazines interviewing me and friends about our blackberry and comparing with others, and I ever in many times been an icon of gadget magazine in indonesia, xoxoxoo that so nice.. lots of my face on the magazines. Hahahaa


I am become addicted with blackberry and my blackberry community.

I always following the update about blackberry, from news, developers, devices, most everything.

 In 2007, I create blackberry community in my office. good response from colleagues, frinds and bosses.

Then the company where I working until now, start using blackberry as our main communication between top level management to branches officer. The company supply blackberry as main communication facility for the leader (level Manager up) level below manager shold be buy their blackberry by theirself. But we loved it.


Times running fast.. and start lots of problems and troubles that we had by using blackberry in last 2 years.

And some of the entry level just changed to the other devices, and back to used call n sms to comunicate.

And some manager to Top level start have more than 2 or 3 devices and one is blackberry.


With my good communication with the carrier, provider, blackberry community, other communities and so I had some chances to meet management Blackberry for asia pasific (Mr. barnes - Canada/Singapore) and also last meeting with Mr. Nick (now Blackberry Asia pasific who held on vietnam), etc.

Then we just asking to all of them than we need an apps that can accomodate our company's communication needed by blackberry.

But some meeting and presentation with and from blackberry, in the end no good ending.

ahahaaa sorry that case closed hehee just some experiances that im involved on it. Hehehe


Blackberry that I ever had and used : 8310 then 8320 and 9700 8520 9300 9330 9780 9790 9860 and Dev alpha C.

now, I am still using 9860, 9780 and dev Alpha C.

Actually I am still have 9790 but coz of falling to the lake, and I take the device to the carrier service center to claimed guarantee. But the guarantee can not be used coz of falling to the water. And I must pay with the total amount almost like I but the new one. oh A BIG NO!

then I just left the device at the cervice center until now. wont be able to take unless I can take it for free.


with 3 devices of blackberry, I just manage my bbm contact, and which one of device for officialy needed, where's for fun n friends and the last just for testing or socmed or etc.


But now.. hahahaaa with blackberry release their bbm can be used into other platforms like ios and androids, hmm now I have 5 bbm active in my bag. 2 on BB devices, 1 on Tab, and 2 other else on HTC and samsung smartphone Smiley Happy)


Still love with blackberry and bbm even I do love the others gadgets.


Xoxooo it's like I cant stop writing when I tell a story about blackberry and gadgets.

Coz I already love gadgets since am a kid.


Success to Blackberry! dont be worry, lots of people loves you! *even they said "no i dont" but they kept install your bbm into their devices in other platforms hahahahaaaa



Bee - IsatBB Jakarta




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Re: Tell us your story

Please left your thumbs if you like n love my story...
I ever send this story to blackberry US hmmm I guest last year or 2011 by an honored person of blackberry elite from Indonesia.
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Re: Tell us your story

Someone from your Forum, can't find the exact reference now suggested that to overcome backup failure on Q10 & BB Link, i should try a piecemeal custom backup fist.  This I did, successfully, and thereafter I tried a full backup, and it worked!  Thank you for helping to facilitate my first full backup on my (new) Q10 in over a month. John McDermott.

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Re: Tell us your story

i love blackberry ,i use blackberry dev alpha c,and my wife use blackberry z10.we love this feel.and love this life

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Re: Tell us your story

What can I say, I moved up from my BlackBerry Torch 9800 to my Z10

Brilliant working tool, well that's is what I call my Z10, My ToolBox as opposed to a ToyBox.


My phone is on 25/7 if possible, it is most likely and the great thing about the new OS10, is I can be on my PCs (at the moment two of them) and still chat, go on the net while chatting on the phone; and say in the UK, watching Eastenders or the BBC News, and texting on FB, Skype, What'sApp and our BB Messenger.


Gosh am so connected, It's Surreal and Bliss


Outsiders Just Don't Get It 

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Re: Tell us your story

Under the rain of the sky, filled with melancholy.
Perdel band's ten thousand times sadness in chanting.
The dark of the night but can not bring calm meditation.
Only in the solitude of the bed Zhengedaidan like watch.
So you like the opposite narcissistic quietly blooming.
The twilight you ever stumble now disappeared.
If a bunch of water flowing in a circuitous mountain rapids.
Like a bolt from the blue in the night brings light.
In my mind blank doodles like to write faith.
Your beautiful as charming as timeless Fame, have you have the power.
U R Blackberry z10.
if i sad, u make happy.
if i wrong, u make right.
I LOVE U, my blackberry.

U R Blackberry z10。
if i sad,u make happy。
if i wrong, u make right。
I LOVE U,my blackberry。

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Tell us your story


I think i told my story.Im in school and I always used BBrys cause my dad wud give em to me.

Ne wayz i used to go on Crackberry which like a help site but not as good as this one.I like BBery even tho mine arent 4g but im going to see if i can find the answer to a question I asked


School and HS soon!!!!!!!!!! :-)