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Re: Close account

I would also like my account to be deleted. Thank you.
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Re: Close account

Bodee902 wrote:

Hey everyone,


I just wanted to jump in here and explain that we do not delete accounts from the community and there is reason for this.


We like our community members to know they can always come back. If you have no time to participate, or no desire, you can always 'disappear' for an amount of time (as long as you like) and still have the option to return.


When you initially sign up, you agree to the Community Terms & Conditions of Use (see section 11). We leave accounts open as deleting them, would delete all previous posts. At most, we can render an account inaccessible, but it will not be deleted, nor will previous posts (unless of course they breach the Terms of Use). If posts are deleted from threads, it could affect the thread in such a way as to make in incomprehensible to other users.


I hope this makes sense to everyone. If you truly want your account disabled, please feel free to send a private message to myself, or one of our moderators, and we will be happy assist you from there.



Community Administrator.



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Re: Close account

Please delete my account. If u are not able to do so, please dont put my real name public to search engines !!! Also I would be appreciate it if u could deactivate my account and let me at least change my username, so that my anonymity will be restored at least !

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Re: Close account

Funny post here!!!
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Re: Close account

[ Edited ]

nirin wrote:

Please delete my account. If u are not able to do so, please don't put my real name public to search engines !!! Also I would be appreciate it if u could deactivate my account and let me at least change my username, so that my anonymity will be restored at least !

Hey nirin,


Please see my pm regarding your account.


Also for information purposes, We do not supply search engines with information.

How search engines work is they send a "Spider" or Google calls it "Googlebot" to crawl a web site to get as much information about the page and then that is added to the search engine database.

You can view this information though this link: http://computer.howstuffworks.com/internet/basics/search-engine1.htm


* Also you can limit the information that other users can see by going to

My Settings >> Preferences >> Privacy >> Click on the radio button for No one

Privacy Settings.png

By clicking on No one it will remove any personal information such as your email address and name


Hope this helps regarding why Google has your information from the Blackberry Support Community Forums Smiley Happy


Edit: Please see the information about Privacy Settings *


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Re: Close account

In addition, be aware that the results you receive from Google will be different based on your logged in status here. If you are logged in here and do a Google search, you will receive results that include information that you have put here, but that only you can see. But, if you log out from here and re-do the Google search, the results will change and that same information will not be returned from the search. Hence, anyone else doing the same search will not see that same result since they are not logged in here as you. It's an odd thing, but it has been verified in the past that it works this way.


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Re: Close account

[ Edited ]

quote: We do not supply search engines with information.


Bull fecal matter!! When I search for my own first name and last name on google my profile from this very forum is the first link in the search results linking my username to my real name. I do not want this and want my account deleted. I already deleted my private information in user settings as I moved on to another smartphone platform.