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im sooo lost

someone explain how the hell i use this forum stuff
i am not very good at this sorta stuff Smiley Sad
just wannna make posts and stuff like that 

thanks bradders1

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Re: im sooo lost

Looks like you figured it out.

1. Please thank those who help you by clicking the "Like" button at the bottom of the post that helped you.
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Re: im sooo lost

I don't know about the lost person who started this "thread", but just being able to post a question doesn't mean we're not lost anymore.


I've been searching the forum on & off for about a year now, and still have very little success in ever finding answers for my issues. I don't know the difference between searching on the "board" or the "forum" or whatever the other options are. I don't seem to be able to come up with a suitable search term that finds me what I want.  I'd love it if there was some sort of index where you could review topics alphabetically, or something.


I just don't have time to spend hours each day on this, which is what it seems to need (at least from me)

Then there are all the acronyms and abbreviations that are obviously very common to many of the users; but not to me. I don't know what a RSS feed is, for just one example.


And so on. Maybe there should be a section for non-techies.

Then, on the other hand, the 101 tutorial sections are too elementary for me; and have very little info to begin with. I've learned through trial & error to use the smartphone; and I love it. But I do get frustrated when I can't find answers to a few simple questions. Like: how can I make it remind me when I have a voice message? It just tells me when one arrives, then never beeps or anything to remind me to check later. I'm v ery busy and

easily forget to check. And so on. Sorry for the rant.

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Re: im sooo lost

In regards to an index, there are tags. Unfortunately, the tags are only as effective as the people who place them in there thread topic. In other words, users create their own index.


In term of your other issue, not finding answers to your problem, this can easily be solved by creating your own topic with the subject describing your issue in general, and then going into more detail such as Model, OS (Operating system - what version of desktop manager are you using?) and posting it to the approprate section.


Ex: Something simple like voicemail could be posted under Smartphones > Blackberry general features & functions.


If its more specific to an issue regarding your phone in particular (Ex: usb plugs, headphone jack, or other hardware related issues), then post in the section that matches the model # of your phone.


The advantage of this peer-to-peer community is that people are all users, just like you, volunteering to help other users who are having a hard time discovering their phone.


The benefits can best be described as 24/7 support on your phone and a response time of normally 24 hours at most.


I hope this helps a bit,


Thanks for using the RIM Community Forum and goodluck.

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Re: im sooo lost

With respect to the search, you'll notice that pretty much every page you navigate to has the search bar in the top right-hand corner of the frame. Let's use this board as an example:


BlackBerry Support Community Forums --> Community Forums Feedback --> Forum Feedback and Ideas


If you search the Community, it searches the whole forum, regardless of your current location, so the search will encompass all boards in BlackBerry Support Community Forums.


If you search the category, you'll search all of the boards that reside in the current sub-section of hte board on the whole. For example, if you search by category in the Java Development section, you'll get results from all of the Development boards (Web, Push, etc).


If you search the board, it will only search the current board (in this case, Forum Feedback and Ideas).


If you search users, the keywords input will only be checked against current usernames of community members.


Hope that helps,


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Re: im sooo lost

Thanks for your help. Smiley Happy


Still struggling with it all. Earlier today I posted a message about synching problems and questions. But had to just do that as a reply to another message in that area, as I'm not sure about posting a new message on it's own.


I guess it's just  a matter of continuing to try.

Thanks again.



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Re: copy 010

I have just joined the forum.  Could someone let me know  how Copy 010 appears on your menu screen. what does it mean and how does it get there.