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BlackBerry World needs to be better organized

Hi all,


I'm opening this thread in hope that BlackBerry pays attentions to how the store should help the users navigation through the different apps, games, movies, etc. available in the store. 


1. I don't understand why there is no filtering for the apps for "New arrivals". This is actually mind boggling cause when we select the games category only and we are presented that section, right away it is presented as the top being what's featured, than we have "Top free games", than its "Top paid games" and finally "New Arrivals". Why is this architecture not the same for the apps section? It's missing "New arrivals "!!! This needs to be addressed like ASAP. It shows big inconsistency in the design of the store and does not help for the user experience. Also I absolutely do not want to spend time in each different subcategories to find what's new every time. Even though this type of filtering should be applied all through out the store.


2. Add more filtering categories. What I mean by that is that I should find filters in addition to what we have for "Top 25 downloaded Apps", "Top 25 rated" etc. for the week and for the month as well since that will help the user know what is the apps or games that has been drawing the most interest and it makes the app store more dynamic since those changes depend on apps and games released during that current time frame. It also makes the experience more pleasant and definitely shows that there is actual movement and interest in the store. At the moment things look kind of static and a pain to find new and interesting stuff. Therefore I think BlackBerry should actually look at the competitors app stores and implement the same kind of filtering and filtering categories to make the experience to search easier for the users.


3. Some apps end up in categories they actually don't belong into. This should highly be monitored and corrected cause I shouldn't find a book in the business tool app category. This has been going on since the playbook appstore is out and needs immediate attention. This can not keep on going BlackBerry!


4. Books needs their own section just like the movie and tv shows! They should not be mixed with the rest! A BOOK IS NOT AN APP! I thought this would of been addressed awhile ago but I guess we still need to let you guys know cause it makes users experience very inconsistent and it is annoying.


5. Pushing for pictures for apps and games would certainly help for the user to know what his downloading or buying for that matter. I think it should be mandatory to attach at least a picture of the app from the developper standing point. I don't know if this could be possible but you should force developers to put at least one image of their app if they wanna have it in the BlackBerry store.


6. Adding video demos of games would be awesome! Same for apps! This could be given to developper as an option to attach a short clip demoing the app or game they are putting in the store. I believe Google does it for their store and it's awesome! It's added value for the store and gives a more pleasant navigation experience for the user.


So far these are the stuff I can think about. And also these are the stuff that should of been implemented since awhile ago to have a more compelling experience! I thought this was gonna be done out of pure logic and it would be a natural evolution of the app store as well! I highly hope that BlackBerry makes those implementations cause it would convert to having much more traffic in BlackBerry world, and if there is more traffic in BlackBerry world than it means more people are downloading apps and if more people do so, it means more people are spending time in the BlackBerry store which means more people are spending money which means developers are much happier and will create better apps which ultimately will benefit the user, BlackBerry and the developper! That's what I call a win win situation!

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Re: BlackBerry World needs to be better organized

I agree with all your points.


I will add some comments.


2. The momentum thing. I think that in the BlackBerry World idea, this is taken care of by the "Trending" sections.


4. Currently, books are apps as far as the BlackBerry 10 OS is concerned. I do not have enough knowledge about the AppStore of GooglePlay to know if it is different for iOS and Android.

I do not know if simply "visually" seperating books from the Apps would be enough from a user experience (ie. it is just a matter of creating another meta category only in the BB World app).


3 & 5 yes those are things that were acceptable with AppWorld 1.0 was released, but not anymore. It has been several years already. AppWorld is still a young store, despite its now old age.


6 I would like vids too. But currently as far as I know, RIM does not have any streaming technology available. So it means that RIM would have to either license a streaming technology, or make a partnership with the current video streaming actors on the web (vimeo, youtube, dailymotion...). I don't see that coming in a near future.

If I have the motivation and time, I may make a GreaseMonkey Script to fetch video reviews, from the web BBWorld store front. But it would only be a clumsy workaround.

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Re: BlackBerry World needs to be better organized

Thx for your reply Xandrex! It's very much appreciated.


I just hope people in charge of BlackBerry world will actually pay attention to this thread and it would be great if they could let us know what could be implemented and what wouldn't. And also it would be great for them to tell us why it wouldn't be possible to implement some of  those points. 


And for once, if they do implement the points I mentioned it would be a great sign from BlackBerry to show us that they have changed from the old RIM by providing a timeline or a release date for this release. I belive for too long RIM tried to protect itself by not giving time frames or release dates so they don't brake promises. This has too definitely change and I believe by giving deadlines and release dates, you are actually building confidence into your brand and people will definitely recognize it when you can deliver with precision! But I guess this part is another subject... for now at least I hope blackberry implements those points!

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Re: BlackBerry World needs to be better organized

BB World does indeed need a makeover. As a long time Playbook user and now also Z10 I think this is overdue. A few points:

1. There is a lot of duplication - for example travel apps with the same name, but covering different countries, languages etc. These take a lot of space and makes browsing almost impossible due to the number of such apps. Collapse them into one folder per type and we can expand them if we like.

2. Some apps are never or infrequently updated. We currently have no way to tell. Of my many apps on the PB only a small percentage is well supported, one has not ever even worked and it is still there.

3. You can submit a review - but only ones and you can not later amend it.

4. The rating system is most inaccurate as user are not provided any guidance as to how to rate an app. Very few apps should ever get *****. I think a more nuanced rating system would be better with more than one category and an overall rating. The apps summary should only show the overall one, but you could select to see the details before buying. I would rate on the quality of the app, features, update frequency, support etc.