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"Top Albums" profiled in BlackBerry World on Z10

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I have no other means to contact BlackBerry on this matter, so I have to resort to posting on this forum.


It's sad for me to have to do this, because I'd rather be "discrete" about it, but I think this matter is important enough that I'll just post here.


I would like to challenge the BlackBerry World management on how the "Top Albums" shown on the front-page of the BlackBerry World app in BB10 and on the BlackBerry World home page are determined.


Currently, on my BlackBerry Z10, when I launch BlackBerry World, 5 of the 8 "top albums" are of the sort that would never EVER get high profile placement on either Apple iTunes or Google Play... on BlackBerry World, they are compilation albums of songs NOT performed by the original well-known artists. These are sound alikes but they are not nearly as good as original recordings by the original artists, and yet the cost of the albums rivals that of compilations that ARE licensed original recordings by the original artists on competitive online music stores.


I'm sure there is a market for these types of albums, but I have to call BlackBerry World "management' on the carpet for a few points:


1) These albums are NOT clearly identified as NOT being the original artists: people may be purchasing these without understanding that, and that kind of misrepresentation is beneath BlackBerry.

2) There is no description of the recording, beyond the name of the track, where the standard practice on competitive services is to list for every single track with the track title AND the artist.

3) The sound quality is perfect digital clarity, but they actual recordings border on "novelty songs" in their efforts to sound alike the original vocalists, or in their LACK of effort to do so. They are, in a word, "lame". I'm sorry, but when these songs rise to fame, they did so on the back of a quality production and talented artists. It is simply not true that you can just mimic them and recapture the 'magic' that makes a particular recording stand out.


I suggest that BlackBerry QUICKLY reassess the algorithms used to put these types of 4th rate compilations on the front page of the BlackBerry World app and web store.


As a music lover and ardent BlackBerry supporter (AND SHAREHOLDER) I'm embarrassed, almost appalled, at this.


BlackBerry has to do better if they want to remain competitive, and with all the acclaim and promise of BlackBerry 10 and the imminent release of the Q10 around the world, this stands out as a glaring throwback to the days when critics of BlackBerry devices and Research In Motion declared that "BlackBerry is DEAD" and "BlackBerry doesn't try".


Please, PLEASE try to do better and profile legitimate new recordings, either by new / unknown artists or ANYTHING other than these imitation compilations (let's call them "impolations") because they represent the worst of the music business: a cynical cash-grab by rerecording the tracks without identifying them as rerecordings to deny the license revenue to the original copyright holders.



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Re: "Top Albums" profiled in BlackBerry World on Z10

I couldn't agree with you more. Blackberry World Music needs to do better. The content is provided by 7digital. None of those "Top Albums" in BB World are even the 7digital top 20. When searching for the band Phoenix, it comes up as seventh artist, with four other artists ahead of them that don't even have Phoenix in their band name. It's terribly organized. You would think they would come up with something better given all of the criticism.
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Re: "Top Albums" profiled in BlackBerry World on Z10

I true that too. I bought two albums thinking that they were from the original artists but they were knock offs. Very disappointed with blackberry.