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5.0 Inertial scrolling issue

Hi, I am trying to figure out why this bug seems to be happening in one of my programs on a Storm 2. First some simplified code to reproduce the problem.



public class MyScreen extends FullScreen {

    public MyScreen() {
        this(new VerticalFieldManager(VERTICAL_SCROLL | VERTICAL_SCROLLBAR));

    protected MyScreen(VerticalFieldManager manager) {
        super(manager, 0);

        add(new RichTextField("First item"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 2"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 3"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 4"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 5"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 6"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 7"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 8"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 9"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 10"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 11"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 12"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 13"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 14"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 15"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 16"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 17"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 18"));
        add(new RichTextField("item 19"));
        add(new RichTextField("last item"));

    protected void paintBackground(Graphics g) {
        g.drawBitmap(0, 0, 480, 360, Bitmap.getBitmapResource("backgroundImage.png"), 0, 0); 



The new Inertial scrolling seems to be causing my background to scroll when I am intending for it to stay in place. This ends up leaving pieces of the background in places it shouldn't be since I think the VerticalFieldManager is efficiently drawing only the parts that need to be redrawn. I have also tried painting the background in paint and then calling paintChild(g, manager), but this has the same problem.


Is there a way to set up the Manager so that it knows not to scroll the background as well?




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Re: 5.0 Inertial scrolling issue

Try adding the following before your g.drawBitmap line and see if it works:



super.paintBackground( g );



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Re: 5.0 Inertial scrolling issue

Thanks for the reply, I gave that a try but no luck. I did find a way around this issue though. I can use the following to set the background.





Then I no longer have my paintBackground method. This was introduced in JDE 4.6. Is this what most people are doing? The code that I am working on was originally designed back in the day for OS 4.0, so is my problem that the code is behind the times?


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Re: 5.0 Inertial scrolling issue

I think I have a similar problem. In one of my screens I use some RichtTextFields at the top of the screen and the rest of the screen if taken by a BrowserField. If the BrowserField is longer than the screen the top is sometimes garbled. The workaround which works for me is to add a ScollListener in the constructor of the screen which invalidates the screen when the user scrolls:



getMainManager().setScrollListener(new ScrollChangeListener() {
public void scrollChanged(Manager manager, int i, int j) {

Perhaps this works for you as well?


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Re: 5.0 Inertial scrolling issue

I swear I had tried that before, but I guess not because that worked great. It has the added advantage of working on pre 4.6 devices. Thanks a lot!