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My Device: 9300
My Carrier: Orange

Bluetooth setDeviceServiceClasses not working on Curve 9300??

Hi everybody,


I am desesperatly trying to turn my Curve 9300 (Orange carrier, OS5.0 JDE 5.0) into a GPS server (publishing JSR179 NMEA strings) in order to enable external devices to get accurate positioning.


To do so, I wrote a server application (see code below). The code looks to run fine and reaches AcceptandOpen.


The problem I have is that the service is not recognized from the outside as a positioning service (so no connection attempt at all) , and my assumption (but I am perhpas wrong) is that I have an issue with setting the positioning bit in the setDeviceServiceClasses (looks not to work).


I wrote as well a probe thread beside (see also code below)  that is always reporting  Device Service Classes to be decimal 52422880 that is x'500000'  which means bit set for telephony and object transfer. I should in my mind get back x'510000' back taking into account that the additionnal "positioning bit" has been set.(setDeviceServiceClasses(0x10000 )).


Could anyone help ??


Thank you !!



// start bluetooth NMEA server

new Thread(){

    public void run(){

try {

// init bluetooth

    localDevice = LocalDevice.getLocalDevice();

    StringBuffer url = new StringBuffer("btspp://localhost:"+MYSERVICEUUID_UUID.toString()+";name=NMEA-GPS;authorize=false;authenticate=false;encrypt=false");

    // Create notifier (and service record)
    StreamConnectionNotifier streamConnectionNotifier;
    streamConnectionNotifier =    (StreamConnectionNotifier) Connector.open(url.toString());

     sr = localDevice.getRecord(streamConnectionNotifier);

    /* Put it into public browse group */
    DataElement dBrowseGroupList = new DataElement(DataElement.DATSEQ);
    dBrowseGroupList.addElement(new DataElement(DataElement.UUID,new UUID(0x1002 ))); /* PublicBrowseGroup */
    sr.setAttributeValue(0x0005, dBrowseGroupList);/* BrowseGroupList */

// set ServiceAvailability (0x0008) attribute to indicate our service is  available, 0xFF indicate fully available status
      sr.setAttributeValue(0x0008, new DataElement( DataElement.U_INT_1, 0xFF));

    /* Set the Positioning service class bit  and update service record*/
    sr.setDeviceServiceClasses(0x10000 ); /*  Positioning */


// end init bluetooth

// endless loop

while (true) {

    // Wait for client connection
    StreamConnection conn = streamConnectionNotifier.acceptAndOpen();

    // New client connection accepted; get a handle on it
    RemoteDevice rd = RemoteDevice.getRemoteDevice(conn);

    // Read input message, in this example a String
    DataInputStream dataIn = conn.openDataInputStream();
    String s = dataIn.readUTF();

     friendlyname ="Connection: " + rd.getFriendlyName(false) + " Data: "+s;

    // Send NMEA strings back to client
        DataOutputStream dataout =  conn.openDataOutputStream();


} // end endless loop

} catch (Exception e) {trace = trace + " !! Exception !! "+e;}

} /* try */


// ///////////// PROBE CHECK THREAD ////////////////////////////////////:

new Thread(){

    public void run(){

try {

DeviceClass cod;

localDevice = LocalDevice.getLocalDevice();

// Endless loop

while (true) {


    cod = localDevice.getDeviceClass();
    int MajorDeviceClass = cod.getMajorDeviceClass();
    int MinorDeviceClass = cod.getMinorDeviceClass();
    int ServiceClasses = cod.getServiceClasses();

    trace2 = " ServiceClasses:" + ServiceClasses + " MajorDeviceClass:" +
        MajorDeviceClass + " MinorDeviceClass:" + MinorDeviceClass;

// end loop

} catch (Exception e) {trace2 = trace2 + " !! Exception !! "+e;}

} /* try */