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Java Development

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Completely lost newb.

It was suggested I post a new thread so here it is.


This is my first attempt at programming in Java, let alone for the BB platform. I'm just really confused at all the required software needed to do this. Every where I look, it's install these 3 packages, download these 2 other things, on and on. I mean really, look at any of the "getting started" pages, there's tons of stuff to download. Is there something, somewhere that just says:

Install this first, Install this second, install this third. SPECIFICALLY.

Here's the list of all the things I have downloaded so far:




I've never seen so many things needed to be installed just to try and program in one environment!


Is there anything out there that lists specifically what needs to be installed and in what order? I read some of the guides and watched some of the videos and they were still kinda vague.


Or is this the entrance test??? "If you can't figure out how to install and config the environement, you have no biz trying to program this." Thanks in advance.

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Re: Completely lost newb.

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Ehh, yeah, I know what you're talking about. It was not fun the first time I was setting up my BB development environment. In fact it really did feel like an entrance test lol.


Basically, this is the list of stuff you need, and in what order. If something doesn't work right, I apologize, it's been a long time since I last set all of this up and as you can imagine I haven't been keen to do it again.


Java JDK1.6


Install this before doing anything else.


Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (ver 3.5, Galileo)


Extract this into a safe folder, Eclipse doesn't come with an installer so wherever you extract it is where it'll live.


BlackBerry JDE Plugin for Eclipse


Follow these instructions and bypass the installer RIM provides. Remember to select one or more component packs based upon whatever OS versions you want to deploy on. For example if you want to build Storm apps select the 4.7 component pack. This will also get you started with some 4.7 simulators.


Once all of that's done, you'll need to do some configuration to set up Eclipse. This is the part where my memory is really spotty.


First, make sure the right component pack is set. From the Eclipse menu toolbar: BlackBerry >> Configure BlackBerry Workspace >> Installed Components >> Select from the dropdown.


Then you should create a new Run Configuration so you can test your apps in the simulator. From the Eclipse menu toolbar: Run >> Run Configurations >> BlackBerry Simulator >> Click the 'New' icon >> Name it whatever you want >> Select the Simulator tab and from the Profile dropdown, select the model number of the BlackBerry you want to test on.


After that I BELIEVE you are ready to start coding. From the Eclipse menu toolbar: File >> New >> Project (NOT Java Project) >> BlackBerry Project. After you create your project you can finally start setting up your entry point for the app and begin coding for real.


I'm sure I've missed something but give it a shot and see what happens.

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Re: Completely lost newb.

I agree with Andiamo, it feels like a test and once done, you don't want to do it again as you might have forgotten one small step and it never works.


RIM have thrown a curve ball too with the introduction of the Beta 1.1 plug-in which I understand has different requirements in terms of the base Eclipse platform.


In summary, you have two choices:


a) Develop using Eclipse.  In that case you need the correct level of Java (from Sun), of Eclipse (from Eclipse), the plug-in (from RIM) and the component packs (from RIM) for the levels of OS you wish to develop for (Just to clear to confusion up right now, Blackberry releases are forwards but not backwards compatible, so if you develop for 3.6 (which cam in with the 9000 Bold), you can't expect that code t run on 4.2.2, which was the OS that came with the first 8300 Curves).


b) To develop using the JDE, you need the correct level of Java (from Sun), and the JDE versions for the OS you wish to develop for.


Andiamo has described the Eclipse installation, the JDE installation is simpler, but most people seem to think the Eclipse environment is better.  You can have both JDE and Eclipse installed, no problem.  But you might have to some phutzing around with Java libraries, I seem to remember having to do something so that the older JDE's uses an older Java - it was in a KB article.


Sorry I can't find what I would call an up-to-date and complete installation document.  I think that RIM expect that people who are developing for Blackberry devices already know Java, have it installed and know how to play round with its libraries. 

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Re: Completely lost newb.

peter_strange wrote:

Blackberry releases are forwards but not backwards compatible, so if you develop for 3.6 (which cam in with the 9000 Bold), you can't expect that code t run on 4.2.2, which was the OS that came with the first 8300 Curves). 


I'm sure peter did not really mean 3.6.. It is 4.6 and you cannot expect it to run in 4.2 or 4.3!



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Re: Completely lost newb.

If its of any help , i used the following guide to set mine up. Check it out...



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