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Registered: ‎06-29-2009
My Device: 9000
Accepted Solution

InputStream and Contact.Photo

I am using the 4.6.0 9000 simulator. Here is the code I am using:


static final class GetPhoto extends Thread { public GetPhoto(){} public void run(){ StreamConnection s; String person = "http://somewebsite"; try{ s = (StreamConnection)Connector.open(person + (String)cvals.get("CNUM"), Connector.READ, true); HttpConnection httpConn = (HttpConnection)s; int status = httpConn.getResponseCode(); if (status == HttpConnection.HTTP_OK){ InputStream input = s.openInputStream(); byte[] data2 = new byte[input.available()]; input.read(data2, 0, input.available()); byte[] photoEncoded = Base64OutputStream.encode(data2, 0, data2.length, false, false); if (c.countValues(Contact.PHOTO) > 0) { c.setBinary(Contact.PHOTO, 0, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, photoEncoded, 0, data2.length); } else { c.addBinary(Contact.PHOTO, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, photoEncoded, 0, data2.length); } // if record is modified, commit if (c.isModified()){ try{ c.commit(); } catch (PIMException e){ errMessage = "Error in getPhoto commit. Error:" + e.getMessage(); errCnt++; } } s.close(); } } catch (IOException e){ errMessage = "Error in getPhoto. Error:" + e.getMessage(); errCnt++; } photoCont = true; } }

 I have used this code to download photos and it works well until I came across one that appears to be larger than the norm. I tested on one that works and the raw size returned was 7965 bytes and the encoded was 10620 bytes. When I try the larger one the raw is still 7965 but fails after that. It returns only part of the photo and the other part is scrambled. 

So, is there a max that gets returned when using InputStream.available() and do I need to put this in some sort of loop to get the whole photo? If not why then is it getting scrambled. I have used Java on the desktop side to get the phot from the same web site and it works fine so I know the photo is not corrupted. I am just using different methods of retruning the photo on the desktop side. 




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Re: InputStream and Contact.Photo

byte[] chunk = new byte[4 * 1024]; ByteArrayOutputStream read2Buf = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); int chunkLength; while ((chunkLength = input.read(chunk)) != -1) { read2Buf.write(chunk, 0, chunkLength); } byte[] read2 = read2Buf.toByteArray();



You need to loop on InputStream.read to read the full stream (see InputStream.read contract in J2SE/J2ME Javadocs).


OR BB-specific:


byte[] read2 = IOUtilities.stream2Bytes(input);


Posts: 36
Registered: ‎06-29-2009
My Device: 9000

Re: InputStream and Contact.Photo

That did it, thanks. I marked it complete and Kudos to ya!