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Java Development

Mapping BlackBerry JDE shortcuts and menus to the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse

by Retired on ‎02-16-2010 03:06 PM - edited on ‎12-20-2010 11:11 AM by Retired (2,467 Views)



This article applies to the following:


  • BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment (JDE)
  • BlackBerry® Java Plug-in for Eclipse®



The following table lists the keyboard shortcuts and menus available within the BlackBerry JDE along with the equivalent keyboard shortcut and menu location in the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse.

BlackBerry JDE menu  BlackBerry JDE function  BlackBerry JDE shortcut  BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse menu  BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse function 
File Open CTRL-O File Open File ...
File Save CTRL-S File Save
File Save File As ... CTRL+SHIFT-S File Save As ...
File Exit ALT-F4 File Exit
Edit Cut CTRL-X Edit Cut
Edit Copy CTRL-C Edit Copy
Edit Paste CTRL-V Edit Paste
Edit Undo CTRL-Z Edit Undo
Edit Redo CTRL-Y Edit Redo
Edit Go To Line ... CTRL-G Navigate Go To Line ...
Edit Find CTRL-F Edit Find/Replace
Edit Next F3 Edit Find Next
Edit Previous SHIFT-F3 Edit Find Previous
Edit Find in Files… CTRL-SHIFT-F3 None None
Edit Replace ... CTRL-F3 Edit Find/Replace
Edit Toggle view F2 Window > Navigation Next View, Previous View
Edit Add Bookmark CTRL-K Edit Add Bookmark
Edit Boomarks CTRL-B Window > Show View > Other General > Bookmark
Edit Next Bookmark CTRL-F2 None None
Edit Return to Last Location CTRL-R None None
Edit Next Message F4 Navigate Next
Edit Previous Message SHIFT-F4 Navigate Previous
Build Build F7 Project Build Project
Build Build All ALT-F7 Project Build All
Build Build All and Run ALT-F5 None None
Build Stop Building SHIFT-F7 None None
Project Dependencies CTRL-D None None
Debug Go F5 Run Debug
Debug Stop Debugging SHIFT-F5 Run Terminate
Debug Continue CTRL-F5 Run Resume
Debug > Breakpoint Set Breakpoint at Cursor F9 Run Toggle Breakpoint
Debug > Breakpoint Enable Breakpoint at Cursor CTRL-F9 None None
Debug > Attach to Simulator CTRL-SHIFT-O Run > Open Debug Dialog ... Simulator > Configure Simulator
Debug Step Over F10 Run Step Over
Debug Step Into F11 Run Step Into
Debug Step Out SHIFT-F11 Run Step Return
Debug Run to Cursor CTRL-F11 None None
Debug Up CTRL-UP None None
Debug Down CTRL-DOWN None None
Debug Show Next Statement CTRL-N None None
View Breakpoints ALT-F9 Views Breakpoint
View Output ALT-2 Views Console
View Locals ALT-4 Views Variables
View Threads ALT-3 Default Default
View Processes ALT-1 None None
View Call Stack ALT-7 Default Default
View VM Byte Code ALT-8 None None
View VM Locals ALT-5 None None
View VM Stack ALT-6 None None
Window Next File CTRL-W Window > Navigation Next Editor
Window Previous File CTRL-SHIFT-W Window > Navigation Previous Editor
Window Copy Window to Clipboard CTRL-SHIFT-C None None
Window Close CTRL-F4 File Close
Window Close output window CTRL-2 None None
Window Show popup menu SHIFT-F10 None None
Help Help F1 Help Help Contents
Help API Reference SHIFT-F1 None None
Help IDE Help ALT-F1 None None
Help Knowledge Base CTRL-SHIFT-F1 None None
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