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Media application error codes

by Retired on ‎02-16-2010 01:37 PM - edited on ‎07-05-2011 03:21 PM by Retired (4,083 Views)



This article applies to the following:


  • BlackBerry® Device Software 4.2 and later
  • BlackBerry smartphone



When monitoring media application events using a PlayerListener, the playerUpdate() method can receive an error event and an integer for the eventData. These integers are range from 1 to 29 and have the following meanings:


Error Code

Error Description



Media player busy: The media player is currently performing an operation that precludes the requested operation.

Yes, stop other players and try again.


Invalid parameter: A parameter was specified with an invalid value.

No, check the parameters used.


Insufficient memory: There is insufficient memory to perform the requested operation.

Yes, free memory and try again.  Can also happen if the file metadata contains an image that is too large.


Need more data: Playback cannot proceed until the streaming source provides more data.

Yes, provide more data on restart.


Unspecified: Some error occurred which does not fit into any other category.

Depends on the issue.  Since this error is a catch-all, it is likely there is a problem with the media which would be unrecoverable.


Format: An error in the media file was detected.

No, the file format cannot be played.


No server response: A server has stopped responding.

Depends on the Network Issue.


Connection lost: The current connection has been dropped.

Depends on the Network Issue.  Radio could have been turned off as well.


DNS resolve error: An invalid URL has been detected.

No, the URL provided is invalid.


Unseekable: The media player needs to seek in the file in order to access headers, but can't since the file being played is unseekable.

Yes, change your DataSource seek type to a seekable one if you can.  If you can’t, then no.


Connection timeout: the (streaming) server is unreachable.

Depends on the Network Issue.


No rights:
    * The DRM agent wasn't able to find a valid digital right in the media
    * RTSP error 401 has occurred

Yes, if the DRM issue is resolved.


General client error:
    * The streaming server rejected the streaming request
    * RTSP error 4xx not covered by another error code has occurred

Depends on the issue, likely the URL is incorrect.


Server error:
    * An error occured on the streaming server while streaming
    * RTSP error 5xx has occurred

Depends on the Network Issue, 5xx error codes denote server-side errors.


Payment required:
    * Payment is required to stream this item from the server
    * RTSP error 402 has occurred

Yes, pay up.


    * The streaming server has rejected the streaming request for security reasons
    * RTSP error 403 has occurred

Depends on the issue.


Client file not found:
    * The item required to stream doesn't exist or has been removed from the server
    * RTSP error 404 has occurred

Depends on the issue, likely the URL is incorrect.  If it is correct, this is unrecoverable.


Client proxy authentication required:
    * Device needs to authenticate with a proxy server before streaming
    * RTSP error 407 has occurred

Yes, use the net.rim.device.api.media.control.AuthernticationControl


Client request URI too large:
    * The request URI sent to the server is too large
    * RTSP error 414 has occurred

Yes, modify the request and retry the request.


Not enough bandwidth:
    * There is not enough bandwidth to support streaming
    * RTSP error 453 has occurred

Depends on the issue.  You may be able to try an alternate low-bandwidth stream, or move to better network coverage (such as Wi-Fi).


Client session not found:
    * Streaming session has been removed by the server (e.g.: when paused for too long)
    * RTSP error 454 has occurred

Yes, stop the player and move it to REALIZED, then try again to re-initialize a new session.


Unsupported transport:
    * The streaming server/network doesn't support UDP/TCP streaming
    * RTSP error 461 has occurred



Indicates the (data) connectivity has been suspended.

Depends on the issue.


Indicates that the media player is currently suspended that precludes the requested operation.

Similar to error code 1, but specific to the RTSP streaming case.


Indicates that the wrong License DB was detected.

Check your RTSP parameters in your URL and the credentials passed into the AuthenticationControl.


Indicates the device does not have a reliable time source and a time source is required to play the content.



Indicates the media cannot be played because it uses DRM and a DRM session is not available.

Yes, retry the request.


Indicates the media cannot be played because it is not really media at all, it contains a redirection URL.



RTSP Fast-Content Switch attempt failed:
   * The server indicates it supports the ability to switch RTSP streams but for some unknown reason it did not fulfill the request

Depends on the issue.  Retrying the request may work, but if the issue continues it’s likely a server problem.

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