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PBEWithMD5AndDES in Blackberry - getBytes problem

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I'm developing an application with Blackberry JDE 4.2.1 and I need to encode some data with the standard Java Password-based Encoding, MD5 and DES algorithms.

In JavaSE it can be done easily with the Standard API. I found a port in C# and I'm trying to recode it again for J2ME.

Emulating PBEWithMD5AndDES Encryption under .NET

Following this example I create a 16 byte array mixing an String literal seed and a 8-byte array salt.

Then i hash the array 19 times with MD5 and finally divide it again in:
- 8 bytes for the DES Key
- 8 bytes for the InitializationVector


Here I show the code which generates the hash and divides it in Key and IV for the DES cypher


 * The keyString contains the seed to be mixed with the salt
 * The salt contains the following values: byte[] SALT = { (byte)0xA9, (byte)0x9B, (byte)0xC8, (byte)0x32, (byte)0x56, (byte)0x35, (byte)0xE3, (byte)0x03 };
 * md5Interations is the number of times (19) the keyString+salt will be hashed in MD5
 * Segments is 0
public void generate( String keyString, int[] salt, int md5Iterations, int segments)
    int HASHLENGTH = 16;
    byte[] keymaterial = null;            
    String keyStringUTF8 = new String(keyString.getBytes(), "UTF-8");        
    int [] psbytes = new int[keyString.length()]; //psbytes contains the seed coming from the keyString param
    for(int i=0; i < keyStringUTF8.length(); i++)            
        psbytes[i] = (int)keyStringUTF8.charAt(i);            

    int[] data00 = new int[psbytes.length + salt.length];

    System.arraycopy(psbytes, 0, data00, 0, psbytes.length);
    System.arraycopy(salt, 0, data00, psbytes.length, salt.length);                        

    int[] result = null;
    int[] hashtarget = new int[HASHLENGTH + data00.length];

    for(int j=0; j<segments; j++)
        if ( j == 0)
            result = data00; //With segments=0, result will always contain psbytes + salt in a 16 byte array
            System.arraycopy(result, 0, hashtarget, 0, result.length);
            System.arraycopy(data00, 0, hashtarget, result.length, hashtarget.length);
            result = hashtarget;
		// Here is where the problem begins. I have the correct decimal values in the int array and I need to transform them to byte for the MD5 hashing.
        byte[] resultadoMD5 = HexUtil.convertirIntEnBytes(result); //Converts int[] into byte[]. Code shown before this method

        for(int i=0; i < md5Iterations; i++)
            MD5 md5 = new MD5(resultadoMD5);
            byte[] resultado = md5.doFinal();
            String hash = md5.toHex(resultado); // The hash string contains 16 characters
            resultadoMD5 = hash.getBytes(); // this getBytes returns 32 bytes
        keymaterial = new byte[resultadoMD5.length];
        System.arraycopy(resultadoMD5, 0, keymaterial, j * HASHLENGTH, result.length);
    System.arraycopy(keymaterial, 0, _key, 0, 8);
    System.arraycopy(keymaterial, 8, _iv, 0, 8);
  catch ( Exception e)
    System.out.println("Excepcion en PKCSKeyGenerator.generate(): " + e.getMessage());

public static byte[] convertirIntEnBytes(int[] intBytes)
  byte[] resultado = null;
    resultado = new byte[intBytes.length];
    for(int i=0; i<intBytes.length; i++)
      resultado[i] = (byte)intBytes[i];
  catch ( Exception e)
    System.out.println("Excepcion en HexUtil.convertirIntEnBytes(): " + e.getMessage());
  return resultado;



Firstly I had a problem mixing the initial seed & salt cause I obtained the initial values from C# and the "byte" representation differs in Java (-128 .. 127) and C# ( 0 ... 255).

I solved it looping through the SALT hex characters and converting them to decimal, so I decided to work with int arrays instead of byte arrays.

Once I have the int array with the salt and the seed mixed, I need to transform it to bytes again to hash it in MD5. I loop throught the array and transform each int into byte, getting a 16 byte array.

Then I hash it to MD5 and here is when the problem starts. When I invoke the getBytes() method, instead of getting a 16 byte array, I get a 32 byte array, so the MD5 differs from the one generated in C#


I'm not used to work with bytes in j2me and this difference betwen java's signed bytes and C#'s unsigned bytes is a real pain. The cypher API classes I use from blackberry work mostly with byte arrays and I can't find a clean way to solve this problem. Any clue?


Thanks in advance