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Java Development

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Platform and Total Time Required for Application Development

Hello all,


I am new to this forum and I have a small question from all your techies around.


I need to know the approximate (estimated) time that is required to build an application like this for a Blackberry handheld and which platform and language should be used for the development / programming work.


The application name is "PeeKaWho" and here is the website link; http://software.crackberry.com/product.asp?id=21208


Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Platform and Total Time Required for Application Development

While I appreciate that this is almost an RFP, and I am tempted to invite you to my upcoming garage sale, I would

like to make some of the following comments as they are of general interest,

1) Probably the basic app is pretty simple and wouldn't take more than a few weeks in the lowest-common-denominator IDE,

2) If you need OS specific versions, then things open up,

3) If you need customized or localized or branded apps specific to different OS, then you have even more

incremental costs.


Personally, I'd probably use my own scripts that allow for automated builds of multiple versions but probably upgrade

to reproduce a system that someone at EyeWonder had suggested. That is, you write source code that is java but contains

c++ pre-processor directives and run the preprocessor with different version flags set to create "pure java" you feed to rapc.


I'm curious what the Eclippse of other folks have to say about this as it sounds a bit cumbersome but has worked quite well

in the past.



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Re: Platform and Total Time Required for Application Development

Hi Usman,


I´m new too in the BB development.


I´m assigned to build a travel expenses app for BB. I took me 1 week to verify if is possible to send outlook forms to black berry and is impossible, then I propose a BB app with BB SDK (BlackBerry custom Dev Env). Then I discovered that you need a server software that costs 3000 USD, and 99USD by client, and that Its a expensive for only 10-15 BBs in the company.


Then I went to research an alternative and Java is selected. Then I investigate the BB JDK (BlackBerry Java Dev Kit), and I found it usable, but limited for consuming webservices instead of BBServer services. I found that JSR-XXX (don´t remember) has the capacity to do so, but, the version of the BB that are provided in MX, has version 4.2 and not 4.3, so I have to use KSOAP library to consume webservices.


I tryied with Eclipse and its plug-in and have a lot of troubles. I used NetBeans Mobility pack and integrate to BB JDK emulator and libraries (please look up posts about it) and funded very very easy. NetBeans is great. I produced the .jar and  .jad file, then I make a project with BB JDK 4.2 and compiled, then I generate the .alx to upload with BB desktop softwarea and wuala! worked just fine.


This took me 2 full weeks. struggling with Java, BB, eclipse, KSOAP, etc.


Now, the app that I´ll build, (this was a Proof Of Concept) I think will take 2-3 weeks alone.


I read the app specification you want to build, I think, I could take 2-3 months alone, because the graphics, functions, threads and everything.



Hope this post helps.


Good Luck! Smiley Happy

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Re: Platform and Total Time Required for Application Development

I guess if the moderator doesn't cut us off I would add the following.

Certainly calendar time and hours depend on what you have available, how flexible

the customer is, and what extra stuff you need to provide.


If you are in the extreme interactive mode and the customer doesn't exactly know what he wants or is hiding

a real target, then OTA interaction can be quick and effective but you need a strategy to get accurate information back.

Having a machine with a static IP and a webserver, it is easy to write ad hoc scripts to make a devlopment cycle as follows:

1) get some request or comment,

2) code the stuff,

3) run a make script that compiles, signs, and uploads to your server while sending a link to your phone,

4) Try the app on your phone after OTA download,

5) Send link and commentary to customer(s) or something like deviceanywhere for testing,

6) provide option in app for customer to mail you internal app status along with performance report.


Sure, if there are a bunch of little look-and-feel details these things can drag on forever.

If you have a clear spec, then this could perhaps be done in one pass- you just adapt a bunch of

GUI things you have used in the past, stick them all together, and you just email a finished

zip file to your customer.