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Java Development

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Querries on BB aplication development

We are developing an application in Blackberry.


 Let me brief about my requirement.Application which is similar to the system remainder.

But the majordifference is that

1) Need to have the fields/alert screen display customized. (Need toOverride the system remainder class)

2) All the fields need to be stored locally on the device but mustbe separate from the system remainder DB.

3) Customized remainder list should not be displayed/mixed with systemremainder list.

4) Need to run the my application background or run application by settingthe time.(Should work even if device is switched off)

5) Want to know brief about the local database and storing tech.As team is new for java development, need detailed explanation and samplecodes.

Appreciate if you can suggest-

1) the platform (Eclipse or other) (Should be simple and effective)

2) some useful links for development and coding

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Re: Queries on BB application development

I suggest that this sort of question would be better directed at BlackBerry development organization, who will be able to review with you the options available.  A test based forum is not really an appropriate place to investigate some of these options, especially when people here are just responding on a best effort basis only.


What you are suggesting all seems possible, except the bit in (4) when you want the app to work even when the device is switched off.  Are you having a laugh?  Or do you expect the device to be able to switch itself back on?


Re (5), remember that the people who review this probably get paid for writing Java code, so if you want samples with explanations, offer us some money!  Besides, there are plenty of samples for doing the sort of things you want around, I suggest you start here:



You can find a 'getting started' thread on this forum here:



Your requirement seems very similar to another Thread, have you seen this:



Re Eclipse, verses NetBeans verses JDE (which seem to be the three most commonly used), I suggest you search the forum for the various opinions.  In all cases, the responders seem to use the JDE for at least some part of the operation (for example one NetBeans user said he used the JDE for compilation because it was so much faster), so unless you are already familiar with one of the other environments, I would start with the JDE.


Any questions I haven't covered, I suggest you search this forum.  Someone is bound to have a similar question before.


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Re: Queries on BB application development

I would also ask, " who handled your IPO?" ( this is not a slam on the OP,  just setting the mood for follow on comments).


In forums like this, I like to find links to competing companies but since i can't find a nokia or iphone link,

I would suggest sun.com for java stuff and don't be afraid to try examples from the command line. I noted

a lot of questions about plugins for various MSFT GUI products. You can go get the sun jdk and tutorials

without ever getting anyone else's products and all of their stuff is free to download.


Developing with constrained resource devices is,well, constrained, and graphics and pictures will help get you

started. Before you go get the wireless toolkit, try to download the j2SE jdk.


If you saw my other post, I was trying to get the RIM classes to run under the sun jre from the command

line to avoid the extra stuff asscociated with the emulator tools. If you look at a few j2se examples you can play with

them a lot more easily. And, you will probably need some way to test your wireless app and java is good for developing

quick test programs.


There is a real problem with trying to find classes and vendor specific stuff in javadocs but here too command line

programs work real well. I would suggest also getting cygwin if you are sold on using windoze.

One of the first things to do is redner all the javadoc html documents into a file you can grep and then build a vocabulary

list and search for terms of interest.