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New Contributor
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎12-20-2011
My Device: 9700
My Carrier: XL Ind

Scanning wifi network in app

I think i have read dozens of threads discussing about using HotSpotClient to scan wifi network in app.

The best solution so far is http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/Java-Development/How-to-scan-for-available-networks-for-devic....


Here is the code :

public class HotspotCredentialsAgentEnabler extends HotspotCredentialsAgent {
        private String _userName;
        private String _password;
        private int _crAgent_Preference;
        public int getCredentialsControlPreference() {
            return _crAgent_Preference;
        public String getPassword() {
            return _password;
        public String getUsername() {
            return _userName;
        protected  void setCredentialsControlPreference(int control) {
            this._crAgent_Preference = control;
        public void setPassword(String password) {
            this._password = password;
        public void setUsername(String userName) {
            this._userName = userName;
        public boolean validateCredentials(String username, String password) {
            //for cross verification
            return true;

    public class HotspotClientEnabler extends HotspotClient {

        private StringBuffer wLanInfoBuff;
        public HotspotClientEnabler(HotspotCredentialsAgent hotspotCrAgent, HotSpotAuthAgentEnabler hotSpotAuthAgent, int supportednetworkTypes) {

            super(hotspotCrAgent, hotSpotAuthAgent, supportednetworkTypes);
        public String getClientName() {      
            return "Any Name";      
        public  HotspotInfo[] getSupportedNetworks(WLANAPInfo[] networks) {            
            // here u can read the WLANInfo.WLANAPInfo[], and try to get the open n/w, the one which you want to connect
            // and return this as a first element of the HotspotInfo array
            // you can read all properties using getHotSpotInfo(...) and can set additional properties to
            // the HotspotInfo
        	String text = "Called \n";
			HotspotInfo[] hotspotInfo = new HotspotInfo[networks.length];
			for(int i = 0; i<networks.length; i++)
				text += networks[i].getBSSID() + "\n";
				text += networks[i].getSignalLevel() + "\n";
				text += networks[i].toString() + "\n ";
				hotspotInfo[i]=new HotspotInfo(networks[i], false);
			final String shownText = text;
			UiApplication.getUiApplication().invokeLater(new Runnable() {
				public void run() {
			return hotspotInfo; //return only open networks        

        public void getHotSpotInfo(WLANAPInfo wLanInfo) {
            wLanInfoBuff = new StringBuffer();
            String ssid = "";
            if(wLanInfo != null) {
                wLanInfoBuff.append("**Profile Name*****"+wLanInfo.getProfileName());
                ssid = wLanInfo.getSSID();

public class HotSpotAuthAgentEnabler extends HotspotAuthenticationAgent {
        public void login(HotspotInfo hotspot) {
        public void logout(HotspotInfo hotspot) {
        public void cancelLogin(HotspotInfo hotspot) {
        public int getSessionState() {
            int sessionState = this.getSessionState();
            return sessionState;
        public void probeNetwork(HotspotInfo hotspot){

//In screen constructor :
try {

            HotspotCredentialsAgentEnabler hotSpotCredentialsAgent = new HotspotCredentialsAgentEnabler();

            HotspotStatusListener listener = new HotspotStatusListener() {
				public void updateStatus(AuthenticationStatusEvent event) {
            HotSpotAuthAgentEnabler hotSpotAuthAgentEnabler = new HotSpotAuthAgentEnabler();

             hotspotClientEnabler = new HotspotClientEnabler(HotspotCredentialsAgent.getSystemHotspotCredentialsAgent(),
             hotSpotAuthAgentEnabler, HotspotClient.NETWORK_TYPE_MANUAL );

        } catch (HotspotException hotspotExc) {


The code works very nice in simulator. However, in device, this become so complicated.


First time I run the app, i don't see any wifi network is listed. I need to put my test app in background and went to Manage Connection->setup wifi network.


There I see prompt for the registration. So I need to allow it register and it brings me to the screen that has the "Scan for network", "manually Add Network" ... buttons.


So I pressed "Scan for Network" and after a few seconds I hit break point in my getSupportedNetworks() and WLANInfo.WLANAPInfo[] networks has 5 networks.


My question is :

Is there a way to bypass the approval dialog?

Is there a way to force a wifi scan programmatically without user interaction?

Or is there any way to get list of available open network without using this HotspotClient class? I just need these list, no need to connect to anything.


New Contributor
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎12-20-2011
My Device: 9700
My Carrier: XL Ind

Re: Scanning wifi network in app

Anybody can help me? Maybe my post is too long.

Let's make it clear.


All i want to do is  to get list of available wifi network that can be detected.

Until now, i find that there's only 1 way to do that which is using the HotspotClientRegistry (http://www.blackberry.com/developers/docs/5.0.0api/net/rim/device/api/wlan/hotspot/HotspotClientRegi...).


However, when it's used on the real device, the user need to put the app on the background and there will be a notification to grant permission through the menu Manage Connection->setup wifi network.


Is there any way to avoid this? Or is there any way to get the list of wifi network without using this HotspotClientRegistry?

As a note, when i try to run it on the simulator, i don't need to go to the menu to grant permission and get the wifi list easily.

New Contributor
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Registered: ‎08-05-2012
My Device: 8520
My Carrier: personal

Re: Scanning wifi network in app



This is the solution:


HotspotClientRegistry.add(hotspotClientEnabler, ApplicationDescriptor.currentApplicationDescriptor());

This will trigger a new scan.



A. M.