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Sending an image as an attachment

Hey everyone,

I'm new to blackberry development. I've gone through numerous posts on the same subject and I'm still a little confused. From what I understand, the ESS on the blackberry simulator has some limitations which prevents us from sending large attachment files (over 4 kb). Has anyone figured out yet how to get around this problem?


Also, I've been facing another problem. I tried attaching a small PNG image about 2kb in size. When I tried sending the image as an attachment, in the ESS I got an error saying content type 5 not implemented. However, the mail was sent successfully without the attachment. I've attached my code below, please let me know what's wrong.



public class EmailSample extends MainScreen {
            private AutoTextEditField subjectField, msgField;
            private EditField toField;
            private byte[] rawone;
            private Bitmap _createphoto=Bitmap.getBitmapResource("auto.png");

            public EmailSample(byte[] raw) {
                LabelField title = new LabelField("Send Image",
                                LabelField.ELLIPSIS | LabelField.USE_ALL_WIDTH);
                toField = new EditField("To: ", "", Integer.MAX_VALUE, BasicEditField.FILTER_EMAIL);
                subjectField = new AutoTextEditField("Subject: ", "New Mail", 30, BasicEditField.FILTER_DEFAULT);
                //ignore this
                rawone = raw;
                //_createphoto = Bitmap.createBitmapFromBytes(rawone, 0, -1, 7);
                //BitmapField photo = new BitmapField(_createphoto);
                add(new SeparatorField());

            //create a Send menu item to send the email message
            private MenuItem _sendItem = new MenuItem("Send", 110, 10) {
                public void run() {
                    DataBuffer db = new DataBuffer();
                    int width=_createphoto.getWidth();
                    int height=_createphoto.getHeight();
                    int[] rgbdata = new int[width*height];
                    byte[] ba;
                    _createphoto.getARGB(rgbdata, 0, width, 0, 0, width, height);
                     for (int i = 0; i < (width * height); i++)


                    ba = db.getArray();
                    Multipart mp = new Multipart();
                    //data for the content of the file
                    String messageData = "Sending Photo";
                    SupportedAttachmentPart sap = new SupportedAttachmentPart(mp,"image/bmp" ,"image.bmp",ba );    
                    TextBodyPart tbp = new TextBodyPart(mp,messageData);

                    //create a message in the sent items folder
                    Folder folders[] = Session.getDefaultInstance().getStore().list(Folder.SENT);

                    Message msg = new Message(folders[0]);
                    Address toList[] = new Address[1];
                    try {
                         toList[0]= new Address(toField.getText(), "");
                    } catch(AddressException e) {
                    try {
                        msg.addRecipients(Message.RecipientType.TO, toList);
                    } catch(MessagingException e) {
                         //handle exception

                     //send the message using the static Transport.send method
                     //then reset UI fields to be empty
                     try {
                     } catch(MessagingException e) {

           //override makeMenu to add the Send and Close menu items to the menu
           protected void makeMenu( Menu menu, int instance )

Thanking you in advance.

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Re: Sending an image as an attachment

You can work around the ESS limitations by testing on a real BlackBerry handheld or by connecting the BlackBerry Simulator to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.  The link below has steps on how to do so.


How To - Connect the BlackBerry Device Simulator to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server
Article Number: DB-00049


Mark Sohm
BlackBerry Development Advisor

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