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Sqlite problem under os 5 but works fine under os 6

Hi all !


I have a problem with my code while executing under Curve 8520 with os (last available for 8520). I am using a sqlite database and all my code works fine under os 6 in a torch 9800.


But in the 8520, I get an exception sying that I am trying to write in a read only database.


Here is my code to initialize the database :



private DbManager() throws Exception
		// Determine if an SDCard is present 
		boolean sdCardPresent = false;
		String root = null;
		Enumeration e = FileSystemRegistry.listRoots();
		while (e.hasMoreElements())
			root = (String)e.nextElement();
				sdCardPresent = true;
			this.db = null;
			UiApplication.getUiApplication().invokeLater(new Runnable()
				public void run()
					// TODO : translate
					Dialog.alert("The application requires a SDCard to store the history. Without card, your history will not be stored.");
			dbLocation = "/SDCard/databases/"+BUNDLE_NAME+"/";

			// Create URI            
			URI uri = URI.create(dbLocation + DB_NAME);     

			// Open or create a plain text database.  This will create the
			// directory and file defined by the URI (if they do not already exist).
			db = DatabaseFactory.openOrCreate(uri);  

			// Close the database in case it is blank and we need to write to the file

			// Open a connection to the database file        
			FileConnection fileConnection = (FileConnection)Connector.open("file://" + dbLocation + DB_NAME);    

			// If the file is blank, copy the pre-defined database from this
			// module to the SDCard.
			if(fileConnection.exists() && fileConnection.fileSize() == 0)

			// Open the database            
			db = DatabaseFactory.open(uri);



And here is the statement that works with os 6 but not with os 5 :



public Integer create(Table table)
		long id = -1;
			Statement statement = this.db.createStatement("INSERT INTO ZTABLE(" + Table.TABLE_PK +
					"," + Table.TABLE_LONGITUDE +
					"," + Table.TABLE_DATE +
					"," + Table.TABLE_LATITUDE) VALUES (null,?1,?2,?3)");
			statement.bind(1, table.getLongitude().floatValue());
			statement.bind(2, table.getDate().getTime());
                        statement.bind(3, table.getLatitude().floatValue());

			// Retrieve the auto-generated ID of the item just added
			id = this.db.lastInsertedRowID(); 
		catch(DatabaseException dbe)
		return new Integer((int) id);


Is there any issue concerning the os 5 and the sqlite functionnality ? Or is there something wrong in my code that avoids a correct behaviour ?


Many thanks in advance for your answers.


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Registered: ‎03-24-2011
My Device: 9800
My Carrier: sfr

Re: Sqlite problem under os 5 but works fine under os 6

I found some informations concerning the GUI manager used to create the sqlite database.

I use the last version of the great sqlite manager from firefox, I tried with Lita, but without success.


The DatabaseException still remains.


Does anybody have any idea of what to do ? What is the best GUI manager to use to create sqlite databases that work under os 5 devices ?



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Re: Sqlite problem under os 5 but works fine under os 6

I'm using SQLite Database Browser on OSX:



never had problems using db from BB OS5 or OS 6

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My Device: 9800
My Carrier: sfr

Re: Sqlite problem under os 5 but works fine under os 6

Right, it seems that it solved my problem.

I totally rewrote my database, using sqlitebrowser for osx. I also cleaned some tables that where not used anymore (I used a database from an existing iOS project that I am rewriting for Blackberry).


Many thanks for that help.