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USB Serial Port Communication

I'm new to developing applications for Blackberry, so bear with me if this question is too naive.  I have searched and searched, but can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.


My goal is to develop a simple app to collect GPS coordinates and periodically send them off over USB to a PC.  Here is the relevant code I am using:


StreamConnection serial = (StreamConnection)Connector.open("comm:USB;baudrate=19200;channel=USB1");
DataOutputStream os = serial.openDataOutputStream();
String outline = "Hello World!\n\r";


I opened up the Desktop Manager and connected to each of the COM ports called RIM Virtual Serial Port v2 with putty.  Neither of these displays anything when I run my program.



I feel like the code is so straight forward that it can't be too wrong, but I am far less confident on the process for actually opening a serial connection from the PC.  Do I need to have the Desktop Manager running? Do I need to do anything to attach the virtual COM ports to a physical COM port? Any other things I'm doing wrong?


Thanks for the help and patience.


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Re: USB Serial Port Communication

welcome to the support forums.

i would suggest you take a look at the usb demo shipping with the jde/ejde.

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Re: USB Serial Port Communication

I looked and have tried different things, and none of them are working.  In fact its bizarre, the write seems to block, which I am not used to on serial port writes.


The following is a code excert of what I am doing.  The "Sent: " message is never see and if I connect to the serial port on PC with putty, on either one I have, I get nothing.


connection = (StreamConnection) Connector.open("comm:USB;channel=JDE_USBClient");
outputStream = connection.openOutputStream();
inputStream = connection.openDataInputStream();
Runnable runnable = new Runnable() {
	public void run() {
		printlnTestResult(true, "Send thread started");
		int count = 0;
		String message = "Hello Jon!!!";
		while (isRunning()) {
			if ((count % 10) == 0) {
				printlnTestResult(true, "About to send: " + message);
				try {
//										outputStream.writeChars(message);
				} catch (IOException e) {
				printlnTestResult(true, "Sent: " + message);
(new Thread(runnable)).start();




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Re: USB Serial Port Communication


I think we are in the same ship.

I want to simply connect my BB to normal Hyper Terminal for now. Later one of my colleagues will make a device that will work like a PC with Hyper Terminal.

I have 2 virtual Rim Serial ports that is always visible in my Device manager, whether I have a phone plugged in or not.

I can connect to either of these using hyper terminal but never receive the data sent. I sent data over Bluetooth and saw that the sending and receiving of data is the same in the USB sample, but the connection is slightly different.

I tried the following connection commands:

(StreamConnection)Connector.open( "comm:COM1;baudrate=9600;bitsperchar=8;parity=none;stopbits=1"); //Like in the manual, but this give an exception

(StreamConnection)Connector.open("comm:USB;channel=JDE_USBClient");  //like in the USB demo, but nothing happens. Connection is successfull, but can't send or receive data using the functions that works for Bluetooth.

(StreamConnection)Connector.open("comm:USB;channel=JDE_USBClient;baudrate=9600;bitsperchar=8;parity=none; stopbits=1");

which is basically a combination of the 2 trying to make it work on a certain speed etc. But still no success.


I noticed that my Bluetooth connect has 2 parameters:

this._bluetoothConnection = (StreamConnection)Connector.open( deviceName, Connector.READ_WRITE );

So I tried adding it to all 3 versions of the commands, and it still gave me the same responses.


Any help would be appreciated.