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Java Development

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Re: Useful links for novice and experienced programmers

Ok, thanks to everyone who has put this together and all the info in this thread. It still doesn't help this novice.

This is my first attempt at programming in Java, let alone for the BB platform. I'm just really confused at all the required software needed to do this. Every where I look, it's install these 3 packages, download these 2 other things, on and on. I mean really, look at any of the "getting started" pages, there's tons of stuff to download. Is there something, somewhere that just says:

Install this first, Install this second, install this third. SPECIFICALLY.

Here's the list of all the things I have downloaded so far:




I've never seen so many things needed to be installed just to try and program in one environment!


Is there anything out there that lists specifically what needs to be installed and in what order? I read some of the guides and watched some of the videos and they were still kinda vague.


Or is this the entrance test??? "If you can't figure out how to install and config the environement, you have no biz trying to program this." Thanks in advance.

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Re: Useful links for novice and experienced programmers

Welcome, we were all novices once!


Can I suggest that you start a new Thread with your question, and leave this Thread as a collection of useful information for developers.


I don't agree with your list of tools, I think you have more than you actually need, but I'll respond in a separate Thread once you start it.

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Re: Useful links for novice and experienced programmers

I'm still a novice...in fact I'm beating my head against custom Managers right now...and here are the links that were invaluable to me:


Thinking Blackberry

The article on Threading...The Very Basics helped me understand the event thread like nothing else did.


Design Patterns

Still haven't read the entire article...but it is an excellent reference


Blackberry Development with NetBeans

This is only on how to start the emulator from NetBeans.  I have NetBeans set up so I can do all of my Blackberry coding in the environment...one day when I have more time I'll post all the stuff I found on how to set it up.


IBM developerWorks

IBM has three articles on developing for Blackberry, but they're all step by step, detailed and contain full source code.



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Re: Useful links for novice and experienced programmers

Hi, interesting post, really helpful.


Can you post the link for

1. BlackBerry Emulator Plugin particularly for NetBeans.

2. Links providing information on "Steps How to integrate BlackBerry Java Emulator to NetBeans"

3. Java ME development on NetBeans IDE with BlackBerry Java Platform for testing and debugging.


Please, give me some direction to proceed further.


Best Regards

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Re: Useful links for novice and experienced programmers

Hello Community,


Although I am a member of this great forum for just a few days I always overlooked the developer section. Since I am a new BB user I don't have any experience with BB programming, but I already have java programming experience for over 2 years now thanks to my studies!


Is it difficult to adapt to the BB programming, even when you're experienced in java programming language? What about the java swing components, can I still use it in BB framework?

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Re: Useful links for novice and experienced programmers

Welcome to Developer Forum!  Smiley Happy


"Is it difficult to adapt to the BB programming".  Depends I think is the answer.  Some people seem to struggle with things like the Event Thread and other Blackberry specific things.  There are definitely a number of 'tricks' to BlackBerry programming that are not necessarily intuitive.  However if you understand how to use Swing, and multi-threading and can read the JavaDocs, I don't think it is a big deal for an experienced java programmer.  But throw away all previous Ui experience, the BB is not Swing or AWT.  I would recommend a book, for you, the Anthony Rizk book would be the best I think:


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Re: Useful links for novice and experienced programmers

Hey Renovatio!


Just a few months ago I was in exactly the same position -- I had over 2 years of Java experience, but no experience with the BlackBerry or J2ME. For me, the transition wasn't exactly easy, but with some dedication and an open mind I've adapted myself. Just remember that these forums are an excellent source of knowledge, and we'll always be here to answer your questions Smiley Happy



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Re: Useful links for novice and experienced programmers

yet another good article concerning BlackBerry development: Melick's Blog: BlackBerry

Got resolved! Press kudo icon!
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Configure the BlackBerry MDS simulator to work behind a proxy

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important links i like this thread.Smiley Very Happy


this link might be helpful....


Configure the BlackBerry MDS simulator to work behind a proxy





Add an email address and PIN to HTTP requests from the BlackBerry Mobile Data Service



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Simulations with Simulator

For SIM Change Simulation :


SIM Change Simulation


Incoming SMS Simulation/ Receive SMS on Simulator:


Steps to configure SMS Ports in Simulator of Eclipse IDE


Similarly, you can configure in JDE. By going on Menubar -> Edit-> Preferences -> Simulator tab->Follow Steps 4 to 7 from above link.


Hope it help others.




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