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VideoControl.getSnapshot with encoding=rgb565



I am trying to get a snapshot from the MMAPI interface using Player/VideoControl etc.


System.getProperty("video.snapshot.encodings") returns a long list of formats, and the first element is "encoding=rgb565."  But when I called VideoControl.getSnapshot("encoding=rgb565") it throws a MediaException: "Requested format not supported."


This is on the simulator and the devices.  I've tried quite a few devices, mostly 5.0.


What am I doing wrong here?



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Re: VideoControl.getSnapshot with encoding=rgb565

I'm having the same problem.

Is there a solution?

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Re: VideoControl.getSnapshot with encoding=rgb565

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Same problem here, I get the list of snapshot encodings using: 




This returns "encoding=rgb565" in the list of possible encoding strings. But then calling:




throws a MediaException with the message "requested format not supported". 

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Re: VideoControl.getSnapshot with encoding=rgb565

Hi myamada!


'encoding=rgb565' is only to be used for Players that play video, not Players that capture still images. 


'encoding=jpeg' is what you must pass to VideoControl.getSnapshot() to capture a still image.  Also be sure to pass a width and a height!


Unfortunately the JSR-235 spec that we must follow is not specific enough to allow us to make the distinction as to which values apply to which cases for 'video.snapshot.encodings'.  The writers of the spec assumed that the values for 'video.snapshot.encodings' would be valid for all types of Players, but that is not true in practice unfortunately.


Hope that helps!

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Re: VideoControl.getSnapshot with encoding=rgb565

I'm trying a get a snapshot of the video I'm playing using "encoding=rgb565". I was successful in getting the byte[] but when I try to create a Bitmap from that byte[], it throws an IllegalArgumentException.
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Re: VideoControl.getSnapshot with encoding=rgb565

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Hi papdoligosa.

Your problem is with the Bitmap API not getSnapshot, but either way you didn't give us any information to help you.

Do you have details? What method are you using and what arguments are you passing into it?

Also, the byte array returned from the call to getSnapshot()contains data in Little-Endian byte-order. In order to use this with the Bitmap class this data must be converted to Big-Endian byte-order first...


[Edit: Here's some freebie code that will do that swapping for you


bitmap = new Bitmap(Bitmap.ROWWISE_16BIT_COLOR, width, height );

// Swap 16-bit short data to big endian byte ordering
for (int i=0; i<rgb565Data.length; i+=2) {
    byte temp = rgb565Data[i];
    rgb565Data[i] = rgb565Data[i+1];
    rgb565Data[i+1] = temp;

bitmap.setRGB565(rgb565Data, 0, width << 1, 0, 0, width, height );