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Accepted Solution

debugging on real device different subversions jde - firmware

[ Edited ]

I want to debug my code on a device connected via usb. I know that I need the same versions in JDE and on device.

For example JDE 4.5 -> device has to have firmware 4.5.

Although I have verified this the debugger tells me that he cannot find net_rim_app_manager.debug and many others. When I navigate with browse to the debug files simulator files of the JDE he doesn't like that and tells me 

Bad debug information: <InstallPathToJDE>\simulator\net_rim_app_manager.debug(4846a5e2)-net_rim_app_manager(494996a0)

My JDE regognizes the usb-attached-device. When I ignore the errors I see some, but not all messages in the debug window. So the connection is ok.


My installed JDE-simulator firmware Version DOES match the firmwareversion of the Device BUT not the firmware-sub-version-number. I mean the numbers after the second dot (4.5.XXXX) Is this the reason of the error-message?

If yes,

- how and where can I get the EXACT matching firmware-subversion for my device?

- how can I make a real-device-debugging with the latest firmware?


If no, do I miss something other?


 my JDE:4.5.0

my JDE-4.5.0.Simulator-Device: 8310

my JDE-4.5.0.Simulator-Firmware:

my real-Device: 8310

my real-Device-Firmware:


Thanks for help



Message Edited by anildeveloper on 04-27-2009 04:47 PM
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Re: debugging on real device different subversions jde - firmware

The net_rim_app_manager.debug eror is normal and can be ignored.


What are the "many others"?


Posts: 33
Registered: ‎07-16-2008
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Re: debugging on real device different subversions jde - firmware


Yes I know it can be ignored; The "many others" files which the debugger cannot find, he tells you when you don't click on ignore. Nevertheless I would like to know if it is possible to get a configuration without getting the error-messages and if the not matching firmware-subversions are the reason for the errors.


Posts: 33
Registered: ‎07-16-2008
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Re: debugging on real device different subversions jde - firmware

[ Edited ]

ok, after some searching and debugging, I found the solution in this post



here a little summary (including comments from above mentioned posting). In this example we suppose you use JDE 4.5.0.


  • Verify that you have installed latest BlackBerry-Desktop-Manager. So you can be sure, that your device connected by usb is detected
  • The versions have to mach exactly! When you have firmware on your JDE-Simulator you MUST have firmware on your real device. RIM provides many different simulators with different firmware for debugging http://www.blackberry.com/developers/downloads/simulators
  • Install the correct matching simulator and follow the Instructions in BB JDE Development Guide 4.5.0 Chapter
    "Install .debug files on your computer"
  • Connect your real device via usb
  • Compile your code in RIM JDE
  • if you use sensible apis -> sign your code
  • Load the compiled cod-files to your attached real device with JavaLoader.exe
  • Debug -> Attach To -> Handheld -> USB(<YOUR DEVICE PIN>)
  • No you can debug, use breakpoints, view console output, etc...



Note: Although I have installed now the exact matching versions. The debugger tells about some files that he "Cannot find" them i.e.:





I think these debug-files are relatively unimportant for most applications, so you can ignore it.

A good indicator to know that there is really a version incompatibility is when the first file he cannot find is "net_rim_app_manager.debug". 

Regards Anil

Message Edited by anildeveloper on 04-28-2009 10:15 AM
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Re: debugging on real device different subversions jde - firmware

Excellent summary, thanks
New Developer
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Re: debugging on real device different subversions jde - firmware

What are you meant to do when there is no simulator that matches your devices firmware?  For example, I have firmware, and the closest available is


Can I downgrade the firmware on my blackberry somehow?