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Re: is it just me or is the whole Blackberry Development Process / Environment unstable?

Just a tip to all if you're stuck with a slowish system like mine:  use a simulator for one of the older BB models for your development and debugging of device agnostics features in your app. 


For example, the 8330 using JRE 4.5 starts and debug attaches in probably 1/3 the time of the Storm 2 simulator on my setup.  So I use that to work out the wrinkles in my program logic, persistent storage schemes, much of the UI, etc.  Then I move to the newer devices for the more recent features and to see what's misbehaving due to a newer OS.


Saves heaps of time for me...




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Re: is it just me or is the whole Blackberry Development Process / Environment unstable?

"If you're a strong programmer then your application will distinguish itself through technical merit, and the "riff raff" will get less exposure,"


The riff raff comment was tongue in cheek. The point is that if the world and his wife are writing poor software then the entire platform comes into question regardless of whether you're strong, unless you're receiving additional marketing assistance (such as being featured on Apples site for example).


It's no accident that Apples devices have far tighter control over what is possible for developers than does RIMs or Android for that matter.


And while I've no doubt many iPhone apps are good, at least at present they clearly cannot be as powerful as BlackBerry apps for the simple reason the iPhone is a technically limited (if attractive and easy to develop for) platform.


Millions of apps doesn't help anyone. Unless you're a mental giant of a consumer, there's no way you can distinguish the best out of 200 fart apps for example, so the better apps are lost and a good app that happens to get a poor review is finished. 


Far better to have a smaller but still comprehensive choice of fair to good apps that integrate well with the platform and are actually useful or compelling, and for which people dont mind paying.


I think RIM have it about right. Could use a little work on App World deployment. Why can't we deploy direct to App World from eclipse for example?


The number of apps is slowly growing, and once the promised additional payments methods arrive (credit card and via your cell phone account if I recall correctly) along with the ad aggregation and browser enhancements, I think they'll be front runners.


I just don't understand why anyone thinks having millions of apps is a good thing.



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Re: is it just me or is the whole Blackberry Development Process / Environment unstable?

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Hi Everyone,


Lots of great comments in here and I want everyone to know that we are definitely listening and are trying to make as many improvements as quickly as possible.


One of the things that I found with the simulators, is that on some machines they have issues with the combination between your video card and emulated graphics acceleration.  I believe by default Graphics Acceleration is turned on in the simulators.


I always make sure that in the simulators that I use that I turn off graphics acceleration.  (View -> Graphics Acceleration -> None).  You really don't need it unless you are doing Open GL coding.


This dramatically improved my launch time for the simulator.  Also take advantage of Hot Swapping as much as possible on 5.0


Another tip is for those using laptops.  Double check your laptop power settings.  In most cases the power settings are set very conservative for both plugged and un-plugged.  Make sure that your power settings are set for maximum performance.  We had seen especially on IBM laptops that these configurations were set low even when plugged in.


Keep the comments coming and know that we are listening and are taking your comments to heart Smiley Happy



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Re: is it just me or is the whole Blackberry Development Process / Environment unstable?

Overall, I've found BB development to be stabler than iPhone development.


If you are having problem with loading an application in the sim, it needs a shutdown in seemingly the same way the real device needs a reboot when loading applications sometimes. The sim's seem to load an application about 1-2 times before needing a shutdown and reload.


How to tell if the sim loaded the application properly (not including debug mode):


Before loading the application, make sure you are in the Downloads menu of the BlackBerry. Load your application. If within a few seconds, the downloads menu disappears and you are returned to the main menu, then the application is most likely to have been loaded properly. If within a few seconds after loading, the downloads menu is still there, then shut down the simulator, restart it and reload the application again because the application didn't load properly.


There will be the odd time when you go into the downloads menu and the application's icon is not there, shutdown the sim and reload the application. This case sometimes occurs when you load the same .cod twice.


Never load a .cod of the program that is currently open. Before you load the .cod make sure that program is fully exited.


When in debug mode, I always have to shutdown the sim after loading a .cod.