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A sign of platform fragmenation?

- If you're developing for a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device, you need to download the target from the update site.
- If you're developing for the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, you need to download a target from the update site that matches the device version that's provided by your wireless service provider. You can verify the device version by opening the Settings app, tapping About, and checking the version that's listed in the OS Version field.

When I read that note from the SDK release notes I start to wonder whether  each BB10 device will run a different OS version?


And then even more confusing is: The link to the Dev Alpha simulator on the Native SDK page is https://developer.blackberry.com/native/downloads/fetch/BlackBerry10Simulator-Installer-BB10_0_09-16...

And the link to the Dev Alpha simulator on the WebWorks page is



So what will be the future one OS to rule them all (devices) or abundance of OSes, devices and lots of incompatibilities fun Smiley Happy

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Re: A sign of platform fragmenation?

The multitude of SDK versions, OS versions, device models and mismatches between OS installer/version numbers, carrier-specific versions is indeed worrying.


In an ideal world we'd have 1 SDK for both PB and BB10, and let the app decide which features to use. Sigh...


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Re: A sign of platform fragmenation?

The Dev Alpha is scheduled for obsolescence anyway, so I don't think much about what it will need.

For the Q10 and Z10 we're supposed to have one version, at some point.

Once BB10 arrives on the PlayBook I'd expect that to become supported by the same one version.

So my prediction is the future is one OS to rule them all. All signs point to this being their intention... I think any current awkwardness is... just current awkwardness.

Peter Hansen -- (BB10 and dev-related blog posts at http://peterhansen.ca.)
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Re: A sign of platform fragmenation?

I hope that day with same NDK/SDK build for all - will come soon...


The way things are now - as developers we have a very unneccessary OS version issue:


- Since the OS updates seems to be depending on the carriers more than ever, our target customers can vary a lot.


One carrier might only carry STL100-1 devices, and no users of other BB10 devices will get any updates at all... 


to make it even more interesting, and confusing, - since BB10 is a new OS - we will see a lot of bug fixes and features added - over the next year or two. 


So if you want to reach a broad audience - you must build for 10.0.9.x, - which has a lot of issues,... but many carriers are still not supporting any more recent OS updates,...

If you build your app for 10.0.10.x - you will loose out on a lot of users,... (at the moment...)


Being "binary compatible" is not quite good enough,... 


New devices and New OS - it all require constant bug fixing and updates, and IS very confusing at the moment...


So I hope that "at some point" rather come tomorrow - than next year...:-

BlackBerry Development Advisor
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Re: A sign of platform fragmenation?

I would not worry about fragmentation at this point.  Any differences in released device software today are solely driven by the staggered carrier launch dates.

I expect everything will become more uniform over the coming year.

As peter9477 mentions...  the Dev Alpha's are often on pre-release or beta software, so there may be differences between them and retail devices (not to mention that the DevAlpha A is using some hardware that is no longer officially supported - eg. the Cameras).

As for the PlayBook, please keep in mind that BlackBerry started developing BB10 software based off of the PlayBook codebase somewhere around the time the original PlayBook launched.  (Ask anyone who had an original Dev Alpha A how similar the OS looked).  Since the software has been largely progressing along parallel tracks, you can expect that the PlayBook 2.x and BB10 operating systems (and the SDKs) have many dissimilarities.

That being said.. the intent is definitely to bring everything back together into a common platform.




Posts: 93
Registered: ‎02-04-2009
My Device: PRIV, Passport, Z30, Q10, Z10

Re: A sign of platform fragmenation?

[ Edited ]

well - we don't have much faith in local carriers and their ability to support any devices...


They have Never ever supported any OTA updates of any BlackBerry phones,

and the download website with BlackBerry device downloades - has always Only had the initial software - Never gotten any updates.


So I hope that BlackBerry don't just leave this job to them - cause if they do - the platform Will be very fragmented.


The other issue at the moment - is the update options for devices purchased from another carrier or another country.

As far as we have seen, the networks only have updates for the device they sell,...  And for those who was either early adopters, travelers - or Developers - we will struggle - and it is already a very difficult situation being able to test apps on the platform versions..


To make it even worse - many New Z10 customers have complaints about things not working - many of which has already been solved and fixed in more recent OS updates - which they don't have access to - since their carrier is either slow - or does not support the specific device...