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Accented characters not displayed correctly

Hi guys


In my app i got a .json file encoded in ANSI, which contains characters such as áéíóú. The interface has a ListView which loads data from the json.

In Beta 2, The texts were displayed correctly, but in Beta 3, the special characters are displayed as a box with an X on the device and on simulator.


If I encode the file to UTF-8, nothing i shown on the ListView, and this is displayed in the log:

JSON ERROR :  "* Line 1, Column 1 Syntax error: value, object or array expected.


The json file is loaded in C++ with this code:

bb::data::JsonDataAccess jda;
QMap<QString, QVariant> jsonCont = jda.load("data/file.json").toMap();
QVariantList lst = jsonCont.value("items").toList();

dataModel = new GroupDataModel(QStringList() << "title");
if(listView) listView->setDataModel(dataModel);


The texts are loaded in the ListItems with this QML code:

Label {
            text: ListItemData.title



I have searched the forums and found this Special Characters thread, but It does not solve my problem.


I'd really appreciate any ideas.


José Ugalde

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Re: Accented characters not displayed correctly

Looks like its saying that your json file is misformatted, not that your accented characters are a problem.

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My Carrier: AMX

Re: Accented characters not displayed correctly

I generate the json file with a Python script. It is created in ANSI (which works in Cascades but does not display accents). I open the file in Notepad++, convert the encoding to UTF-8.


I uploaded the file and tested it in http://jsonlint.com/

The output was:


Parse error on line 1:

{     "baseimgurl":


Expecting '{', '['


It was the BOM mark... now I encode them in UTF-8 without BOM and it displays accents.