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Application crashes on emiting signal

I have two classes. ApplicationUI and ImageUpload. I want to emit a signal in ImageUpload and catch it in ApplicationUI, but it keeps crashing. I'm quite new to singals and slots (well, QT all together)



class ApplicationUI: public QObject
public slots:
    void updateList();



class ImageUpload : public QObject
    void uploadFinished();


inside ApplicationUI I have this to connect signal in ImageUpload and slot in ApplicationUI

ImageUpload *myUpload = new ImageUpload("...");
connect(myUpload, SIGNAL(uploadFinished()), this, SLOT(updateList()));

 and in ImageUpload.cpp I call this:

emit uploadFinished()

But instead doing what it's supposed to do, I get this error:

Process 2117816572 (imgupload) terminated SIGSEGV code=1 fltno=11 ip=0bbd7842(/base/usr/lib/qt4/lib/libQtSql.so.4.8.6@_ZN10QSqlResult19detachFromResultSetEv+0x15) mapaddr=00019842. ref=00000000 bdslot=1


Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Any other way to connect these classes?

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Re: Application crashes on emiting signal

The error looks like a pointer issue, what's in this by the way?

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Re: Application crashes on emiting signal

[ Edited ]

It's image URI (QString). I just removed it because it doesn't matter. It all works well until I connect it (if I either remove emit or connect it still works)

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Re: Application crashes on emiting signal

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at first you should verify if your connect is OK


you should always check connect(....) !


here's from cascades documentation:


// If any Q_ASSERT statement(s) indicate that the slot
// failed to connect to the signal, make sure you know exactly
// why this has happened. This is not normal, and will cause your
// app to stop working
bool connectResult;
// Since the variable is not used in the app, this is
// added to avoid a compiler warning
connectResult = QObject::connect(smokeDetector,
// This is only available in Debug builds


 if connect fails verify that the signal and slot are declared and implemented well


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Re: Application crashes on emiting signal

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Opps, it wasn't signals (and yes, I'll use Q_ASSERT from now on, very helpful thing). It was the code inside a slot that crashed it. It just took me so long to figure out these signals I didn't think it was something else.