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BBM Social Platform Feedback Request

Hi BlackBerry Dev Community -


My name is Nick Kalkounis and I'm the product manager for the BBM Social Platform -- The BBM APIs.

First, I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of the BBM Social platform. It's really great to see all your great BB10 BBM Connected apps in BlackBerry World. Keep them coming!


Next, I'd like to take this opportunity to open a discussion/thread on a couple of items 1) Feedback on the existing BBM APIs -- things that worked well, and things that we can improve on 2) Any other BBM APIs functionality that you would find useful to have any why.


It would be great to share your experiences with others in this forum, but feel free to private message me if you would like your feedback kept private.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: BBM Social Platform Feedback Request

One item I'd like to see is for greater granularity in the permissions, and the option to handle runtime changes in the permissions better.


My thought is focused on the BBM Invite To Download feature which, while nice in concept, isn't that effective in practice.  I've tried it in a few apps, but they're apps which don't have any identifiable "messaging" aspect to them, so users are puzzled that the app requests "Connect to BBM" (along with the two subpermissions, which just confuses the issue).  They often deny the request, so then the app has no "Invite" functionality enabled.


I've handled this by deferring the attempt to connect to BBM until they try to use the Invite To Download feature, but of course then all I can do is tell the user they didn't grant permission, and offer to open the Settings dialog at the App Permission page. Since I can't open it directly to my app's own entry, they have to search for it in the list. They then have to close the settings and either close my app or I have to make the app close itself when it launches the settings. Either way, the whole experience is so disruptive and awkward that I'm pretty sure nobody uses it.


The upshot is that BBM Invite to Download is probably relatively unused in non-messaging apps, which I think is bad since it means many apps can't benefit as much from the viral marketing aspect of that.


I don't even see why an app should need BBM permission for this feature, since it's a one-shot deal requiring user interaction anyway. It should be possible for any app to pop up the Invite To Download card at any time, without permission required in advance. The user can simply cancel it if they don't want it, and if they do use it, it doesn't have to actually "Connect to BBM" permanently, the way it does now when you want to use that.


In short, I'd suggest decoupling Invite To Download from almost everything else, including the need for permissions, and make it a simple standalone API that an app can use at any time, though still with the user needing to select the invitees and click on Send at the end.

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Re: BBM Social Platform Feedback Request

I agree with Peter's suggestions.

I also personally think, outside of the ability to update the profile, that the platform itself is not very appealing. The Contacts API only pulls contacts that have your app installed, which is pointless other than keeping the user from having to search the contact list; especially since it shows the send card instead of just sending the message transparently. I can understand this as a measure to keep from spamming users, but if it keeps track of the messages sent out like a regular conversation, then the user(s) could see if an app was spamming and remove the permissions.

I think it should more closely mirror the Java APIs where you can seamlessly and transparently send data between users to setup game sessions, etc between users of the application. You could make these permissions that the user needs to accept on a per application basis and just limit the amount of data that can be sent at once, just like in the Java APIs. And it could be separate permissions for text and data.
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Re: BBM Social Platform Feedback Request

I am quite happy with what the blackberry messenger development has done with bbm so far ..although there are already many great features to this application , to me it still lacks a few important and even critical features such as the functionality to select multiple contacts for deletion or other purposes or features such as synchronizing contact list. Some of these features have been requested by many user but have no chance of being seen in upcoming updates of the application because the threads that they are mentioned in aren't as noticeable. But there are two specific updates which I would like to see in a future update of blackberry messenger on all platforms which is the ability to see when a user is or was last active on the application, like on many other applications such as whatsapp,viber ect. And Instead of just showing recent updates and that a message has been read ,it would be much more user friendly to see when a message has been read ,for example "read at <time>" and if the message is perhaps a month old "read at <time> on <date>"
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Re: BBM Social Platform Feedback Request

Hi Nick,


for me most important missing feature is to invoke BBM in work perimeter.


Now with protected BBM from eBBM suite it shoulkd be possible to integrate BBM into our Apps inside work perimeter.

It's no problem for me if this only includes 'protected connections' because I have to use it for the employees using my BES Apps.


As next I would like to have API to deal with BBM Groups.


And for the upcoming BBM Meetings it would be cool to invite to Meetings from inside Apps in work perimeter.


THX - and great to see you here in the forums listening to us Developers



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