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Cascades Code Blog & Free Snippets - Now LiVE

Check out http://cascadescode.tumblr.com. Just my way of contributing to the community. I really dread forcing other people to spend hours to figure out how to do something in c++/cascades. I'm a total n00b in c++/cascades, and sometimes it takes me hours and days to figure out how to do something. This should not be the case. Neither I nor you should spend so much time figuring out how to do things. We must spend out time making our app better, more appealing to the mass market BlackBerry 10 consumer so that we can all be millionaires. Right? 

We should spend out time building out our businesses. The bigger picture is, we are creating applications that we want people to use daily.

Lets look beyond the technical bugs, and lets get things working again-- together. 

I will just post code/tips and solutions to that blog. Everything is open-source.


Contribute too (if you wish), pay it forward. This will help make the ecosystem a lot better.
All code has a do whatever you want non-license.

  • Use pastebin/github gists
  • open-source parts of your app
  • help other devs create kick a$$ cascades apps
  • tips 

First code snippets up soon. 

BlackBerry Dev videos are a step in the right direction. 


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Re: Cascades Code Blog & Free Snippets - Now LiVE

Very nice Smiley Happy


I'm blogging my experiences, which is somewhat similar to what you're doing, but also a bit different:




Something I've always wanted to do is to create a code snippet / recipe site for a language or toolset that was extremely extensive in the topics covered... perhaps 10,000 articles, many of them tiny, but what it would focus on was searcheability. It would do that by using a pattern / regex-like language for allowing the article author (me) curate the vast majority of the ways someone would search for the article.


In the end, the hope would be that you could ask it a question, such as:


"adding a splash screen"




"calling a C++ function from QML"


... and there would be a concise article that would give you a precise answer to your question.


Obviously the cost of developing the content and curating the search terms would be significant, but if it worked as well as I hope, having something like this for major languages could be huge for beginners. (and even people would decent experience)

Posts: 610
Registered: ‎10-17-2010
My Device: (BlackBerry Z10)-> Q10/Passport Dual Use

Re: Cascades Code Blog & Free Snippets - Now LiVE

Started posting code, and aggregating topics. I was thinking it would be great to post audio podcasts of the Cascades Documentation. This way, anyone can listen to the documentation while they're on the go. 

  • Weekly recaps (coming)
  • Designing Application UIs with Cascades (coming)

    The likes I received on this post are enough encouragement to actively contribute to the blog and help the community.