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Cascades and QtSql

Can anyone help? I'm new to Qt and Cascades but thought I'd give QtSql a try.


I'm having a problem retrieving data from a QtSql database.


The CREATE and INSERT statements appear to work ok (there are no reported errors and the record ID's are returned), but when I try and retrieve data I've just inserted, no data is returned, though once again there is no sql error.


Is it possible I'm creating the db in a read only directory perhaps?


Or does anyone have example code? The quotes.db example is the only Sql example I can find and it uses the Cascades data access object approach and copies the db from the deployed app. I'd like to create the db in place.

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Re: Cascades and QtSql

It is important that you have your database in a location that support both reads and writes.


 The code I am using is based off of the quotes example, but does not involve copying a bundled .db file and instead creates an empty table in the code. The following methods correspond to the copyDbToDataFolder() and loadDataBase() methods in the QuotesDbHelper class.


bool AppDbHelper::copyDbToDataFolder(const QString databaseName)
    QString dataFolder = QDir::homePath();
    QString newFileName = dataFolder + "/" + databaseName;
    QFile newFile(newFileName);

    return true;

QVariantList AppDbHelper::loadDataBase(const QString databaseName, const QString table)
    QVariantList sqlData;

    if (copyDbToDataFolder(databaseName))
        // Load database entries using a SqlDataAccess object into a QVariantList which can be used in a GroupDataModel to present a sorted list.
        mDbNameWithPath = "data/" + databaseName;

        // Set up a SqlDataAccess object.
        SqlDataAccess sqlDataAccess(mDbNameWithPath);

        sqlDataAccess.execute("create table if not exists " + table + " (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY ASC, item_name TEXT, group_name TEXT, details TEXT) ");

        // Set a query to obtain all entries in the table and load into our QVariantList.
        sqlData = sqlDataAccess.execute("select * from " + table).value<QVariantList>();

        if (sqlDataAccess.hasError())
            DataAccessError err = sqlDataAccess.error();
            qWarning() << "SQL error: type=" << err.errorType() << ": " << err.errorMessage();

            return sqlData;

        // Open the database to enable update/insert/delete functionality (via SQL queries) using a non-default connection, so we don't conflict with the database connection already setup by SqlDataAccess.
        mDb = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QSQLITE", "database_helper_connection");

        if (!mDb.isValid())
            qWarning() << "Could not set data base name probably due to invalid driver.";
            return sqlData;

        bool success = mDb.open();

        if (!success)
            qWarning() << "Could not open database we are in trouble";
            return sqlData;

        // Store the name of the table (used in the insert/update/delete functions).
        mTable = table;

    return sqlData;


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Re: Cascades and QtSql

you can copy the database using the target file system navigator.
i use sqllite manager in firefox to check my database.

some other tips for sql usage:
- use transactions for longer operations
- use QSqlQuery and setForwardOnly(true) to speed select statements considerably (if you only need to move forward, as most usecases do)
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