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Change in Sheet behaviour



I'm writing this as a  developer currently in the process of completing my first cascades app.


Since the most recent software update, it seems that the behaviour of the Sheet component has changed from sliding up from the bottom to sliding in from the right side.


Just wondering if this can be confirmed by blackberry, as I hav'nt seen any mention of this within the release notes. Even the documentation seems a bit vague, some bits mentioning sliding from the bottom and other bits from the side.


I remember when I first started learning Cascades in December last year, all documentation clearly stated sheets sliding from the bottom and reasons why this was the case.


Hence my use of the sheet when on a page, to produce an editable version of the page. The slide from the bottom approach to me was a good metaphor for indicating to the user that the sheet represented an action that needed to be complete for the current page.


Now it seems the ability to provide this destinction no longer exists, unless I'm mistaken.


Could someone in the know please confirm.





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Re: Change in Sheet behaviour

I think it's a good question, and I asked the same on Twitter. See the full conversation here including (down 20+ tweets) the responses so far from @BlackBerryDev: https://twitter.com/peter9477/status/362577400372015105


I remember the original justification as well, and at the time I agreed with it.


That said, in practice I found it potentially confusing to a user, what with swiping from the bottom, left, and top, and menus coming in from the top and right, and tabs from the left, and then on top of it all the Sheets sliding up from the bottom.


I spent considerable time in one app experimenting with the use of Sheet or Page for a particular type of user interaction, and ultimately picked Page because of this sole difference. Using Sheet in that case broke the flow for the user, in testing, such that it was less awkward to use a Page even though neither was a perfect fit. If Sheet had slid in from the right I would likely have chosen that, and now that they've (apparently) changed it permanently, I expect to change the code to Sheet again.


I would like to see the rationale, however, if nothing else to make sure my own understanding is solid, of the UI Guidelines and the underlying design concepts in Cascades. Hearing from the designers exactly why they made this change would help in restoring the feeling I had that I "grokked" Cascades.


Note that if the Sheet has the title bar and Cancel/Save (or whatever) buttons at the top, and no Back button at the bottom, and maintains the current behaviour where swiping the page to the right lets you peek but not actually close the page (i.e. just how Sheets still work), then the user probably has sufficient cues that the page is a sheet and not a page...


As noted in their responses, they're looking into getting some coverage on these changes from the developer point of view. Fingers crossed they'll include "rationale" in a blog post at some point.

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Re: Change in Sheet behaviour

Yeah, I must say the original justification for sheets was what got me interested in Cascades in the first place.


To me it showed that some thought gone into the design, it was and still is one of my favourite components.  My only dissapointment is that the latest change, I feel has negated the distinction between movement between different function parts of an app and the editing or modification of the current view / page.


To me this distinction was important and it's what made Cascades more dynamic.


I think it's sad that they've changed it, esp where developers have relied on it and built it into their user experience.


I just hope that this can be made configurable as part of the sheets class, I'm not sure what other developers feel, but it would be a good compromise.


Thanks for the reply by the way.



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Re: Change in Sheet behaviour

I like the new behaviour. now all new pages come in from the right and users are not cofused by pages (sheets) coming from bottom.


Having OK/Cancel or something like this in the titlebar it's clear for the users (from my POV) that this Page is a special one

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Re: Change in Sheet behaviour

Personally, I prefer it coming from the bottom (and this change is a bit of a suprise, would have been nice to be notified as a developer).


I thought the sheet was suppose to be intentionally different from the page in order to show that it is indeed a break of the normal user flow.


In any case, my biggest issue (besides it not looking as cool Robot Happy ) is that I didn't even know about this change until I started working on an update for my game.



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