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Help with Invocation



I posted now two times about my problem without getting any solution. I think I reached an impasse and describing what I did and wanted to achieve was a little confusing and with too less details.


So now I just want to describe in the easiest way, what I want to do. Maybe someone can help me out here.


The Code I used is from here: https://developer.blackberry.com/native/documentation/cascades/device_platform/invocation/receiving_...


Here are the important parts:

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    InvokeManager invokeManager;

    bool connectResult;
    connectResult = QObject::connect(&invokeManager,
    SIGNAL(invoked(const bb::system::InvokeRequest&)),
    &myApp, SLOT(onInvoke(const bb::system::InvokeRequest&)));
    // This is only available in Debug builds.

    return app.exec();
// This is the slot that gets called when the invoke signal is emitted
void MyApp::onInvoke(const bb::system::InvokeRequest& invoke)
    // Handle the invocation

When invoking my app (from e.g. the filebrowser) the following steps are performed:


1. getting the uri (path to the file to open)

2. give it to a C++-function which opens the file, reads its content binary (strings) and fills the strings into C++-objects (when an error occures while reading the file the function returns false, otherwise true)

If the file was read in without errors:

2.1 creates a Page in a C++-Function where the strings are filled into

2.2 initiates a PreviewerUI where the content of the file is displayed.

When an error occurs while reading in the file:



Here is my problem. What to do when the function returns false (ergo the file couldn't be read in completely).


When I do nothing in this case the following happens. When I click a file in the filebrowser the screen goes dark for opening the file. But then nothing happens (okay I didn't tell the app to do something so this is normal). But the problem is with this darkened screen I can't click on any other file in the filebrowser again. To use the filebrowser again I have to slide a finger from bottem to the top of the screen. And then I see the active frame of the filebrowser and then I can close it again and reopen it.


It gets more problematic when I open a file from an e-mail attachment. Again the screen goes dark for the invocation. Then the error occurs. And then the screen stays dark. So I can't open another mail. And since I can't close the BB-Hub I can't open another mail until I restart the Blackberry.


I hope you can understand what my problem is. Any idea how I can solve this problem?