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Image not loaded in ListView which uses grid list layout

I have a QML file named "home.qml" with listView containing an image and two labels. I am using GroupDataModel as dataSource in the listView. This GroupDataModel is created from a main qml class.




      In the dataModel I have 9 elements. In the listView the two labels are displayed correctly. The image I want to show in the list has been downloaded and saved in the sandbox.


My isssue is:


  I am not able to load the image in the listView. 


What I have tried:


 1)  Instead of setting the defaultImageSource from the ListItemData I have tried giving a direct path. At that time image appears but not in all cells(I am having 9 cells,Image didnt appear for first 4 cells)

2) I have logged the image path that is absolutly correct.


  Home.qml  (Where I have the ListView)

import bb.cascades 1.0
import bb.data 1.0
import du.image.slider 1.0

Page {
    id: homeListPage
    property variant datamodel
    property variant adData
    signal myAccountPressed
    signal usagePressed
    signal manageServicePressed
    signal appsfromDuPressed
    signal videoTutorialPressed
    signal howtoDuPressed
    signal reportProblemPressed
    signal findusPressed
    onDatamodelChanged: {
        homeList.dataModel = datamodel;

    onAdDataChanged: {
        adroll.sliderData = adData;

    ScrollView {
        Container {
            id: mainContainer
            preferredHeight: 2150
            TopBar {
                titleTextVisible: false
                backVisible: false
            ImageSlider {
                id: adroll
                preferredHeight: 500
                preferredWidth: 768
                bottomMargin: 10.0
            Container {
                id: itemsContainer
                background: Color.White
                ListView {
                    id: homeList
                    objectName: "homeList"
                    layout: GridListLayout {
                        columnCount: 2
                        cellAspectRatio: 1.0
                        horizontalCellSpacing: 12
                        verticalCellSpacing: 12
                    listItemComponents: [
                        ListItemComponent {
                            type: "item"
                            id: tileList
                            Container {
                                id: listItemContainer
                                layout: AbsoluteLayout {
                                ImageButton {
                                    defaultImageSource: listItemContainer.ListItem.view.getPath(ListItemData.imagePath)
                                    verticalAlignment: VerticalAlignment.Top
                                    horizontalAlignment: HorizontalAlignment.Left
                                Container {
                                    layout: AbsoluteLayout {
                                    Label {
                                        text: ListItemData.title
                                        preferredWidth: 343
                                        layoutProperties: AbsoluteLayoutProperties {
                                            positionX: 30
                                            positionY: 10
                                        textStyle.color: Color.Green
                                        //textStyle.color: Color.create(ListItemData.titleColor)
                                        multiline: true
                                        textStyle.fontWeight: FontWeight.Bold
                                        textStyle.fontSize: FontSize.Large

                                    Label {
                                        text: ListItemData.shortDesc
                                        preferredWidth: 343
                                        layoutProperties: AbsoluteLayoutProperties {
                                            positionX: 30
                                            positionY: 180
                                        multiline: true
                                        textStyle.color: Color.Blue
                                        //textStyle.color: Color.create(ListItemData.shortDescColor)
                                        textStyle.fontSize: FontSize.Small
                                } //container
                            } //container
                        } //list component
                    ] // listItemComponents
                    function getPath(relativepath) 
                        console.log(dirPaths.pathPrefix + relativepath);
                        return dirPaths.pathPrefix + relativepath;
                    onTriggered: {
                        if (indexPath == 0)
                        else if (indexPath == 1)
                        else if (indexPath == 2)
                        else if (indexPath == 3)
                        else if (indexPath == 4)
                        else if (indexPath == 5)
                        else if (indexPath == 6)
                        else if (indexPath == 7)
                    scrollIndicatorMode: ScrollIndicatorMode.None
                } //list view
            } //Item container
        } //main container
    } //scroll view

  I tried a lot. I am eagerly waiting for your help 


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Re: Image not loaded in ListView which uses grid list layout

Have you checked  the methods getPath and imagePath return url paths properly?


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