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Posts: 195
Registered: ‎05-09-2012
My Device: Playbook, Z10 LE

NDK Beta 4 + Simulator + Qt Creator 2.6 - problem

I have installed Qt Creator 2.6 and then BB10 NDK. Then I congiured everything according to:



When I build and deploy to the simulator. An icon appears in the simulator but the app doesn't run. All I get is:

Error: Failed to create application process: Exec format error


Am I doing something wrong? These are my settings:


I have a .bat file to start Qt Creator 2.6 on Windows, which contains:


set QNX_TARGET=C:/bbndk/target_10_0_9_1101/qnx6
set QNX_HOST=C:/bbndk/host_10_0_9_284/win32/x86
set QNX_CONFIGURATION=C:\Users\Hristo\AppData\Local\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Native SDK
set MAKEFLAGS=-I%QNX_TARGET%/usr/include
set PATH=%QNX_HOST%\usr\bin;%QNX_CONFIGURATION%\bin;C:\bbndk\ide\win32\x86\eclipse\jre\bin;%PATH%
set QDE=C:\bbndk\ide\win32\x86

REM set CPUVARDIR=armle-v7



Then I have created a compiler


BB10 QCC (x86)
ABI: custom - x86 - linux - generic - elf - 32bit


Qt version seem to be properly set as:


Qt 4.8.4 (System)
qmake location: C:\bbndk\host_10_0_9_284\win32\x86\usr\bin\qmake.exe
BlackBerry Native SDK: c:\bbndk

Qt version 4.8.4 for BlackBerry ARMle-v7
Helpers: None available


Name: Qt 4.8.4 (System)
ABI: x86-linux-generic-elf-32bit
Source: C:\bbndk
mkspec: default
qmake: C:\bbndk\host_10_0_9_284\win32\x86\usr\bin\qmake.exe
Version: 4.8.4
QT_HOST_BINS C:\bbndk\host_10_0_9_284\win32\x86\usr\bin
QT_HOST_DATA C:\bbndk\target_10_0_9_1101\qnx6\usr\share\qt4
QT_INSTALL_BINS C:\bbndk\host_10_0_9_284\win32\x86\usr\bin
QT_INSTALL_DATA C:\bbndk\target_10_0_9_1101\qnx6\usr\share\qt4
QT_INSTALL_DOCS C:\bbndk\doc
QT_INSTALL_HEADERS C:\bbndk\target_10_0_9_1101\qnx6\usr\include\qt4
QT_INSTALL_IMPORTS C:\bbndk\target_10_0_9_1101\qnx6\x86\usr\lib\qt4\imports
QT_INSTALL_LIBS C:\bbndk\target_10_0_9_1101\qnx6\x86\usr\lib\qt4\lib
QT_INSTALL_PLUGINS C:\bbndk\target_10_0_9_1101\qnx6\x86\usr\lib\qt4\plugins
QT_INSTALL_TRANSLATIONS C:\bbndk\translations


Then I have a kit


Name: BB10 Simulator
Device type: BlackBerry Device
Device: BlackBerry 10 Simulator
Sysroot: C:\bbndk\target_10_0_9_1101\qnx6\x86
Compiler: BB10 QCC (x86)
Debugger: GDB Engine using "C:\bbndk\host_10_0_9_284\win32\x86\usr\bin\ntox86-gdb.exe"
Qt version: Qt 4.8.4 (System)
Qt mkspec:



And I also have a BlackBerry Device as Simulator.



Posts: 27
Registered: ‎12-02-2012
My Device: BB10
My Carrier: CMCC

Re: NDK Beta 4 + Simulator + Qt Creator 2.6 - problem

I faced the same problem!

New Contributor
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎12-10-2012
My Device: BB10
My Carrier: None

Re: NDK Beta 4 + Simulator + Qt Creator 2.6 - problem

[ Edited ]

same here.

btw, I'm using a mac.

Posts: 1,068
Registered: ‎11-24-2011
My Device: PlayBook
My Carrier: x

Re: NDK Beta 4 + Simulator + Qt Creator 2.6 - problem

If you are building/deploying the app for Simulator then target platform should be x86 not ARM.

New Contributor
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎12-10-2012
My Device: BB10
My Carrier: None

Re: NDK Beta 4 + Simulator + Qt Creator 2.6 - problem

Alright, this works for me: 


see the last reply

Posts: 195
Registered: ‎05-09-2012
My Device: Playbook, Z10 LE

Re: NDK Beta 4 + Simulator + Qt Creator 2.6 - problem

[ Edited ]



 to Qt mkspec...


Yeah, finally it works... sortof. Although it displays the warning sign next to the Kit with error message: Mkspec not found for Qt version which may eventually prevent the BB10 templates from showing up in the Qt Creator. And


QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -Wc,-std=c++0x

 causes compilation errors.


Also the debugger behaves erraticly, it keeps on crashing and crashing.... Does your debugger work? I guess I should be using ntox86-gdb.exe


Thank you so much Smiley Happy