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Native Development

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NavigationPane problem.

Hi all, this is the code i'm using..


in appUI. cpp


TabbedPane* _tpTabbedPane ;

Page * _pHome = Page::create().content(Label::create().text("HOME"));
Page * _pCall = Page::create().content(Label::create().text("CALL"));
Page * _pSearch = Page::create().content(Label::create().text("SEARCH"));
Page * _pLocation = Page::create().content(Label::create().text("LOCTION"));

_npNavPane = NavigationPane::create().add(_pHome) ;

_tHome = Tab::create().content(_npNavPane) ;
_tSearch = Tab::create().content(_pSearch) ;
_tCall = Tab::create().content(_pCall) ;
_tLocation = Tab::create().content(_pLocation) ;

_tpTabbedPane = TabbedPane::create()
.add(_tLocation) ;

QObject::connect(_tHome, SIGNAL(triggered()),
this, SLOT(onHome()));

QObject::connect(_tSearch, SIGNAL(triggered()),
this, SLOT(onSearch()));

QObject::connect(_tCall, SIGNAL(triggered()),
this, SLOT(onCall()));

QObject::connect(_tLocation, SIGNAL(triggered()),
this, SLOT(onLocation()));

app->setScene(_tpTabbedPane) ;


the slots :


void ApplicationUI:Smiley SurprisednHome() {


void ApplicationUI:Smiley SurprisednSearch() {
_npNavPane->push(Page::create().content(Label::create().text("ON SEarchhhh"))) ;

void ApplicationUI:Smiley SurprisednCall() {
_npNavPane->push(Page::create().content(Label::create().text("ON CalLLL"))) ;

void ApplicationUI:Smiley SurprisednLocation() {
_npNavPane->push(Page::create().content(Label::create().text("ON LoC"))) ;


hpp file :


class ApplicationUI : public QObject
NavigationPane *_npNavPane ;
Tab* _tHome ;
Tab* _tCall ;
Tab* _tSearch ;
Tab* _tLocation ;
ApplicationUI(bb::cascades::Application *app);
virtual ~ApplicationUI() { }
private slots:
void onSystemLanguageChanged();
void onHome() ;
void onSearch() ;
void onCall() ;
void onLocation() ;
QTranslator* m_pTranslator;
bb::cascades::LocaleHandler* m_pLocaleHandler;


My problem being: when i click 3rd tab, the slot gets executed, but the page is pushed on the 1st tab, which is only visible when i manually goto the first tab.


What i expect is : irrespective from which tab i push the page, it shoud be immidatly visible to me.

I want to use only one navigation pane. not 4 for all the 4 tabs.


Please help!


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Re: NavigationPane problem.

Technically this probably can be done by reparenting the NavigationPane to the new tab in activePaneChanged signal handler, but wouldn't this confuse the user? Why not create a different Page for each tab? I think the user will assume that tabs switch pages, not work as buttons.

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My Device: Z10
My Carrier: vodaphone

Re: NavigationPane problem.

yes even i think it is very confusing. so I'm left with 4 nav panes for 4 tabs i guess..!

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Re: NavigationPane problem.

[ Edited ]

I think the only other valid use of the Tab is as a filter where no new page is pushed but the contents change accordingly, this is done in a few of the Native apps.


As Zmey says there are ways to do it but where you can try and stay within the users expectation of what each UI element does you probably should.


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