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[Playbook] Correct in-app payment flow?

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Hi guys, would like to ask for direction implementing the in-app payment flow


i took the source directly from the sample code,

but i turn on the 


 to allow local testing on my playbook device, i tried everything and it seems to work perfectly, except for one case:

  1. i initiate a purchase sequence
  2. the dialog appear, i select "Success" from the first drop down
  3. i hit the ok button
  4. A dummy "Confirm Purchase" dialog appear, even if i click on cancel, it reported as a successfull purchase

the following is the code, which report the success

if (SUCCESS_RESPONSE == paymentservice_event_get_response_code(event))
					userEvent.UserEvent.UserData2 = 1; //1:means success, 0 means not success..

					if (PURCHASE_RESPONSE == bps_event_get_code(event))
						// Handle a successful purchase here
						userEvent.UserEvent.StringsData[0] = paymentservice_event_get_digital_good_sku(event, 0);

						//send a single purchase event..
						// Handle a successful query for past purchases here
						int numPurchases = paymentservice_event_get_number_purchases(event);

						for(int x=0;x<numPurchases;x++)
							userEvent.UserEvent.StringsData[0] = paymentservice_event_get_digital_good_sku(event, x);


 if i click "Cancel" or "Buy Now" on step 4, it will always get pass this logic

if (SUCCESS_RESPONSE == paymentservice_event_get_response_code(event)) { // Handle a successful purchase here

ergo my program will "Handle a successful purchase here.." block


i guess it should go with 

SUCCESS_RESPONSE != paymentservice_event_get_response_code(event)

if i click on cancel.. unfortunately it goes with

SUCCESS_RESPONSE == paymentservice_event_get_response_code(event)

did i miss something? did i mis-intrepret what the document says? if so, how do i catch a "Cancel" from a payment confirmation event?


I hope you understands what i'm trying to say here Smiley Happy


Thanks for your time Smiley Wink

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Re: [Playbook] Correct in-app payment flow?

I believe I saw this before while looking into the Payment Service on Tablet OS. I seem to recall that leaving test mode allowed capturing the Cancellation (of course, I didn't test an actual purchase that way, especially since I never put the app up for download).

This is probably a bug from our eyes, and a feature from RIM's. Smiley Sad

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