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QNetworkReply running into issue loading JSON data



I'm a newby with C++ and QT but so far I'm starting to like Cascade NDK !!!  


I'm trying to load a json data file which is fetch via a http request. Everything goes throught but my json data would just not load into the QVariantList. So after a few hours of poking arround, I finally noticed that the json data that is returned from the http request is missing two brakets [] (one @ start and one @ end).

When I load the json data from a file with the two brakets included, the QVariantList loads properly and I can debug throught the records...


Now my question is... from C++ how can I add those to [ ] brakets... See sample code below :


void MyJSONReadClass::httpFinished()
  JsonDataAccess jda;
  QVariantList myDataList;

  if (mReply->error() == QNetworkReply::NoError)
    // Load the data using the reply QIODevice.
    qDebug() << mReply;
    myDataList = jda.load(mReply).value<QVariantList>();
    // Handle error

  if (jda.hasError())
    bb::data&colon;:DataAccessError error = jda.error();
    qDebug() << "JSON loading error: " << error.errorType() << ": "
        << error.errorMessage();


  // The reply is not needed now so we call deleteLater() function since we are in a slot.



Also, I would have thought that the jda.hasError() would have capture this issue... but  guess not !


Am I using the wrong approach or wrong classes ??? The base example used is the WeatherGuesser project.


Thanks for you help...

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Re: QNetworkReply running into issue loading JSON data

You might want to look into the sample code provided by RIM. In this case it seems the JSON Read/Write sample is a good example to learn from.


Most of its C++ work is done in app.cpp:




I personally suggest cloning Cascades-Samples into Momentics to look at sources rather than trying to use the GitHub views, btw. Smiley Happy

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Re: QNetworkReply running into issue loading JSON data

This might be unrelated to brackets. Try fetching the data from QNetworkResponse as QByteArray then load it into JsonDataAccess using loadFromBuffer function:


 myDataList = jda.loadFromBuffer(mReply.readAll()).value<QVariantList>();


If this won't help, you can add brackets this way (untested, please check the docs for proper function names if this won't compile):


QByteArray a = mReply.readAll();
a.insert(0, '[');
myDataList = jda.loadFromBuffer(a).value<QVariantList>();

Note that if response data is zero terminated (most likely it isn't, but there's a possibility of this), you'll have to check if last symbol in byte array is '\0' and insert bracket before it.


Docs for QByteArray:


Andrey Fidrya, @zmeyc on twitter
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Re: QNetworkReply running into issue loading JSON data

Thanks Zmey... I had to manually add the brakets... Now everything is working Smiley Happy